Treno Pizza Bar

Treno Pizza Bar

Recently I’ve had a few more opportunities to go to local restaurants in South Jersey.  This particular time, my husband and I were invited to go to Treno Pizza Bar in Westmont, NJ.

We’ve been to Treno Pizza Bar before, and it’s one of the best pizza spots in the area. We were invited to try the new menu.  When looking at possible days, I thought after the Runners World Festival would be ideal.  The last thing I really want to do is cook, and Treno Pizza Bar sounded much more appealing.  But really, when doesn’t it?

We arrived at Treno Pizza Bar around 5:30 pm.  The area of Westmont has had a lot of construction lately, including brand new shiny high rise apartments next door.  Honestly, if my husband didn’t need a garage, I would love to live there. Those apartments are in a prime spot to walk to several bars or fancier restaurants that serve alcohol such as Treno Pizza Bar.

When we arrived at Treno Pizza, we were greeted by the hostess. Since it was a beautiful evening, we opted to sit on the patio at Treno Pizza Bar. Treno pizza bar westmont nj

The manager at Treno Pizza Bar came over and gave us personal recommendations, including the veggie pizza and Treno Board.

As I mentioned, Treno Pizza Bar serves alcohol, including craft beer.  I immediately noticed Flying Fish beer, which I ran a local 5k at the brewery last month.

After chatting with the manager, the Treno board came out quickly with a variety of different bites including prosciutto di parma, house-cured meat, robiola, caciocavallo, roasted peppers, olives, crostini.  Everything on the board was delicious.  As someone who loves olives, they were my personal favorite.  The types of cheeses were both unique and I hadn’t had either.  Definitely a great starter! Treno pizza bar westmont nj board

As the manager recommended, I ordered the Veggie pizza.  Veggie pizza isn’t typically my first choice as I love pepper, sausage, and meat pizzas.

Heck, I even like pineapple pizza but I always like trying new things, and the Brick Oven Veggie Pizza came with butternut squash, onions, and goat cheese.  It reminded me a lot of a flatbread and something that would be perfect for a half marathon or marathon.  The pizza itself isn’t huge, which I appreciated.

Treno pizza bar westmont nj

My husband ordered the new Wood Oven Calabrian pizza which had house-made chili sausage, red onion, mozzarella, roasted corn, red sauce.  The manager mentioned a lot of people have come in loving spicy foods, so they want to incorporate more of that and to be honest, I agree.  I’m all about anything spicy.

Treno pizza bar westmont nj pizza

Both pizzas were great and I would order either of them again.  In fact, I think the veggie pizza might become a staple for before races for me.

At Treno Pizza Bar, we also decided to split the Tiramisu dessert and scoop of their vanilla gelato.  The Tiramisu came in a mason jar and had whipped cream (you know I love that!), fig jam and a biscotti cookie.  Both the gelato and tiramisu were great.

Treno pizza bar westmont nj pizza tiramisu

I had such a pleasant experience at the Treno Pizza Bar, and I appreciate the invitation to try their new menu.  Everything at Treno Pizza Bar from the food, to the service to the atmosphere, is so welcoming.  I like the idea of having smaller plates to split and snack on.  As someone who likes to try a lot of different items, this is awesome.  Plus, serving alcohol, many people need food but don’t want anything heavy.  If you are ever local, I recommend Treno Pizza Bar.

Thank you for the invitation Treno and I look forward to coming back!

Questions for you:

What is your favorite type of pizza?

Have you tried tiramisu before? 

Have you been to Treno Pizza Bar? 


Jersey Diner (Cinnaminson)

Jersey Diner (Cinnaminson)

The Jersey Diner in New Jersey?  

Sadly, the Jersey Diner has closed. It doesn’t look promising the Jersey Diner will reopen.

A few weeks ago, Cyd of New Jersey Isn’t Boring, and I met at the Jersey diner in Cinnaminson, NJ.  Amazingly enough, this diner isn’t far from me, yet I hadn’t been before.  When she first told me about it, I was shocked it was one I haven’t been too.

