Amy’s Omelet House 

A diner/restaurant I had been dying to go for a while was Amy’s Omelet house.  I have seen signs and read reviews since moving to New Jersey.  Now that we live 2 miles away, it made complete sense to finally get there.  I don’t know why it had been on the back burner for so long because after going it quickly became one of my new favorite restaurants!

Atmosphere: A 
Amy’s omelet house is very well decorated.  The walls are brightly decorated with a nautical theme (from down the shore).  It’s very open and clean.
From website

From website

The staff was extremely friendly.  While I think the waitress might have forgotten our table a few times, I have no real complaints.  We got there on a weekday night and there were only two other parties in the restaurant.  It was nice because it was peaceful and quiet.
Coffee: C
To be honest, for a diner Amy’s omelet house doesn’t have the best coffee.  I was surprised!  I was given two refills and looked at like I was nuts when I asked for a refill.  It wasn’t terrible coffee but it wasn’t great either.  I was left somewhat disappointed.  Luckily it was the only item in the restaurant I thought was sub par.
 Amys Omelet House Coffee
Food: A
They have over 200 different omelet combinations as well as pancakes, dinner entrees and salads!  Obviously the main staple for them is omelets.  It took me over 15 minutes to figure out which omelet I wanted.  Tim literally closed his eyes and pointed to one to make a decision but I looked over each and every combination.  Did I want a lox omelet, crab, lobster or asparagus?  So many choices.
My nova lox and rye toast

My nova lox and rye toast

I ordered the Nova Lox omelet (smoked salmon, cheese, onions and scallions).  It came with a side of toast and I ordered a fresh fruit cup.  This was truly one of the best omelets I have had.  It was filling and perfect.  I am extremely happy with my decision and it was honestly the best omelet I have had in a while.
 Something that also impressed me was the fresh fruit cup.  It came with actual fresh fruit (blackberries, blueberries, fresh pinapple).  It was clear the restaurant was not using canned products for their fresh fruit.
Amys Omelet House Fruit Cup
Dessert: B
We ordered a vanilla milkshake as well.  I thought the milkshake was good.  I really enjoyed how sweet the vanilla ice cream was.  It wasn’t the best milkshake I’ve ever had but it was still good.  My favorite part was it came in a Texas boot…it made me miss Texas (but not really).
Amys Omelet House milkshake
Cost: $$
I ordered the smoked salmon omelet (obviously salmon is more expensive) and subbed in the fresh fruit cup and coffee and milkshake.  My meal was about 18 and Tim’s was 12.  It’s certainly not cheap diner fare but it was worth it.  Together we were about 30 dollars.  I think I have the magic ability to order the most expensive things at restaurants every time…
Overall thoughts: A-
Would I come back?
Yes, Amy’s Omelet house has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants.  I will be back very soon and very often.  I absolutely recommend it.  If you go, let me know and we can go together.
Cliff notes:
Atmosphere: A
Coffee: C
Food: A
Dessert: B
Cost: $8-20. 
Overall: A-
Questions for you:
What is your favorite kind of omelet?
Do you tend to order the most expensive thing on the menu or is that a problem only I have? 

Eating on High Mileage

A lot of people question how I eat enough to withstand 100 mile weeks.  It couldn’t be possible to ever gain weight while running 100 mile weeks and you couldn’t possibly eat enough to withstand that activity…ect. 

First and foremost, I only ran 100 mile week.  I didn’t run 52 but rather just 1.  That was my peak week and most of my other weeks were between 60-80.  Most not all.  As much as I want to credit myself to running multiple 100 mile weeks, I know I would just get injured running several in a row.  (or more then 1).

I’ve rambled about this a few times but blogging nutrition and real life nutrition is not the same thing.  I feel bad for certified dieticians and nutritionists that also blog.  They get mixed in with other bloggers whose research involves personal research and study which is not the same as being certified.  Point blank: it’s not.  I’ve taken plenty of nutrition classes but don’t know nearly enough as someone who has studied and has their undergraduate, masters, or even PhD.  I can tell you what has worked for me but that is no way telling what will work for you or that is right or wrong.

The majority of healthy living blogs focus on getting enough vegetables, fiber and more vegetables into their diet.  If I ate half the amount of vegetables that some people do, I would be able to run 1 mile…maybe 2 with deciding it was time to go home.

When you run high mileage and exercise you must learn that you have to eat a lot of foods that aren’t high in fiber.  You must eat food that is still healthy but you can’t eat 3000 calories worth of broccoli.  You also can’t eat 3000 calories worth of ice cream.  Both will result in you not feeling great for a run.

