Thoughts on Swimming

Happy Wednesday!  The week is halfway over.  But if you are reading this at night, you should know I only have 1 more full day of class left.  Then work time.  I mostly do all my homework over the weekends.  It gives me to time to relax (or not) over the week.

I feel I kind of left last nights entry in some sort of rant and I probably pressed publish before I fully explained myself.  So I’ll try my fullest to do that.

I left swimming last season hating it.  I left on a bad note-not PRing (which isn’t really the biggest deal..but when you are the only person on your team not to PR you get shit and I got plenty…whatever.)  and having my slowest time since early high school. Yes.  EARLY high school.  As in 6 years prior.  It was enough to make me not love swimming…minus the whole staring at the bottom of the pool for two hours thing.  I was pounding yards, just to get them done.  I hated the two hours I spent in the pool.  I was worn out.  It happens and I thought that the about 6 month break I’ve had would rejuvenate me.

Well it hasn’t.  I’m leaving swimming right where I ended and I still don’t have very good warm fuzzy feelings with it.  I’m not complaining and saying my life stinks or looking for jazzy compliments.  I’m just telling you, right now I do not find swimming enjoyable.

But coffee at 5:30 in the morning makes me happy. If I was late to practice I was going to email my coach this photo to show him proper time management.

Will that change?

Well I certainly hope so.  I like my teammates…they are a riot but my two closest friends that have swam throughout my college career have both decided not to swim.  I mean I live with Julie but the other one Kelsey, has work overload and doesn’t have time.

Luckily, I have Jenna who is about at the point of enjoying swimming as much as me so we can make it through together.  HA.  I just realized, we need to take some photos together so the blogging besties can see yo lovely face! 


Today wasn’t as bad because I actually got to swim with Jenna, we did our yards and enjoyed chatting.  Winning situations.  Today’s practice was just a hair under 5000 and pretty damn easy.  (So also a plus)

500 warmup
1X(100 breaststroke-100 kick-50 fly-150 kick)
400 breaststroke drills
6X100 kick
7X100 pull with the pull buoy at your ankles
5X200 freestyle
4X225 freestyle
400 cooldown

Total 4900 yards

I said on dailymile, but I’m a senior in college.  I senior freestyle distance swimmer.  I’m not going to somehow magically go pro and get to the Olympics in Breastroke.  My coach accepts that and I kind of frolick in the back of lane during the hour of drills today.  It’s beneficial for people that really want to get their breaststrokes in tiptop shape but besides the 400 IM once in a VERY blue moon, I haven’t raced Breastroke in…oh I don’t know 6-7 years.

Well that is my swimming story.  I’m off to watch America’s Next Top Model tonight and a possible night run.  Anyone else?

Night running and a cotton t. Who am I? (at least I still have the side braid...)

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       Something you keep doing even though it’s not your favorite?
  2. 2.       Who do you think will go home tonight on America’s Next Top Model?
  3. 3.        Email me your real girl outfits for Friday!  (or Real boy…Yes you Chuck!  ;))