Jersey Diner Atmosphere: A

The Jersey Diner itself is picture-perfect NJ diner.  It is after all called, the Jersey Diner! The outside is a shiny metallic building, and inside is filled with booths, tables, and a long bar.  It’s everything you picture from a diner.

Jersey Diner

Jersey Diner
So shiny…

Jersey Diner Service: A

I’ve been fortunate with waiters and waitresses lately, and this was no exception.  Our waitress was extremely friendly, and I have no complaints.  She was one of the kindest and friendliness servers I’ve had to date.

Jersey Diner Coffee: A

The coffee at the Jersey Diner was excellent, and I have no complaints.  The waitress added a lot of whipped cream, possibly more than actual coffee.  Let’s be honest; we all know that was okay by me.

Jersey Diner

Food: A

The Jersey Diner menu is enormous with many different and unique options like Mexican food.  I haven’t seen a lot of diners with that.  I decided to order a gyro quesadilla.  The quesadilla came with gyro, feta cheese, onions and French fries.  The quesadilla itself was good but messy. Jersey Diner

 It was filled with feta cheese and chicken that seemed to spill everywhere.

The French fries were nice and soft.  Personally, I like soft, large fries versus small crispy ones.  These fit the bill.  It also came with soup, and I ordered the beef barley.  It was good but nothing out of the ordinary.

Jersey Diner

Dessert: A
We had been sitting right next to the dessert case, so it was hard not to stare.  I ultimately decided to get a “puff pastry,” which is something I’ve never had before.  It was like a giant pastry filled with frosting and whipped cream, so for me it was perfect.  This was one of my favorite “noncake” desserts to date.

Jersey DinerPrice: $

For my quesadilla, coffee, and pastry, the cost was $14.  The pastry was only $2.99; I could not believe it.

Jersey Diner Summary/Overall:

The Jersey Diner was good and a very stereotypical diner.  The puff pastry was one of the best desserts I’ve had, and I will be back.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Service: A
Food: A
Dessert: A
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of cake?
Do you like quesadillas?


Minella’s Diner (Wayne, Pa)

Minella’s Diner (Wayne, PA)

Last month I stopped by Minella’s Diner on my way home.  Minella’s Diner is only about 50 minutes from me; however, typically I prefer to stay in New Jersey side when traveling that far.

Minella’s Diner Atmosphere: A
The outside of Minella’s Diner is interesting.   The exterior appears to be a typical building.  Minella's Diner outside

It’s modern and clean, but there is nothing of interest.  Once you get inside, you can tell the nature of the diner.  Minella’s Diner has plenty of metallic siding, booths, and tables.

Minella's Diner inside

Minella’s Diner Coffee: D
This was the first coffee in a while that I wasn’t a fan.  The coffee at Minella’s Diner tasted instant and poorly made.  The whipped cream was okay though, and she gave plenty of that.  Not much else to say and after a refill, I decided I didn’t want anymore.

Minella's Diner coffee

Service: B
The waitress at Minella’s Diner was extremely friendly. She refilled our beverages and made sure we were okay, but it was evident her section was much more extensive than she should have had.  She was covering no less than 15 tables.  I felt bad because it was apparent she felt overwhelmed.

Minella’s Diner Food: B
Compared to other diners, Minella’s Diner has one of the more extensive menus.  Like most diners, there had plenty of dinner specials. They are also known for their Greek salad, but I was craving red meat. I opted for the Prime Rib special.  It came with soup, a potato, and a vegetable.

There wasn’t anything unique about the soup, but it wasn’t bad either.

Minella's Diner soup

The prime rib was delicious.  The prime rib was cooked well, and I have no complaints.

Minella's Diner prime rib

The potato was boring, and there was nothing unique or unusual about it.  I ate about half of it, but it didn’t do much for me. I also ordered the carrots which had a buttery sugared mixture poured on top.  The carrots were good, but then again, butter and sugar make everything better.

Minella's Diner carrots
A Potato and Sugar Carrots

Minella's Diner carrots

Minella's Diner sugar butter
The magic sugar butter mixture on the carrots

Dessert: A 
We asked the waitress for dessert recommendations.  She said Minella’s Diner is well known for their brownie sundae with ice cream. I can see why! The brownie was heated up with melted caramel sauce and ice cream.  I would come to Minella’s Diner for dessert alone.

