Corner Post Diner (Brick)

Corner Post Diner Brick NJ

Corner Post Diner (Brick, NJ)

Last week I went to the Corner Post Diner in Brick, NJ.  I have wanted to go to the Corner Post Diner for a while.  The menu at the Corner Post has a lot of fun and unique options, including 150 omelets.

Corner Post Diner Atmosphere: A
The Corner Post Diner is a corner restaurant in an outdoor shopping mall.  It’s the corner…and the post.

Unknowing to me, I went during their “roaring 20s” theme month. The inside was completely decorated.  I’ve been to restaurant themed nights before, and the Corner Post Diner did it well.

Corner Post Diner Brick NJ

Coffee: B
The coffee at the Corner Post Diner was decent.  It was hot, but I could have used more.

Corner Post Diner Brick NJ

Service: C
Our waiter at the Corner Post Diner was friendly but didn’t come back for long periods.  We were left without drink refills for most of the time, and our food was a bit slower coming out.  The waiter was friendly, though.

Food: A
The Corner Post Diner menu has everything a diner has.  It has a massive menu of breakfast options (including 150 omelet choices), lunch, and dinner.  Since I was getting over food poisoning, I opted to get something a bit less exciting.

When they mentioned the soup of the day was split pea, I knew what I wanted.  I went with their soup and sandwich option.  The split pea was good and nice and hot (lukewarm soup is the worst).

Corner Post Diner Brick NJ

I ordered the half BLT, which was good as well.  Everything was cooked well, and I had no complaints.

Corner Post Diner Brick NJ

On a side note, the Corner Post Diner menu was interesting.  It was an extensive wooden menu with jokes and LOL written in the posts.  How can I hate that?

Corner Post Diner Brick NJ

Cost: $
For my soup, sandwich, and coffee, the cost was $10, so I can’t complain about that.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Corner Post Diner (Brick, NJ):
I liked the Corner Post Diner and had a positive experience there.  I could have used more drink refills, but other than that, it was a good experience.

Atmosphere: A
Service: C
Coffee: B
Food” A
Cost: $8-10

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Questions for you:
Have you ever been to a restaurant themed night?
What is your favorite type of soup?

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  1. I am a She Crab soup fan. I also like Lobster Bisque or Crab Bisque. This looks like a really nice, fun diner and super cheap too… all of that for under $10, you can’t beat the price.

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