Party Pants and Weekend Musings

I didn’t run any races this weekend, and therefore don’t have a running race recap blog to report about.  Funny how that works. But I will tell you all about my weekend starting on Friday, when I drove down to see one of my friends Jackie.  (I’ve mentioned her a few times on the blog […]

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WIAW Blogs are hard work.

Here is perhaps my first realistic WIAW.  I have to be honest and food isn’t quite a topic I find myself interested in constantly blogging in (it used to be but now I just find it boring because I’m not a good cook…) and also with food blogging comes multiple questions and people telling you […]

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10 Foods I eat on the Regular

WEGO: 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without. Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most. We all could write a mushy gushy post about 10 people, things, friends, family we couldn’t live without.   That would be easy now wouldn’t it? I get a lot of questions about food and what better […]

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Dirty Friday Favs

Want to know  a dirty secret? Friday Favorite Blogs are still my favorite blogging day of the week.   But a fun fact of my life…I think dirty is the most humerous word in the world.  Don’t know why but you can add it to anything and it pretty much becomes hilarious.  For instance: Oh look […]

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The Almost Perfect Fishey Filled Day

Today had all the makings of being a great day.  IIt was my last full day of classes (and my second day of the week).  America’s next top model comes on in cerca de half an hour.  I had smoked salmon (ya’ll know that’s my fav) on two separate occasions AND I mooned someone today […]

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