10 Foods I eat on the Regular

WEGO: 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without. Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most.

We all could write a mushy gushy post about 10 people, things, friends, family we couldn’t live without.   That would be easy now wouldn’t it?

I get a lot of questions about food and what better way to answer then talk about foods I consume close to daily.  I mean this is called Fueled By LOLZ afterall, in between all those lolz-I have to eat…sometime…

  1. Peanut flour-Lately a lot of my pancakes have been peanut flour based.  I make bread with it, whatever.  I consume this type of flour more then any other. 

Chocolate peanut flour pancakes

  1. Flax Meal-If I don’t consume peanut flour pancakes, I consume flax meal pancakes.  Chances are-I’m having one or the other daily.  I enjoy the amount of fat in flax. 
  2. Muscle Milk-Ever since I tried a free muscle milk with Laura at my 5k in Atlanta, I’m addicted.  It’s an expensive habit but they are so easy for on the go and when my tummy is constantly grumbling in class.
  3. Gas Station Coffee-Always having this.  Every day.  Another expensive habit.  No explanations needed. 

Yeah I normally look like a crack addict when I go in to buy it as well...

4. Eggs.  Eggs are easy to cook-I am simple and not talented at cooking.  It’s like god knew I needed an inexpensive easy to cook food to make up for the expensive crap I buy

5. Hot chocolate.  It’s still 40 degrees in Northern New York.  So while ya’ll enjoy your ice cream, I’ll enjoy my hot chocolate.  (Also-diet hot cocoa sucks…just saying.). 

I don’t know why I decided to hold up three fingers but I put in hot cocoa and this is what I found.

On that note-life just got tricky and I just went to look at my pantry and refrigerator to see what I have stored in there.   Clearly I eat a lot at home…

7. Canned and frozen vegetables.  I normally try and steam something at night to go with whatever meat I’m having because it’s easy and quick.

8. When I eat on campus I eat a lot of quiche, but I guess that falls under eggs…I guess…not really.  I like to get wheatberry salad but they never seem to have that anymore.  Rude. 

 9. Oh I just noticed the giant hoard of pumpkin that I have in my pantry.  I add pumpkin to everything (mostly to get more servings of vegetables but also so I can maintain my orange glow…).  I kid.
10. Finally, I go outof my way to find products with calcium.  Whether it’s milk, greek yogurt, ice-cream, whatever else…if it’s got a lot of calcium-I’m all over that because I am 100% paranoid of getting another stress fracture.  #calciumwhore

That was almost too hard for me to figure out.  Right then.

Question for you:  What foods do you eat on the regular? 


Bloggers Exist in Real Life Too!

It all started at 6:17 am Monday morning.  Why  I woke up I don’t really know-my alarm clock goes off at 6:30.  I think I was just super excited to have breakfast with NikkiAnyways-the wedding was lovely (maybe I’ll have some photos in another post…no it wasn’t my wedding.)

So anyways-Nikki and I were meeting at The Biscotti Café located right near her in PA. 


I was super excited because come on…who doesn’t love going out for breakfast?  Or meeting really cool bloggers?  Or having breakfast with Nikki?  Gosh could this day get any better. 

We met right before 8:00am and I automatically knew it was a place  I would love.  They had chocolate chip biscotti that came with the coffee.  I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to dip the biscotti in the coffee but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

And it was.  HA!  I wanted to get more of those guys to go-but decided I would probably be eating poorly on the road so decided to let me taste buds experience other places along the road.

Anywho-for my breakfast I had “Nova lox (salmon) with poached eggs on a muffin”

And a fruit cup because I feeling healthy. 

So anyways-back to my meet up with Nikki.  She is so awesome and absolutely hysterical.  We traded terrible swim stories, chatting about life and had such a great time.   I honestly can’t wait to hang out again.   If you don’t follow her blog (you should) she is a great athlete and downright awesome and most interesting blogger.

Question for you: Tell me your favorite blogging adventure. 

Fear Foods Conquered.

I suppose I should preface this.  I am in the complete healthy BMI/weight/life range.  In fact, I’m nearly square in the middle of it.   Of course, I strive to eat somewhat healthy but I think most people in the blogging community do.  Please don’t read if you think it might trigger bad thoughts. 

