Driving and Chilling

I’m back in Virginia…finally.   Meaning I have a ton more time to just simmer down and relax.  This next month is going to be spent being stress free (thank goodness) and just taking time to organize and declutter my life.  As well as updating the blog a little bit. It took me a bit longer […]

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WIAW: While Traveling

So my traveling is over (for now).  I can’t say I’m that sad for the actual traveling…I hate driving  I honestly ate out about 90% of the time.  We all know how much I like to eat out but eating out that much got to be a bit tiresome towards the end and I’m glad […]

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WIAW: Being Injured and Stuff

 Piggybacking off of last weeks not shopping at super organic with a hint of specialty only found on the second Tuesday of every other month stores…(I don’t even know what that means reading it back to myself) but anyways this is what I’m currently eating on my fourth (and it looks like it will be much longer) […]

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10 Foods I eat on the Regular

WEGO: 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without. Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most. We all could write a mushy gushy post about 10 people, things, friends, family we couldn’t live without.   That would be easy now wouldn’t it? I get a lot of questions about food and what better […]

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Bloggers Exist in Real Life Too!

It all started at 6:17 am Monday morning.  Why  I woke up I don’t really know-my alarm clock goes off at 6:30.  I think I was just super excited to have breakfast with Nikki!  Anyways-the wedding was lovely (maybe I’ll have some photos in another post…no it wasn’t my wedding.) So anyways-Nikki and I were […]

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