Party Pants and Weekend Musings

I didn’t run any races this weekend, and therefore don’t have a running race recap blog to report about.  Funny how that works.

But I will tell you all about my weekend starting on Friday, when I drove down to see one of my friends Jackie.  (I’ve mentioned her a few times on the blog before but I drove up from VA last summer to see her get married!).  Now I can drive 30 minutes south and see her…isn’t that an easier drive?  LOL.


Along with her sister Jessica (who actually attends the college I work at and also hang out with!), we went to Gorden Biersch where I was promptly disappointed with my food.  The salad was tiny and I had asked for a piece of salmon instead of chicken…they gave me both.  That’s fine, but it caused my meal (with a coffee) to cost 20 dollars…not worth it at all because I literally ate about two hours later walking around the mall.  Lucky for my wallet and I, I didn’t find any clothes worth interest…probably because I was already wearing my glorious party pants.

I should really get a better photo of the party pants...all in due time.

I should really get a better photo of the party pants…all in due time…but for now enjoy this classy peace sign selfie

Saturday was spent relaxing which I certainly needed.  I actually really needed to go grocery shopping but was feeling lazy again…go figure.   I ended up staying the night in Syracuse, woke up and ran again outside at the park and then drove home.   It was nice to run outdoors so much.  Finally getting my vitamin D.

Sunday Funday (literally):  I drove out to Rochester and ran with Laura.  We completed my first 20 mile run, went to Wegmans and ate a nice quiche.


My legs are certainly feeling that twenty miler, as it was my longest run ever.  (my previous longest run was 18.9 miles).  Running with Laura is nice because she is great marathoner (and runner) so it wasn’t like she was going in as unprepared as me.  I thought I might die around 18


miles but she pulled me through.   We ran at an average of 8:30 pace, which for my long runs is pretty quick.  I was happy to have such an enjoyable time and even better company.

After that, I ended up going to bed wicked early and ending my weekend.  Isn’t real life fun?  But seriously, all in all it was a great weekend. 

Questions for you:

How was your weekend? 


WIAW Blogs are hard work.

Here is perhaps my first realistic WIAW.  I have to be honest and food isn’t quite a topic I find myself interested in constantly blogging in (it used to be but now I just find it boring because I’m not a good cook…) and also with food blogging comes multiple questions and people telling you that you haven’t eaten enough.  No one ever tells a blogger they eat too much-in fact, if you post that ice-cream or “treat” you are looked at so realistic and some sort of inspiration. 

Which is why I find just staying completely away from food blogging.  I know what I’m eating is working for me, whether it be cookies or asparagus. 

*I forget which day I actually documented all my eats/drinks-sometime last week but whatever day it was, it was a huge accomplishment for me since I have the attention span and memory of a gnat and have tried to do WIAW blogs but normally forget by mid morning. 


For breakfast, I choose to have buckwheat pancakes.  I like to add a tablespoon of coconut oil+sugar free syrup+2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and food coloring (for a red velvet appeal) to make the best “frosting” you have ever had.  It looks something like this:

If I could eat these for every meal-I would, but sadly having pancakes all day everyday is not socially acceptable…when other people see you eating them for every meal.  😉

Then I went to class as a prepster real girl. This is certainly a photographic moment.

By 11, I was hungry per usual.  I normally eat 2 lunches, 1 at 11 and one at 2 because I’m hungry again.  Sometimes at 2 I’m in class so that’s how I feel about that.

So lunch at 11 was this quiche.

Quiche and some legume salad on campus. I don’t ask questions because it isn’t molding (just kidding, my college campus actually has good food)  I always ask for my quiche burnt. 

And lunch at two wasn’t really a lunch per say but two muscle milks and a coffee.   (I didn’t take a photo but muscle milk containers aren’t thrilling…)

For dinner, I ended up just staying at home and grilling some fish and having a baked potato.   I was supposed to go out to eat but things fell through so I decided to use some of the crap in my kitchen.  I’m leaving school in less than two weeks so I should probably work on cleaning out my fridge. 

salmon, sweet potato with greek yogurt. That is the extent of my foodieness.  Also cinnamon added on there as well.  

At night, I spent about 4 hours doing work and I just needed a beer.  Lolz.  I don’t ever crave beer but apparently I was today so I walked to the gas station and got yuengling.  It seemed appropriate at the time.  That is where I leave you since I went to bed about two hours afterwards.  Beer legit makes me sleep like a rock.  Having one beer…I know I’m pathetic.

Questions for you: 

1. Is it just me or is documenting a full day of eating boring, or close to impossible?  

2.  Would you want to me do it more often?  (I know I’m an awesome cook and everything…)

10 Foods I eat on the Regular

WEGO: 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without. Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most.