With that being said, one year ago my swim coach asked me to gain weight.  I’ve probably said this a lot, but runners and swimmers don’t exactly have the same body type in which they excel in (and yes I know that everyone is different…)

When he asked me to gain weight, (I was still in the healthy range) he said my swimming would improve.  It was only the first month of season, but it was already looking like a rough season for me.  I was also always getting cold in the pool.  They keep it at roughly 75ish degrees (I think….maybe I’m pulling that out of my ass) anyways-it’s cold and a few practices I had to get out early because I was shivering more than actual swimming.  I never warmed up while being in the being doing HARD practices for 2 hours (and I had plenty of body fat to keep me warm).

At this 2 mile swim, it took me close to an hour to warm up afterwords

It was very hard for me to start actually putting the plan into action.

Because I wasn’t a rail but with swim practice you are burning roughly 1000 cals per practice and we were doing 8-9 of them weekly.

So saying gaining weight was hard was the understatement of the year.

He also suggested that I do it somewhat healthy (aka don’t booze it up and eat fried crap every five seconds and expect to gain weight and feel great in the pool).

He wanted me to eat a lot of eggs.

Five eggs for breakfast...that day still makes me vomit.

And a lot of peanut butter.

Fried platains+peanut butter+sprinkles. I basically had this for snack everyday.

And a lot of protein powder. 


With my healthy weight gain, came better times for swimming than I would have probably had at my lower weight but it was still an overall not great season.  That is a story for another day.

After I gained the weight, I didn’t touch eggs or peanut butter for a very long time.  I had so much (think 4-5 eggs daily) and the look of eggs made me vomit.  I also (in my mind) equated eggs and peanut butter to why I was so unconfident with my swimming. 

It’s hard to explain but basically for the last year I have had nothing to do with either peanut butter nor eggs.  It’s a shame because both are so healthy for you.

Until last week when I began slowly integrating them into my diet (I had been talking with people…shout outs to you about the benefits of them).  Before last week, I had maybe a dozen eggs since last January.  Maybe.  I had not bought them myself or sought after them for my own refrigerator.  If they were in food I ate on campus and at restaurant so be it-but I didn’t cook them myself.  In fact, most of my protein came from protein powder (not purposely but it seems that is just where it came from).

Here is where you can be shocked about my life.  I haven’t had protein powder in over a week and I’ve been eating a lot of eggs and a lot of peanut butter (not together though lolz).

I’m also not dead.  It took some getting used to and telling myself “Hollie you aren’t even swimming anymore, why do you avoid these foods.”  I never avoided them because I was afraid of them per say, I just ate them more than most humans saw possible and grew sick of them.

I think I cycle in and out of food.

So here is to you eggs and peanut butter.  New staples in my diet.


Question for you:

1.       What foods have you grown tired of and then liked again?


Friday Favs

Somehow in the last few months, I fell off the photography bandwagon.  Maybe it’s because my camera died and my cord was under my bed.  Who really knows.  Anyways-I promised myself on Thursday morning, that I would document a good amount of my eats so I can actually add new photos to Friday favorites.

But first in honor of Friday, I decided to dress like a real girl…lumberjack.


This weeks Friday favorites are a little different because I have been more or less eating different things.  Change is good.

I’ve taken a liking to eggs.  A lot of them.  I’ve literally had at least 2 eggs daily.  Right now-eggs are a big protein source for me.   For now, I’ve stopped completely using protein powder.   As in none.  I have been using it for 3 years daily, so it’s a big change for me.

Oatmeal-it’s nomtastic.  I can add an egg in there too.  Then get complete sources of protein as well as nomtastic carbs.  I used nomtastic twice in one paragraph.  I’m a toolbag.

Oatmeal pancakes, just because.

Lots of sweet potatoes.


Other favorite things of the week include this sweet shirt that I found at Walmart for a dollar.  Why I felt compelled to buy it-I don’t know.


Fun Facts of Friday:

  1. It has been 30, 70, sunny and sleeting all in one week here.
  2. I got my hair chemically relaxed and I can’t wait for it to grow out.  I miss my curly hair fo real.
  3. Well I’m off to go jog my cross country course and prepare for our championship race tomorrow.  By prepare, I mean the broski’s team is also going to be there and I’m picking his ass up for adventures.

    Minus his hair is all chopped off.


