Seattle Trip

My trip to Seattle was awesome.  My oldest brother Doug and his wife Lindsay live out there so it was nice to visit and stay with them.  Although I’ve been here a few times, I haven’t been since high school.  I feel like as I get older, I appreciate travel more and more.

Some random adventures:

Since I was in Seattle I also had to see the Oiselle HQ.  I was so excited to meet everyone and go for a short run.  Sarah, JJ and I ended up walking to get coffee afterwords.  After nearly getting hit by a car I was able to model some street style.


Going Around Green Lake

Going Around HQ

The man was clearly just jealous of my party pants.

Bring the party with my party pants.

Bring the party with my party pants.

With my family we did the typical tourist stuff. 


We went and visited the Space Needle.  I have been before but not since 2006.  It was nice to go up and enjoy the view.



We went to Pikes Place and the market.  Recommended by Sarah Mac, I had to try one of the donuts.  It did not disappoint.  I also saw there is a 5k next weekend around Green Lakes that is donut themed.  (incase you didn’t know, donuts are my second favorite sweet…behind whipped cream…).

My sister in law and I.

My sister in law and I.

As I said on Monday, I had to go to the first Starbucks.  We stood in line (like a normal starbucks), ordered coffee and waited for the coffee.  The line was longer but it’s tourist attraction.  I wanted to try their exclusive brew.

It was really good, bold and rich so I grabbed a bag for home.

Other than the typical tourist stuff, we just relaxed and hung out with family.  My brother’s child is getting so big.  She is just too cute.

Writing a guest post for the LOLZ.

Writing a guest post for the LOLZ.

We even decorated some eggs for Easter!


Question for you: Have you been to Seattle?


Earth Day 5k (19:04)

When I found out that there was a 5k,10k,15k and half marathon near my oldest brothers house in Seattle I thought it would be fun to do a race in a new area.  Although I would like to say I found it, dad was the one who emailed me and said he was signing up.  I originally signed up for the 10k but getting to the race on Saturday I realized I wanted to downgrade to the 5k.  I hadn’t done a 5k in January and I thought it would be nice to see where I was at with that.

I knew with the random mileage and running I had been doing lately that this wasn’t going to PR.  I also knew that the jet lag was going to tire me out.  Both were true.  Regardless I thought it would be a lot of fun to do anyways.  I wasn’t worried about PRing or being stressed.

The race didn’t have a chip and it was an old school start that we all started together.  It actually gave me the most amusement I’ve ever had at the beginning of a race.  The race director noticed the long line for the womans rest room line.  He literally said “if this isn’t an emergancy and you are just using the rest room for precaution, there are some porta stations mid race”.  I laughed uncontrollably at it.  (I don’t even know why).

Anyways the race started and we were off.  The first mile felt like it took forever.  I remember looking at my watch at .26, .44, .67 .89 and finally when it beeped at 1 mile.  At that point I knew it was a race that was going to feel like it was taking forever…and it did.  Mentally it felt about 5 times longer than a half marathon.  I’m so glad I didn’t sign up for anything longer (6:06)


The second mile had a random hill that I had absolutely no idea was even in the course.  It was a very flat course on some trails except for this one random hill.  You literally turned a corner and it was like bam up the hill we go.

With all the turns and the hill my second mile was about 5 seconds slower.  I honestly thought it was going to be much slower then that but I was lucky and it wasn’t.   It went by quicker mentally at least.  (6:11)

The final mile I was very focused on getting under 19 minutes  (Which didn’t happen).  I really wanted to power through and I thought I was on pace.  It was going to be extremely close.  We had a 180 turn and as I came across the final .2 I saw the clock tick just over 19 minutes.  Close but no cigar.

My oldest brother Doug running pushing his daughter.

My oldest brother Doug running pushing his daughter.

In all honesty this was a lot better then I had thought I would do.  I was realistically unsure (jet lagged, tired and the last 5k I ran was in January) how I would do.  I knew I would be upset if I couldn’t hold the same pace I’ve run in my halves the last few times (ie: faster than 6:21 pace).

Take aways: For the terrain and course (trails, gravel) I’m happy.  I am hoping in a month or two I’ll be in the lower 18s.  I think with a good course and good day I could be around my PR (18:35).

Questions for you:

Have you ever done a spur of the moment race?

How many states have you raced in?

For me I’ve raced in: Virginia, New York, North Carolina (cross country), Vermont (cross country), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Maryland and now Washington.  I think that is all of them…unless you count DC.