A typical day for me looks something like this right now:

Breakfast: 400-500 calories

Coffee+cream (100-200 calories…my vice).

Some of my breakfast choices lately have been: Bagel and peanut butter, egg sandwich, eggs and toast, waffle with Greek yogurt or peanut butter.

A standard waffle with peanut butter and yogurt has been my go to before races right now and I think I’ll stay to that before the marathon (as well as a bagel with peanut butter while waiting around beforehand).  My standard race day nutrition used to be a bagel with peanut butter and yogurt but I had stomach cramps a few races back and it was enough to change my mind.

Raspberry pancakes make me happy

Raspberry pancakes make me happy

Bagel+peanut butter+yogurt also make me happy

Bagel+peanut butter+yogurt also make me happy


French toast bagels are my favorite (panera or wegmans FYI)

French toast bagels are my favorite (panera or wegmans FYI)


Lunch (within an hour of running) 500-800 calories

I’ve been having a lot egg sandwiches lately.  Eggs, avocado and cheddar cheese on a bagel.  I really just have whatever is in the fridge.  It could be a sandwich, soup or salad.  I don’t have a standard post run meal or lunch. I normally just like to eat what is in the fridge.

Sometimes I’ll go to the gym in between, sometimes I won’t.   (now that I’m tapering, I don’t).

egg and ham sandwich

egg and ham sandwich

lentil soup (this cold has got me craving it)

lentil soup (this cold has got me craving it)

Soup with parm cheese so good

Soup with parm cheese so good

Random salad I attempted to make restaurant worthy...they never are as to why I try and eat salads at restaurants more.

Random salad I attempted to make restaurant worthy…they never are as to why I try and eat salads at restaurants more.


Snack: 200-300 calories

I consume a lot of yogurt

I consume a lot of yogurt

No really...

No really…’

Baked apples are good (especially in the cold)

Baked apples are good (especially in the cold)

I also eat bars on the go...snickers marathon bars are really good

I also eat bars on the go…snickers marathon bars are really good

I normally have a snack sometime in the middle of the day.   I’ve been enjoying apples and peanut butter lately but that is only because apples have been so cheap at stores.   I also have left overs if they are in the fridge.

Dinner: 800-1200

As if anything else is planned, my dinner is the least planned and changes daily.  I am such a meat and potatoes kind of person.  I’ll have a serving of meat (steak and fish being my favorite), some sort of vegetables (cooked kale, brussel sprouts and spaghetti squash are my current favorites) and some sort of grain.  I’ve been better about eating a carbohydrate such as bread or race.  I’m actually not a big pasta fan (I don’t like the consistency) so I tend to eat more rice and bread.

steak and potatoes

steak and potatoes

ham and potatoes (and apples)

ham and potatoes (and apples)

Sweet Potato+Salmon+mushrooms (I'm so different)

Sweet Potato+Salmon+mushrooms (I’m so different)

I normally like to make a smoothie at night with a cup of milk and protein powder.  I have a big sweet tooth so often times I’ll just have ice cream.  I don’t really schedule a treat at night but if I’m craving something I’ll have something.   Whatever I’m craving I generally have at night.  I go to bed around 9-10 personally.

ice cream

ice cream

ice cream, cherries and whip cream

ice cream, cherries and whip cream

Protein shake

Protein shake

hot cocoa and whip cream

hot cocoa and whip cream


I know this is very vague but it’s how I eat.  I don’t worry or stress about food or getting my vegetables daily.  As much as I say I want to meal plan, I don’t. If I eat too many vegetables then I don’t feel good running.  I don’t know how people eat so many vegetables (honestly).  I do strive to get vegetables but not overboard.  I try and get enough protein, carbohydrates and fat but I don’t track it and it doesn’t ruin my day.  I found the less I stress about food the easier it is.  I’ve never had a problem getting enough food and have never lost weight during a training cycle.

I will say I’m hoping to do a carbohydrate deplete and then carb load during my final week of taper.

Questions for you:

What does a typical day for you look like?

Do you plan your food weekly or eat when you are hungry? 

Travel Musings Part 2

Happy Friday the 13th.  I actually graduated high school on Friday the 13th and I think I turned out well.  I was born Thursday, July 12th and my superstitious father did not want a Friday the 13th baby.

Part 1 of my adventures is here.

Day 3: Auburn, Alabama to Jennings, Louisiana

This was easily the hardest day of travel.  I had nothing to look forward to except sitting in a car in solitude for an entire day.   The rest of the drive was starting to take its toll on me.  It reminded me of the third lap of a mile race…you just want it to be over.