Question for you:

1.       Best oatmeal creation.  Go.

2.       Tell me a fun fact about you. 

Artichoke Hearts and Burnt Waffles

So I have gone to comment on a few blogs lately and it has said “comments closed”  Is that happening to anyone else?  It’s really bothering me.  It’s like a tease.

You know like that whole being a foodie thing where you have to wait to eat your food so you can take a darn photo.

Um my butt is starving and not really wanting to wait for my darn camera to load and take the perfect angle shot.  No thanks.


Anywho today was my last 6:00am wakeup call for high school.  Next week I go in at 10 and then I’ll be done.   After my getting ready I treated myself to a nice burnt waffle.  No really burnt lemon waffles are delicious but then again I’m a weirdo and love burnt things.

burnt waffles are seriously my favorite...I leave them in and let my waffle maker beep at me for a few minutes.

After school today I made myself some eggs and artichoke hearts.  I’m addicted and love artichokes.  Maybe I was pretending it was an artichoke quiche…who knows…

Eggs and artichoke...who craves that...

I was going to run right after my high school watching today but it started monsooning outside.  Seriously it was windy, rainy and all that jazz so I decided to wait.  I absolutely hate working out after 3pm so it made me a little antsy-Okay a lot. 

Anywho-it wasn’t bad and I had to chunk my running and swimming back to back.  It went by quickly though seeing as swim practices are normally two hours and I was at the gym for about two hours.

Dinner today was a lovely date with a swimming friend of mine Jenna.  We went to the union, which I haven’t been to eat in forever.

San Fernando wrap=melted chedder cheese, broccali, rice and peppers all wrapped up.


I didn’t have too much of an exciting day sadly, except, I’m so mad Alex didn’t go home on ANTM.  She was so close.  So.Close. 

No thankyou.


Questions for you:
1.       I know a lot of people are doing races this weekend, are you?   
2.       How did you veer from your typical schedule today?
I did my running and swimming back to back from 4-6.  Blech.

Work that Trash Girl

I’m so in shock that so many people like smaller pancakes.  I’m with everyone who said that they love pancakes that are huge and still gooey in the middle.  YES!  That is seriously what I live for.  No really, gooey pancakes (even though I made them with egg) in my belly are pretty awesome.

Some people use some nice mathematical terms too, such as Emma saying she loved a smaller stack for more surface area and more syrup coverage.  I knew we were twinnies.

Speaking of last night, I’m so happy that Brittany didn’t go home.  You didn’t sign your ticket home girl and you looked the at the photoshoot and you knew it!  I want to be in a photoshoot with just trash and look fab.  They took pictures at a landfill…work that trash girl.

Speaking of America’s Next Top Model,  I was very sad that I was going to have to miss it since I’m flying home next Wednesday but luckily for me-the entire episode is pushed back an hour.  It’s like Tyra knew that I needed to still get my fix on.  Therefore,  you will be seeing Twitter updates from 9-10 next Wednesday How you guys put up with me is beyond me ha.  I am the sole reason they made a mute button for tweets.

I don’t want to shock you guys or anything but today I did not have pancakes [or waffles] for breakfast.  I had eggs.  Overeasy eggs are my favorite besides poached eggs so I made 3 overeasy eggs and ½ cup egg whites with toast.  It comes up to be about the same amount of calories as my waffles and pancakes and keeps me full forever.  By forever, I mean a hot second because I’m always hungry.

During lunch I had to take a test so therefore stopped at Dexter’s and ate my sundried tomato quiche in my room along with a glassnoodle salad.  The glassnoodle salad had shirataki noodles along with fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and sweet peppers.  Since it was the salad of the week (and one of my favorites-I had to get it obviously).


Today I swam roughly 3000 yards.  1000 swim, following by 2X800 pull and then 400IM.  Nice and long and no kick to wear my little legs out for running on Sunday.  I’m on the downward slope for my half and I’m pretty stoked.


I’m glad you guys enjoyed my nail painting from Sunday.  I literally try and paint my nails at least 3 times a week.  For me, it is something I can disconnect from the world (even the interent…I still heart my blogging BFFS though) and just relax.  Last night I painted my fingers sparkly pink beause I’m a princess…clearly.

You can't even tell how pink and Sparkly they are

Question for you:

  1. What do you do that just relaxes you and takes you away from the world?  You time!
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