February to March Run Chat

When I look back at February I don’t really know where to begin.

In summary, this month was confusing, shocking and not what I expected.  I did a February goals post here where I talked about not knowing what would happen.  If January seemed like a blur, February was much more blurry.  I guess that is also because it’s 3 days shorter.

Running wise, with each race I seemed to get faster.  The sad part is that all three races were faster than the 5ks I ran in January.  I guess it’s not sad since it means I’m getting back into shape.


Super Hero 4 miler

In summary of the race...running half naked.

Summary of the race…running half naked.

Virginia is for Lovers 14k

Summary of the race: Power the last mile or you'll regret it

Summary of the race: Power the last mile or you’ll regret it

Lake Effect Half Marathon

Summary of the race: Just these three photos.

Summary of the race: Just these three photos.

Total miles: 295 (goal 300)

Longest run: 16.5 miles

Shortest run: Warm up 1.15 miles

Best Run:  Lake Effect Half Marathon easily

Best Training Run: Tempo run last week with 7 miles around 7 min pace

Range of pace: 6:06-9:49

Total rest days: 5

I also had very productive training weeks.  My mile totals were 62, 76, 82, 62.  My runs began to feel good that I was no longer slogging miles and an 8:15-8:30 pace seemed to feel easy.  There has never been a point in my training where that pace has felt so effortless.

Edit: This final week into March I can say the majority of my runs have been slogged.  The half marathon really took a lot out of me.

Goals of March:

So without further ado I’m laying it out on the line.  If the weather is good and my training goes well for the next two weeks I want to PR at Shamrock.  I would like to find a tune up race the weekend before but we will see.

Tentative: Looking for a 5-10k March 9-10th.  Does anyone in NJ have any recommendations?

March 16: Shamrock Half Marathon

Then lots of rest.

Maybe March will be the month I’ll reach 300 miles but I’m not as worried about miles right not as quality miles.

Long story short: My goals for March are to PR at Shamrock and to keep quality training going on. 

As far as the rest of my life, I am making some big changes in life and in March.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

Questions for you:

How was your month of February?

What are your goals for March? 


2014 Goals

I keep a personal journal for all my dreams and goals.  I make to do lists, goal lists, things I should be doing…things I want, it’s honestly a center piece of my life.  My entire thought process is in that book and it keeps me sane and organized.  To give you a glimpse of what that book looks like I’ve typed up my 2014 goals for the year exactly how I wrote them down.

In 2014 I want to conquer the world.  Though 2013 was fun I’m ready for a year where I live in the same place.  Thinking back, going to college you don’t spend a full year in the same area.  When working in Oswego I didn’t spend a full year there either…I am now spending the first full year living anywhere since 2007.  That blows my mind!

Here is my 2014 bucket list:

Break 18 minutes in a 5k (PR=18:35)

Break 39 minutes in a 10k (PR=39:21) (Possibly ERR?)

Run a 3:10 marathon (Either Chicago or Wineglass)

Bigger goals:

Run a 1:23.XX half marathon (Shamrock, NJ half…who knows!)

Raise 2000 dollars for the Lake Effect half marathon and eating disorder awareness!  You can still donate and/or email a story or information!  I really want to reach 1000 before January 15 and I’m currently at 680 dollars!  

Life goals:

Find a big girl job that I enjoy.

Get out of my comfort zone.  That is always something on my yearly to do lists.  As most people know I suffered from social anxiety a few years ago and I’ve been slowly working on it.  Not slowly because I don’t want to change but slowly because it’s been a life long commitment.

Continue to live the dream.

Questions for you:

What is the longest you have lived in one place?  Shortest?

What are your goals for 2014? 

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