Nutella on Nutella on Nutella

I won’t beat around the bush here.  One of my favorite all time favorite foods is Nutella.  Therefore, the end of the year NEEDS to be celebrated in this fashion.  Duh.  I may not be obsessed with peanut butter…but Nutella…that is another story.  I eat Nutella and yogurt sandwiches about 4/5 days out of work.  I thank my freshman year roommate for showing me this glorious substance.

Why did I never think of Nutella on Nutella pancakes and waffles.  Who knows…but now these are my favorite ever.  A bit more work than typical waffles but worth it.


½ cup flour (peanut flour or whatever flour you have on hand).  The waffles pictured were made with peanut flour, but I’ve made them a couple of times with wheat flour as well.

¼ cup cocoa powder

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg

¼ cup melted Nutella (You can play with the measurement but I like a lot of Nutella)

½ cup milk

Sweetener to taste, I added about ¼ cup stevia (cup for cup…I have a sweet tooth…obviously).


Add all the wet ingredients (minus the Nutella).  I found that melting the Nutella for about 1 minute then adding it along with the dry ingredients worked the best for mixing. You really have to power through it to mix it all up. Then pour and cook on either a griddle or waffle maker.  It has worked for me on both.

I then proceeded to top it with another 2 tablespoons of melted Nutella.  Meaning for me this recipe had 6 tablespoons of Nutella.  It’s cool.


But really, if I ever tried to tell you such and such pancakes were the best…I was lying because these are.

Question for you?

  1. 1.       Do you like Nutella?
  2. 2.       What is your favorite flavor of peanut butter? 

I still prefer normal peanut butter but like Nutella far better.  Ha ha.


Lightening up Pancakes

So as part of the Monday pancake series, instead of a recipe this week I am actually posting a few helpful hints of how to make recipes healthier.  Let’s face it-pancakes are not always the healthiest recipes but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them that way.  While I’m not saying diner pancakes are made in this regard…you can!   While I realize not everyone wants to lighten up their pancakes, many people do.

Instead of adding oil you can substitute a half cup of pumpkin, applesauce or greek yogurt.  All three make the pancakes especially moist and delicious.

pumpkin pancakes

Greek yogurt pancakes

If you don’t want to consume a lot of carbohydrates, think about using a high protein flour such as peanut flour.

Instead of using high sugary maple syrup top your pancakes with sugar free syrup, peanut butter, greek yogurt, Nutella (well…that is just me), jam and jellies, fruit.

topped with basically an entire container of greek yogurt…maybe there is pancakes in there? maybe…

greek yogurt sandwich pancakes.

topped with apples



Another thing you can do (disclaimer…I personally don’t prefer the taste) is switch an egg to egg whites saving fat cholesterol.  You need something to bind the pancake together and make it fluffy but if you would prefer egg whites to egg that is for you.

Questions for you:

  1. How do you lighten up pancakes?
  2. How do you lighten up any recipe? 

Chocolate Pancakes

Here’s the thing.  Like my pumpkin pancake recipe, I thought I had a chocolate pancake or waffle recipe on the blog.  Sadly, if I did I can’t find it anywhere and I have close to 700 posts so I’m not about to look through all of them.  Similar to all recipes, it has a very small list of ingredients and very small amount of directions…because more then 5 directions and I’ll mess it up.   

Anyways, I love chocolate.

I love peanut flour.

I love pancakes.

Therefore, I love chocolate peanut flour pancakes. 



½ cup peanut flour (you can sub in 2/3 cup flour of choice…)

¼ cup cocoa powder (I prefer hershey’s cocoa powder)

1 tablespoon baking powder (more is needed for peanut flour pancakes)

½ cup-3/4 cup milk (depending on if you like thicker/thinner pancakes)

1 egg

Sweetener to taste

I love that this recipe is 6 ingredients.  Mix the dry to the wet and pour on the griddle.  Cook at 375.  It’s that easy!

I like topping it with greek yogurt (milk and chocolate…yes please) or peanut butter (because who doesn’t love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate). 

Or nutella. Because we all know I’m addicted to that…


Questions for you:

1.       Do you use peanut flour?  If so, for what?

2.       How was your weekend? 

A Chocolaty and Nutella type of Morning

So this morning while “studying” for finals in the library, I came across a recipe that I immediately needed to try and tweak into pancake form.   She made 3 ingredient nutella cookies, while went with the classic with nutella pancakes.

When I saw that two of her ingredients were flour and an egg, I knew it would be fun to make in pancake form.  (I mean what isn’t?)

Nutella pancakes

½ cup flour

1 egg

¼  heaping cup of nutella

1 tablespoon of baking powder

I table spoon vanilla extract

I also added about 1 tablespoon of stevia but that is because I have a big sweet tooth.  😉

Mix mix mix.  You’ll end up adding about 1 cup of water/milk to get the right consistency of pancakes.  I immediately added ½ cup then stirred like it was my job and added more water until it got to be a good consistency.  I feel like I got a bit of a workout making these guys (ie I can have 100 batches).  I cooked it at 400 degrees on the griddle.

Two servings of zee cakes (one for me and one for the housemate) so she'll let me make more vlogs. Hers have sprinkles for extra assurance.

They were as delicious as you would think.  Perfect brain food for my final in a couple hours.

On the topic of brown things (um…anyways), I went back to being brunette. 



Questions for you:

  1. 1.       Do you like Nutella?
  2. 2.       Do you dye your hair?  What is your natural colour?

My natural color is a dirty blondeish brown.  I like it when it’s a chocolately brown the best.  Black is too harsh I think for my face and blonde makes me personally look like a washed out premadonna version of lady gaga (but I like it).  My hair has probably been every natural color under the sun because that is what I was into in high school.  It went from platinum blonde for a few years, to an auburn, to being natural again to black in college to natural to now.  Someone stop me.

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