We all could write a mushy gushy post about 10 people, things, friends, family we couldn’t live without.   That would be easy now wouldn’t it?

I get a lot of questions about food and what better way to answer then talk about foods I consume close to daily.  I mean this is called Fueled By LOLZ afterall, in between all those lolz-I have to eat…sometime…

  1. Peanut flour-Lately a lot of my pancakes have been peanut flour based.  I make bread with it, whatever.  I consume this type of flour more then any other. 

Chocolate peanut flour pancakes

  1. Flax Meal-If I don’t consume peanut flour pancakes, I consume flax meal pancakes.  Chances are-I’m having one or the other daily.  I enjoy the amount of fat in flax. 
  2. Muscle Milk-Ever since I tried a free muscle milk with Laura at my 5k in Atlanta, I’m addicted.  It’s an expensive habit but they are so easy for on the go and when my tummy is constantly grumbling in class.
  3. Gas Station Coffee-Always having this.  Every day.  Another expensive habit.  No explanations needed. 

Yeah I normally look like a crack addict when I go in to buy it as well...

4. Eggs.  Eggs are easy to cook-I am simple and not talented at cooking.  It’s like god knew I needed an inexpensive easy to cook food to make up for the expensive crap I buy

5. Hot chocolate.  It’s still 40 degrees in Northern New York.  So while ya’ll enjoy your ice cream, I’ll enjoy my hot chocolate.  (Also-diet hot cocoa sucks…just saying.). 

I don’t know why I decided to hold up three fingers but I put in hot cocoa and this is what I found.

On that note-life just got tricky and I just went to look at my pantry and refrigerator to see what I have stored in there.   Clearly I eat a lot at home…

7. Canned and frozen vegetables.  I normally try and steam something at night to go with whatever meat I’m having because it’s easy and quick.

8. When I eat on campus I eat a lot of quiche, but I guess that falls under eggs…I guess…not really.  I like to get wheatberry salad but they never seem to have that anymore.  Rude. 

 9. Oh I just noticed the giant hoard of pumpkin that I have in my pantry.  I add pumpkin to everything (mostly to get more servings of vegetables but also so I can maintain my orange glow…).  I kid.
10. Finally, I go outof my way to find products with calcium.  Whether it’s milk, greek yogurt, ice-cream, whatever else…if it’s got a lot of calcium-I’m all over that because I am 100% paranoid of getting another stress fracture.  #calciumwhore

That was almost too hard for me to figure out.  Right then.

Question for you:  What foods do you eat on the regular? 

Dirty Friday Favs

Want to know  a dirty secret?

Friday Favorite Blogs are still my favorite blogging day of the week.  

But a fun fact of my life…I think dirty is the most humerous word in the world.  Don’t know why but you can add it to anything and it pretty much becomes hilarious.  For instance:

Oh look at that girl over there…


Oh look at the dirty girl over there….  

Bah-it makes me giggle like a teenage adolescent.  Please judge me I suppose.

I digress.

This week has been a roller coaster of life.

Incase you have been busy/and or forgot….I quit swimming.    It’s been an emotional battle but I think I’m happy-I won’t know for sure, for a few weeks. You can listen to my rambles over there.


On to my favorite things of the week:

My body has been craving salads (and coffee because it’s so cold).

Hugh jass salads from our campus dining hall.  I kid you not, some girl the other day was like “oh my god how do you eat all that and not gain weight”.  I said I dabbled in running and walked away.

Does this even count as a salad? I think there is lettuce somewhere...

I have also been eating a lot of (chocolate) peanut flour pancakes.  All week that has been my breakfast.  I guess I’m in that peanut flour phase for a few weeks (until I run out).

Why yes that is melted nutella...

Lot’s of quiche and wheatberry salads from the local café when I’m somewhat on the go.

That’s my foodie favorites of the weeks…oh exciting.


This has been currently getting the grimeass chlorine out of my hair so automatically a favorite.


I took a couple days off completely from running to do some of this:

(my hamstring was sense is injurying myself)…My championship race is next week and I would rather take two days in a row off than take another 2 months in a row off.  It’s paying off though and I’m feeling a lot better than the beginning of the week.  🙂

Arctrainer love


Questions for you:

Tell me a Friday Favorite of yours.

What is a word you find hilarious?

The Almost Perfect Fishey Filled Day

Today had all the makings of being a great day.  IIt was my last full day of classes (and my second day of the week).  America’s next top model comes on in cerca de half an hour.  I had smoked salmon (ya’ll know that’s my fav) on two separate occasions AND I mooned someone today while running.   I’m so badass. About that…I’ll talk about it in a future blog.