After waking up and running on the Auburn Campus, dad and I headed down for breakfast.  The eggs in Alabama were more of cheddar cheese with a side of eggs.  It was 5 parts cheddar, 2 parts ham and 1 part egg.  It was also delicious.


The coffee was hard to come by in Alabama and the first gas station (at 8:30 am) did not have any.  I knew this might be the start of an exhausting day.  The gas station did have a wide selection of beer ready to be purchased though.

After getting coffee around 11 we continued on the drive.  We weren’t making awful time but we weren’t making that great of time either.  Around 1pm, we found ourselves starving so we got off the high way. only to find there are no restaurants on the side of the road.  By this point I was hot, tired, thirsty and hungry.  Those four combined probably made me the most miserable person to be around and it may be good I was in the car by myself.  We finally just stopped at some bbq joint because the parking lot was really crowded.  (It must be good if it’s crowded right?)

We got back on the road around 2 and continued our driving.  I don’t remember if I had mentioned that a few days before we left we determined my AC in the car does not work properly.  It just blows around hot air.  This meant the entire drive I was roasting in my car.

So that made day 3 pretty miserable since the deep south is hot.

Insert about 5 hours of hot, mindless driving miles.

Tame the afro

Tame the afro

Around dinner time we were just going by Baton Rouge.  Perfect dad and I thought. There would be plenty of places to stop and eat and we wouldn’t be struggling to find somewhere.  Then when I led the way I put us in the wrong lane.  We ended up going over the Mississippi river and past Baton Rouge.

If you have ever crossed the Mississippi then you know the next exit is 20 miles away because you go over a Bayou with alligators and god knows what else down there.  Similar to our lunch experience I spent the next 20 minutes being annoyed at myself.  We finally stopped at the first exit and located a nice Cracker Barrel.   Dad casually mentioned: Oh did you see those 10 foot alligators on the side of the road?

By that point we decided to drive another 30 minutes and stay in Jennings.  We had thought we might get to Texas that night but neither of us wanted to prolong the day 3 drive from hell.  Thank goodness for foursquare which was able to map me to a hotel.

So with that dad and I went to bed right when we got to the hotel so we could get to bed and start a new day.

Day 4: Jennings to San Antonio, Texas

Jennings was no different and we woke up with another morning run.  I have complained about heat and humidity but Louisiana really takes the cake.  Props to any runners that run the summer throughout that state and I don’t think I’ve ever sweat that much in my life.

After the longest and coldest shower of my life, dad and I headed down to breakfast.  The eggs at this hotel were cheesy scrambled eggs with ham.  As I went back up for seconds I noticed the lady adding something to the eggs.  She was literally adding sticks of butter.  She stopped me and said “Hold on honey I am going to make this taste better than any hotel breakfast you have ever had”.  I told her they already tasted better then Upstate NY eggs and that prompted her to tell me about her family living in New York City.  After about 15 minutes of conversation and a new best friend I ate some buttered eggs which too her credit were the best eggs of the journey.

Butter my eggs

Butter my eggs

After breakfast, taming my afro and stopping at a gas station and casino trucker combo we headed off for San Antonio.  It wasn’t more then 90 minutes that we finally reached Texas.

My final destination! 

Just kidding, I still had 400 miles but we were in Texas.  When they say everything is bigger in Texas…they aren’t lying.


After begging dad to take some photos of these life moments, he said “don’t you want that bear…your instagram friends won’t know you made it without him.”  Good play dad.


Since I was riding my “I’m in Texas high,” the next couple of hours went by rather quickly and I found myself ready for lunch around noon.  Dad and I stopped at Which Which in Dallas, which (ha) is the coolest sandwich place I’ve ever been.  I recommend it.

After lunch we got on the open roads towards San Antonio and the speed limit went up to 70.  I noticed a policeman sitting on the side of the road and as soon as I drove by I said “Aw shoot”.  For some odd reason I had a sneaking suspicion he was radaring (which he was).  How am I going to explain this one?  Sir, I was following that uhaul and we were going the speed limit.  I wasn’t tailgating, texting or anything.  I was rapping Nicki Minaj though.

About a minute after I pass him I see his lights go off and him speeding up.  My heart literally plummeted.  Then out of great relief (to me at least) he went over to left lane and pulled the guy next to me over.  I have never been more relieved in my life.  I don’t exactly have the best driving record and don’t need another ticket. After taking a minute to calm down, I realized dad and I were only going 65 so I don’t know why I was worried to begin with.

