Training: Easy Runs and a Turkey Trot

Training: Easy Runs and a Turkey Trot

Training Last Week:

Short Version: In summary last week, I recovered from the Philadelphia half and had a quality week of training.

Monday: Easy 75 minutes/Deep Tissue Massage
Tuesday: Easy 75 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 80 minutes
Thursday: Medford Lakes Turkey Trot (18:30)
Friday: Easy 75 minutes
Saturday: Easy 10
 Sunday: Easy 70
 Total:  64 miles

All of my easy runs were easy and I enjoyed Monday-Wednesday better than I enjoyed racing the Philadelphia half.  I bounced back mentally and physically from the race.  My friend, Montana, was back in town for Thanksgiving so I was able to run with her on Saturday.

Montana and I

Medford Lakes Turkey Trot (18:30):

I didn’t feel 100% during the race.  My legs still had the Philadelphia half on them but they didn’t feel bad either. My mile splits were a consistent 5:56, 6:02, 6:00. My hopeful goal was to be under 19 but my dream goal was to run 18:35 (6 min pace).  I’m happy I achieved that and it was a great race for me.

I didn’t know how the race would go.  Last year, I ran an 18:48 and was ecstatic (also after running Philly).  My hopeful goal was to be under 19 but my dream goal was to run 18:35 (6 min pace).  I’m happy I achieved that and it was a great race for me.  It’s actually my third fastest 5k ever (behind the Resolution Run 18:22 and the Flower Show 5k)

I’m happy with how the week went.  With the exception of the Turkey Trot, it was a boring week.

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Questions for you:
How was your Thanksgiving week?
What was your favorite workout last week?


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with friends and family.  If you are running a Turkey Trot, good luck with that too!

If you are running a Turkey Trot, good luck with that too!

thanksgiving meme

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving running a local turkey trot and cooking a turkey again with my husband.  Last year we wrapped ours in bacon but we shall see what we decide this year.

Thanksgiving 2015

For Thanksgiving, my husband and I cooked our first turkey.  As someone who is terrible at cooking, this is a big deal.

If you recall, I won a turkey last week at the base Turkey Trot. Winning something so useful was nice. Most people that have followed my blog for a while know  I’m not a cook. I can cook very simple and easy things. My standard meal is meat, potatoes and vegetable. Cooking an entire turkey terrified me but life is full of challenges.

Before beginning the process, we both agreed if we hated the meal or something went wrong then we were going to the diner no questions asked.

So with a plan and a backup plan in mind we began.

The Turkey started like this:

A turkey that I won

After sitting in the freezer for a week and then dethawing for three days, it was ready.

Step one: Take Out the Giblets (Please mind post race glamour hair)

take out giblets

Step Two: Stuff the Turkey.  We decided to use a recipe with champagne and apples.  A few weeks ago my friend recommended it over traditional stuffing, and it came out perfectly.  We were surprised with how simple but fancy it was.  Recipe here.

stuffed turkey

Step three: Add Bacon and beer?

I’m not sure if I saw more memes or recipes about a turkey wrapped in bacon, but we decided to try it out. We just used this simple recipe. (Maybe I just spend too much time on the internet). It didn’t look incredibly difficult, and we just made a patchwork quilt of bacon on the turkey.

Into the Oven she goes...

Into the Oven she goes…

It came out well; I was honestly quite surprised. I thought the bacon might burn, or that the turkey would not cook right, but nothing went wrong.

The burns...but not too much burning...

The light…it burns…but not too much burning…

All finished

All done

All done

We also decided to cook stuffing.  We used a bag of premade stuffing, added the butter and few onions and cooked it on the stove.

Stuffing is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. We made an entire bag which apparently is for a family of 6...oh well.

Stuffing is one of my favourite parts of Thanksgiving. We made an entire bag that apparently is for a family of 6…oh well.

We also had canned cranberries (why my husband likes that I’ll never know…)

cranberry sauce

Since sweet potatoes are in season, we decided to make those too. Nevermind these look like 5-pound weights. I forgot to take a photo but they just looked like regular potatoes.

I’m proud of how everything turned out. To be honest, I don’t know if I would have done much differently. I wish we added more bacon to the turkey to cover the side but that is not a big deal.  Nothing was inedible, and we both enjoyed cooking it. I’m sure as we cook more turkeys we will learn how to cook them better and with different styles but I enjoyed it!  I would definitely recommend any of the recipes we used because they were simple.  The bacon on top of the turkey looks a lot more complicated than it was.

Keep in mind I’m no foodie.  Yes, I blog and try to eat relatively healthy but I’m no chef.

Questions for you:
How was your Thanksgiving?
Have you ever cooked a turkey before?

That Time I made Thanksgiving Dinner and Didn’t End up on the News

I’m going to blow your minds I cooked a Thanksgiving turkey and didn’t end up on the Philadelphia Nightly News. People assume that because I blog and I eat moderately well that I can also cook. That is way beyond false. I can cook simple foods such as fish, steamed vegetables and oven bread….but a turkey?

thanksgiving meme

That visual should fuel your LOLZ tank all week.

Let’s rewind a bit.

Wednesday I found myself having one of the worst days of my life. That’s not an exaggeration.

Rewind even further. 

Tuesday evening I had gotten extremely sick (gone from fine to pulling over on the side of the road vomiting within a half hour drive).  The fact of eating anything (let alone cooking a turkey) was overwhelming. After composing myself and getting home, I immediately went to bed.  I slept and hoped I could sleep it off.

I woke up on Wednesday feeling a little bit better but not much.   I went to start my car (in the freezing rain) and it wouldn’t start. My car has done this before (normally in upstate NY when it’s below 0). I was left sick at home, in the freezing rain and alone.

Due to outside factors, there was no promise T would even be home for Thanksgiving. I had a turkey in de-thawing but I was sick and I wasn’t cooking a turkey.  So I did what any normal person would do…I cried and went to bed.

After essentially sleeping for 24 hours on Wednesday, I woke up feeling much better on Thanksgiving.  I didn’t wake up ready to run a Turkey Trot or the Beer Mile but I was able to move. (Edit to add: nearly a week later and I’m feeling pretty good, I think I ate undercooked chicken…which was my fault).

I guess this is the part where I actually talk about Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving morning, I ventured to Wegmans.  I got a few last minute things (and thankfully Wegmans wasn’t that crowded).  After picking Tim up, we went for a run and I cooked the Turkey.

How did I do it?  Not fancy like most bloggers, facebook friends and social media users.  I followed the exact directions so I didn’t set my house on fire…”bake in oven at X degrees until the center is X degrees (roughly 3 hours).”  

thanksgiving turkey

It’s funny what happens when you follow directions right?


We had a nice Thanksgiving together.  It was quiet and laid back.  Now that I cooked one turkey and didn’t destroy South Jersey, I can attempt to cook something fancier next year.  While it was quiet, I could enjoy Thanksgiving without getting sick. It’s no turkey like mom cooks but I’m not on the news either so I consider that a success.

Questions for you:

How was your Thanksgiving?

How do you cook your turkey? 

Happy Thanksgiving

To my American friends Happy Thanksgiving.  

If you are running a Turkey Trot, good luck.  I am still recovering from Sunday’s race so I’m not.  Instead of blogging about great food recipes for Thanksgiving I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Here is a photo of me running away from hand turkeys.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving and catch you tomorrow.

Did you know you can draw hand turkeys on the computer?

Did you know you can draw hand turkeys on the computer?

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