Smoked Salmon Quiche is Quiche of the week!

But then my laptop has completely died.   I don’t even know what happened-I just came back from my run and the keyboard isn’t working. At all.   I don’t even know what happened-I just came back from my run and the keyboard isn’t working. At  So now I sit here in the computer office on campus (preying to the high heavens that they will fix it in time for America’s Next Top Model).  I guess fixing it in general would be optimal.

I had all this lovely time to dedicated to reading blogs.  Know that I am reading all of them-just not commenting because that is too hard for me on my phone.  is too hard for me on my phone.

Oh and my corneas feel decent as well.  It doesn’t look like I’m cracked out right now.

*Edit I went home.  They said for me to come back at 10.  Good-me and Tyra have a d-me and Tyra have a date.

Question for you:

What kind of computer do you use? 

Foodie Fashion Fridays

I am tired.  I am lazy.

That is all of my confessions of the evening.  It’s Friday night.  I have a RACE-I mean tempo run. Tomorrow morning.  So I must get some sleep.  Our cross country team was raising money for breast cancer awareness through a road race so it should be a fun four miler tomorrow.


Anyways-onwards to Foodie Friday Favorites on the week.

I have been really into dark chocolate pomegranate pancakes this week.  Maybe that was because pomegranate juice was on sale and I hoarded it. 

Yes-I made those a grand total of 4 times this week.  Go me-Making pom pancakes is a rather simple addition but I’ll post anyways.  Instead of adding water to your dark chocopancake mix-add pomagrante juice.  It makes it insanely moist and delicious.  So easy.


Easy to cook dinners when  I’m tired.  Ie: sweet potatoes, broccoli in the microwave and grilled chicken and fish.  Wow it only took me 15 minutes and it was more colorful than the rainbow.

Oh and this salad that I somehow put together.  Aka the best thing of my young life.

spinach, garlic, onions, tomatoes, beans, chicken breast....the list is endless


Other notable favorite things:

My new vera.  Mine was getting to grimetastic.  Is anyone else obsessed with Vera Bradley?  It must be a college thing…


Now for real girl outfit photos.

First up, we have Lizzie. Lovin the grey top and white shorts.  I wish it was still warm enough to wear shorts here.  😉

Next is Allie!  Ahh, white flowey tops are always a win.  PS: Love your phone case. 

Tara.  I practically begged her to submit this photo.

Sam.  I love the simple color block on this one. 

Laura.  Not only do I love this entire outfit, I love the photo as well.  🙂

Last but not least, Amy keeps it casual and cute at work

You have until Sunday at noon to vote (and of course you are more than welcome to send me your outfits in the mail too). 


Question for you:

  1. 1.       What were you obsessed with this week?
  2. 2.       What are your plans for the weekend?

Real Girls and Real Food.

I’m on this new jive of blogging.  I don’t blog when I don’t have things to say…it works for both of us eh?  I won’t bore you, you won’t read my bullshit posts and we can all still be blogging best friends. 

Good times.

This blog is a lot of random things combined into one.  It’s sporadic  (on a side note-microsoft word just tried to autocorrect sporadic into spermatic…is that even a word I don’t know) like my mind (I warned you).


It looks like the fall favorite food in the bloggesphere (or posted from Monday) are apples.  I’m actually not the biggest apple fan…I don’t mind them but there are other fruits I would rather eat.  We have a lot of apple picking places in Upstate though.  True story.

On to today, I knew it would be such a good day when I woke up at 5:30, drove to practice and a little deer popped out of nowhere.  Good God-that is a wakeup call at 5:40am.  I did not hit him but I was on my toes the rest of the day.

I decided to go to Dexter’s for lunch and have a quiche with Julie.  I normally don’t eat lunch on campus right now, but change is good.  For those who weren’t my bffers last semester, Dexter’s a little café that I was obsessed with on campus.  They always have the best local food.

 Today I got a shrimp quiche and quinoa and black bean salad oh and fruit salad too.  

I was also a real girl today-shocking after 6am practice oh I know.  I’m rather proud though.


And finally…

Someone emailed me (and asked to remain anonymous) about turning the Fashion Friday’s into some sort of competition.  I thought about it for a while and thought that would be the greatest idea in the world.  Tyra would be so proud.  Anyways here is what I thought, I would post all the photos Friday night and then readers could vote and I would declare the winner on Sunday.

Winners each week will receive pancake mix made especially by me.  🙂

So with that being said: Submit me your Real girl photos for Round 1

Well actually maybe I should poll the crowd and see how you guys like it so I don’t just got on a tangent when no one wants me to.


Question for you:

1.       Do you blog when you have nothing to say or would you rather take the night off?


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