Blue Plate Diner (Newport, RI)

Blue Plate Diner (Newport, RI)

Last month while in Newport, RI, we decided to go to the Blue Plate Diner.  On the outside, it looked good.  Plus it was close by the base.  When we arrived on a Saturday for lunch, it wasn’t too busy.  I was actually surprised with how empty it was.

blue plate diner middletown ri

Atmosphere; A

The Blue Plate Diner looks like a diner.  On the outside, it’s big, shiny, and metallic.  It’s exactly what you picture in a diner.  The inside is similar and very picture perfect: diner.  There is a full-length bar, plenty of tables, and plenty of booths.  I enjoyed the phrases and sayings painted on top such as “tho should not worship Golden Arches.

blue plate diner middletown ri

Coffee: B

The coffee was usual diner coffee.  There wasn’t anything unique or exciting about it.

blue plate diner middletown ri

Food: C

When we arrived, I wasn’t starving, so I ordered the Greek Salad.  I was disappointed.  Even though I wasn’t hungry, the salad itself was small, and it came with an odd dressing.  Was it ranch? Was it mayo?

Although by the time I was able to switch a vingerette, the rest of my party had finished their meals. The salad itself was boring and not something I would order again.  Was it edible? Yes.  Was it great? No.

blue plate diner middletown ri

Service: C

Even though it wasn’t that busy, the service was extremely slow.  We didn’t receive many refills, and by the time the waitress came back with a new dressing my family had finished their meal.  I waited because I didn’t care to eat a dry salad.

Cost: $

For my salad and coffee, the cost was $15 which was more expensive than it was worth.

Overall Thoughts/Summary:

The Blue Plate Diner wasn’t the worst diner, I’ve been too but not the best either.  It’s an ok stop.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: C
Service: C
Cost: $$
Overall: C

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Questions for you:
What is the funniest restaurant sign you’ve seen?
What is your favorite salad dressing?


Newport 10 Miler (1:03.57)

Newport 10 Miler (1:03.57)

Last weekend I decided to run the Newport 10 Miler.  As many people know, my brother is in the Navy.  Over the last year, he’s gone to various schools around the country.  It’s been awesome because I’ve been able to see him several times including for the Christmas last year and in Phoenix. He leaves to go back to Spain soon, so as one last hurrah my parents drove up to see me, and we drove up to see him.

I heard the Newport 10 miler was a beautiful course, so I decided to run.  I wasn’t all that concerned about pace or my finishing time.  May and June are always dicey months for me where I seem to get niggles I ignore which ultimately turn into an injury.  This May I bebopped around with my training and workouts.  It wasn’t as if I didn’t run, but running wasn’t my priority.  I have no regrets about that.

The race officials sent several emails saying parking was difficult and to get there as early as possible.  Even though the race started at 7:30, they recommended getting there at 5 am.  Dad and I met them halfway and got there at about 6.  Honestly, I’m glad we didn’t get there any later because parking is challenging and there is one 1 lane going in and out, so there is a lot of traffic

The race started at 7:30.  After chatting for a while with a few people who I didn’t know, it was time to go.  I planned to run my own race. I knew I wasn’t in the same shape as Broad Street, so I wasn’t going to be dumb and run it like I was. The over 1-mile walk to/from my car was warm up for me, and I didn’t do anything extra.

The first mile, I ran with a bunch of men.  There were several women in front, but I was tucked into a pack of dudes.  We went up and around and honestly, there were several rolling hills that I wasn’t expecting. I ran the first mile in 6:35 and I thought, eh; I would be happy with the race being at that pace but never judge a race by the first mile…

The next two miles went by quickly.  We turned and ran near the water. It was beautiful.  Both miles I ran at 6:33 and I felt good about it.  By mile 3, I found myself as the 3rd woman.  I could see the first two women running side by side about 30 seconds ahead.

As mile 4 approached, I could tell I was catching one of the females.  I consider myself a somewhat strong “wind runner.”  I don’t get upset when the wind is blasting in your face, I just put my head down and go.  It’s probably because most of my half marathons were in the wind last year.  We hit some headwind, and I just propelled myself forward as best as I running newport 10k

On the downhill around mile 5, I caught one of the women and found myself as second.  I felt good.

My primary goal of this race was to run faster per mile than last month when I ran a 41 minute 10k.  That 10k race left me feeling demotivated and wondering if I was even in good running shape anymore.  Silly but since then I’ve just been in a funk.

I hit the 10k of this 10 miler around 40:30 which was almost 40 seconds faster on a harder course.  I also knew with the headwind we had going out, we would have a tailwind for part of the second half, and we did.

After that, I told myself to just focus on the finish.  I wasn’t tapered, or even really ready for the rolling hills on the course.  Would I say the course was a hard, hilly, course?  No, but I will say the elevation changes a lot, and you aren’t ever really on a flat surface.  My body was not ready for that.

The next 2 miles without any note.  A woman told me I was “so close to catching the first place woman,” but I knew the first woman was gapping.

me running newport 10k

Around mile 9, we entered the Fort and headed to the finish.  When you pass the Fort, you still have about half of a mile to go.  Those finishes are mentally tough because you never feel like the half-mile will end.

Finally, I ran through the Fort gates and saw the finish.  I crossed in 1:03.57 and as second woman overall.  I was pleasantly surprised with my time as well as placing.  Over the last month, I haven’t put as much time and effort into running (which yes, would mean it’s not a priority in my life right now).me running newport 10k

It’s not a PR, but Newport was definitely a fun and challenging course.  I was surprised with the rolling hills.  It’s not a “hilly” course, but there aren’t many sections you are running on a flat surface.  It’s either up or down.  I’m happy with my effort and I’m hoping to get back to running more routinely soon.

Questions for you:

What is the most scenic race you’ve done?

Have you ever been to Newport?

Training Recap: Running and Travel

Training Recap: Running and Travel

As I mentioned in my May training log, last week, I’ve been running but not making running a priority.  Right now, I’m “running for fun,” and while I’m still in great shape, I’m not in 100% peak performance shape.  Which is fine!

Anyway, last week was a good week of training, and I spent the weekend hanging out with my family up in Newport Rhode Island.  My brother, Matt, is finishing up another school before heading back overseas for a couple more years.  Last time, I went a couple of years without seeing him, but it’s been nice to see him several times while he has been in various schools over the calendar year.  We’ve hung out in VA, NJ, AZ, and now RI.

Last weeks training was decent.

Monday: 60 min easy run/short hike at the Delaware Water Gap
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: 12x400s averaging 87 with 90 seconds jog
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Easy 60 minutes
Sunday; Newport 10 miler

Where to Start?

As always, the easy runs are just that…easy.  I don’t usually time my easy runs and keep them super relaxed.  There are some days my body decides 8:30 miles are comfortable, and other days 10 min miles are easy.  I never push the pace and running without a GPS always helps that.

12X400s with 90 seconds jog (averaging 87 seconds)

I was actually pleasantly surprised.  I do my workouts on roads, and I was hoping to be around 90 seconds.  My legs also felt like bricks so when I saw my average was 87, I was happy.

Newport 10 Miler (1:03.57):

I knew I wasn’t in the same shape as Broad Street last month, but I also knew Broad Street is a fast course.  Newport is along the water, and it was much hotter.  Plus, I would classify the race as “hilly” but there are rolling hills along the entire course.  It’s beautiful and one of the most scenic races I’ve ever done. I was pleasantly surprised with my race and have no complaints.  I’ll have a full race recap sometime during the week.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Do you have any goals for June?

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