All the Coffee

When I came to Seattle I had no idea what I was in for with coffee. It only makes sense to post about coffee since that is really all my instagram is….I thought I would talk about some of the coffee I have really come to enjoy this past week.  It might seem like a lot but some are decaf and not full led.  Plus it’s over the course of a week so it seems like more than it really is.  I’ll probably end up going into a deep sleep once I ween myself off of coffee at home this week.

Seattle has a lot of coffee shacks around town.  In parking lots, in little shopping centers, they are truly everrywhere and they are awesome.

Kureg brew:

We don’t have a kureg at my parent’s house or at my house.  I think I’ve made kureg coffee 5 times in my life.  Long story short,  that is all my brother and his sister and law have.  My mornings were filled with kureg coffee.  So before I knew it I was already beginning my new enjoyment of all the brews of Seattle coffee.


Lady Latte:  (I wish they had a website to show you of their greatness!)

Down the street from my brothers house is a coffee shop called lady latte.  This is the best coffee shop I’ve been to ever in my life.  It’s even better than gas station coffee.  (I don’t just throw that around).  I ordered a regular coffee with half and half and whip cream and I honestly cannot get over how good it was.  I’m obsessed.


Oiselle HQ:

After hanging out with the Seattle HQ, we went to get coffee.  It was really good and I approve.  (Edit to Add: there isn’t a coffee that I had that I didn’t approve of).  I loved the whip cream they had and also loved having some of Sarah Mac’s donut.  I would love to eat there at some point as the food looked fabulous.


First Starbucks:

Of course in Seattle you have to visit the first Starbucks.  We waited in line for about 15 minutes.

Because it was later in the day so I enjoyed a large decaf coffee of their exclusive brew.  They used a pour over method.   The conversation between the man and I went like this:

Me: So you are watering the coffee?

Him: It’s like flower and must blossom.


I must admit that this was a great cup of coffee and I (of course) got whip cream on top.  I loved their exclusive brand at the first Starbucks so I bought some to bring home.

My sister in law and I.

My sister in law and I.

Space Needle Café:

I also tried a Starbucks coffee on top of the Space Needle.  It was okay but nothing out of the ordinary. So yes this was decent and good coffee but it wasn’t the best.  The Space Needle was pretty rad though.  (no photo)


Overall best coffee goes to Lady Latte. 

Best Whip Cream still goes to Starbucks. 

Questions for you:

Why doesn’t every part of the world have random coffee shacks?

What is your favorite coffee place?



Seattle Bound.

What a busy last two weeks.  My life has literally gone from 0 to 1000 in the last month.  A month ago (I guess right before the Shamrock half marathon) I did not have much to do.  I was beginning a job but not working every day.  I was relaxing, making sure things were clean at the house etc.  After Shamrock, it seems my life is constantly on the move.  I can’t say I thrive on being always on the go, but I don’t mind it either.  It’s just a big change.

With work and my commute, I’m away about 45 hours of the week right now.  (That far beats the few hours a week I was away the months before working). 

Anyways long story short, I’m once again in a transition mode.  I am transitioning to having a job again and now transitioning into wedding planning.  In my little free time, I find myself reading wedding planner blogs versus healthy living blogs…I’m still here though.  I can truly say I am in a very good spot in my life.  Although I’ve been limited on the internet (sorry twitter, instagram, facebook and blogging) I am still enjoying reading blogs and chatting with people on various medias. I’ve just gone from sending 100+ tweets daily to 15.

That being said a few months ago my parents surprised me with a plane ticket to Seattle.  My oldest brother Doug and his wife live out there.  My parents were going to visit and then surprised me with a plane ticket to go as well.  This all happened before I began work, but luckily I was able to get off to go!  It couldn’t have come at a better time because lord knows I need to talk with my mom and dad (as well as my sister in law) about how to plan a wedding.

So from now until next Monday I will be hanging out in Seattle.  I’ll be visiting my brother and his wife Lindsay as well as their beautiful child (and my neice).  I’ll be exploring Seattle, possibly finding a 5k or 10k to update my athlinks with a new state and finally (hopefully) visiting the Oiselle HQ!

It’s going to be a great time and I could not be more excited for this adventure.  I might even have some good blogging content afterwords!

Questions for you:

Have you ever been to Seattle?  Any recommendations?

When was the last time you took a vacation?


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