Smoked Salmon Waffle

Okay so I know I say this a lot, but I can’t help myself.  If you tried this waffle you would probably say the same thing.  If you followed my blog last year, you know I had a mini addiction to smoked salmon bagels at a little restaurant near my college.  (I still do, only commuting 150 miles everyday for a bagel would take a large toll on my gas station coffee funds).

Remember this guy?

Well needless to say that was the inspiration behind this waffle.  After all waffles are bigger, more room for salmon and more room to be delicious.  (Also-I feel like a foodie posting this…maybe there is hope for me in the kitchen…oh wait no.)

Smoked Salmon Bagel

2/3 cup flour
¼ cup feta cheese
1 package of smoked salmon (let’s not even pretend I know the process of getting a live salmon to the smoked state)
1 egg
½ cup water or milk
1 tablespoon baking powder
Spices I chose to add:  garlic, onion
½ cup plain greek yogurt or cream cheese
¼ cup capers


1.       Mix water (or milk), egg and then add in flour, spices, and baking powder followed lastly by cheese.  Add more water to make desired consistancy. 
2.       Shred (or rip)  half of the salmon and add to batter, evenly distribute. 
3.       Pour into waffle maker and let cook.
4.       After cooked, put on plate and add a layer of greek yogurt (or cream cheese) and capers, then top with smoked salmon.

Before adding bonus salmon and greek yogurt!


Why greek yogurt? 

They added cream cheese on the bagel when I buy them, but I was feeling a bit healthy and wanted to protein load.  It really brings out the flavor too I think…possibly.

Questions for you:

1.       Do you like salmon? (if so what is your favorite way to eat it?)

I like it smoked or grilled.

2.       Do you enjoy savory waffles?


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