The next couple hours went by without any sort of excitement.  We stopped at a rest area with nature trails (apparently “jogging trails” are common at rest stops in Texas).  Dad and I mused for a while and continued to San Antonio.


Upon arriving (and getting lost for a while) we made it to the hotel.  The only good luck I seemed to have on this trip was that Tim was flying through San Antonio and was able to meet us. It was extremely lucky that his flight led him through there. He even ended up staying (all coincidence) in the same hotel as us.  It was the most random, weird but obviously good occurrence of the trip.


He really wanted to take as many photos with me as possible to update his facebook. After relaxing for the evening and getting food for the half marathon we headed to bed.  Not before getting “14 karot cake” for dessert because my best races come from eating a massive amount of sugar prior.


You can read about the half marathon here. Cliff notes version: hottest most humid race of my life but still fun.

Questions for you:

Do you have a good driving record?

No and I hate driving.  (I can’t even beat around the bush with that one)

Favorite way to eat eggs?

Besides the sticks of butter I do enjoy omelets.  I really like eggs in general so there isn’t a way (I don’t think) that I don’t like them.

Oatmeal Waffle

I thought I had shared this before, but looking through my archives apparently not.  Although I’m not an overnight oats, oatmeal all the time kind of girl, oatmeal pancakes I like.  I had always wondered if I put oats into a waffle maker…will I set it on fire?  Will it hold all the way through?  The answer is (clearly from the below photo) it did.  However, I did add two eggs to this recipe (and yes for just me).

Oatmeal waffle:

 1 package cooked oatmeal or ½ cup cooked oatmeal (I used Quaker’s Apple cinnamon because that’s what I like)

¼ cup flour

½ cup milk

2 tsp baking powder

¼ cup sweetener to taste

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 eggs

Seasonings I choose to add:  1 chopped up apple (to go along with the apple oatmeal), cinnamon and apple pie spice (I forgot that stuff existed).



Mix all wet ingredients together (including the eggs).

Add the sweetner followed by flour and finally the oatmeal. 

And then prey to the high heavens your waffle makes it through the cook process.  (just kidding).  I then went and topped it with yogurt because I’ve been really feeling that lately.

This is waffle that sits really well with me before I run.  I normally eat this roughly 2-3 hours before running and I feel like a million bucks when I do.  It’s a bit higher in carbohydrates from the apples, milk, flour and oatmeal but it works for me. (maybe for you too!).

  1. waffle3

Questions for you:

Favorite flavor of oatmeal? 

I like apple cinnamon but do enjoy the maple cinnamon too.  Basically all the cinnamon ones…

Driving and Chilling

I’m back in Virginia…finally.   Meaning I have a ton more time to just simmer down and relax.  This next month is going to be spent being stress free (thank goodness) and just taking time to organize and declutter my life.  As well as updating the blog a little bit.

driving views

driving views

It took me a bit longer than normal to drive home this trip (700 miles), but you see friends it was mostly because I wanted to stop and hang out with Sarah.  She is an awesome runner and actually did something similar to me and quit swim during college.  (though she was an amazing sprinter).  I really feel like we similar in a lot of ways and needless to say when I got there we spent 4 hours just straight up chatting when I got there.  I don’t think we ever ran out of things to say, which is awesome!


We woke up earlyish for a 10 mile run (not planned to be 10…it just happened that way). We could have done anything from 5-10 but it just felt so smooth and easy we just kept going. It literally flew by and didn’t feel like 10 miles or 10 miles of hills…typical.

Then we went to a cute little upscale diner.  When we got there, the hostess seemed rather frazzled and short with the waiter which for some odd reason bothered me a lot.  So I wrote a review (something I never really do).   He was a hilarious waiter and asked me if I wanted more CRACK, erg…coffee.  (But he really did say crack).

Coffee (after I stole some of Sarah's whip cream)

Coffee (after I stole some of Sarah’s whip cream)

I got a smoked salmon omelet (and coffee) while Sarah got pancakes with probably some of the best whip cream I’ve ever seen.  I swear, you didn’t even need syrup…I’d drizzle the pancakes in the whip cream.


So it was certainly a lot of fun and hopefully we get to hang out again very soon. 

On a random side note: If you wanted to nominate me (only if you think so) for funniest running blog…I would love to have that honor.   In my mind I think I’m funny…but I’m mostly just really awkward with no filter.

Question for you: Do you have any plans this weekend or for the Holidays? 

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