Minella's Diner brownie sundae

Price: $
For the prime rib, coffee and dessert, the cost was $18.  That’s not bad at all.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to Minella’s Diner (Wayne, PA)? 
I liked Minella’s Diner (Wayne), but it wasn’t my favorite diner.  I definitely enjoyed the dessert the best.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: D
Service: B
Food: B 
Dessert: A
Price: $10-15
Overall: B

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Questions for you: 
Do you ever ask the servers for recommendations? 
Have you ever sugared/buttered your carrots before? 

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Seville Diner (East Brunswick)

Seville Diner East Brunswick

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to the Seville Diner. I had heard from the grapevine that the Seville Diner was one of the best in the county. We made the quick trip up to try it out.

Seville Diner Atmosphere: C

The Seville Diner is a classic and old school diner. The outside is a metallic and shiny, and the building draws you in from the highway. If I were rating the outside, I would rate it an A.

The inside, however, is a different story. The tables are very uncomfortable, and you feel as if you are sitting on top of people. It’s cramped and uncomfortable. We initially sat in a booth that was the most uncomfortable seating I’ve sat in. Luckily the waitress was accommodating and moved us to something more comfortable.

Seville Diner Service: A

The waitress at the Seville Diner was very friendly, despite having a lot of tables. She was covering half the restaurant and still refilled our drinks when appropriate. We asked her for recommendations.

Seville Diner Coffee: A

I’ve been to a lot of diners recently that have brewed Lacas coffee. I enjoyed the coffee a lot. The whipped cream was excellent and the coffee was brewed well. I have no complaints.

seville diner coffee

Seville Diner Food: A

The Seville Diner has many different unique menu. The waitress gave many different recommendations. There is everything from an all you can eat salad bar to steak and seafood and, of course, breakfast options.

I ordered the peppers and sausage under the “diner classic menu”.  The classic came with soup or salad.  I chose the Matzah Ball soup.  I don’t have Matzah Ball soup a lot but I was craving it.  For those who are unfamiliar, Matzah Ball soup is just a big ball of dough in broth.

seville diner matzah ball soup

To be honest, I’ve never heard of the sausage and peppers at the diner. It came with sautéed peppers and sausage in a marinara sauce with rice. Honestly, it was good, and I’m glad I got it.   Seville Diner Sausage

Seville Diner Dessert: A

We wanted to split a couple of different desserts. I had my eye on the rainbow cake. After getting rainbow cake at the Stateline diner, I get it at every diner I go too. The frosting was a cream cheese frosting which is my absolute favorite. To me, the frosting of most cakes is always the best part.  I had most of the rainbow cake because I liked it the best.  Seville Diner rainbow cake

We also tried the Mouse Mousse cake. It was a thick and dense layer of chocolate cake with frosting in the shape of a mouse.  This cake was lighter and the chocolate was extremely rich.  The frosting was whipped and most of the inside was a mousse consistency versus cake.  It was good as well but my favorite was the rainbow cake.

Seville diner mouse cake

Seville diner mouse cake

Both pieces of dessert of the Seville Diner were good, and I am glad we tried both. They were dense pieces of cake.

Seville Diner Cost: $

At the Seville Diner, my entrée, coffee and both desserts it was $25.00. For the amount of food and how filling it was, it wasn’t bad.

Summary/Would I come back to the Seville Diner (East Brunswick):

The service at the Seville Diner was good, and I enjoyed the food. The seating is a little unusual, but that isn’t enough to deter me.

Cliffs notes:
Atmosphere: C
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $10-20
Overall: A-

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Questions for you:
Do you prefer a booth or a table?
What is your favorite type of cake?


State Line Diner (Mahwah)

The State Line Diner (Mahwah)

After a friend recommended the State Line Diner (Mahwah) a few months ago, I added it to my “diner to do list.” I wanted to try the diner for a while so when we were driving back from Syracuse it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

state line diner me

State Line Diner Atmosphere: A

The State Line Diner is a picture perfect diner. The outside signs are retro. The inside is clean, modern and neat. You enter the State Line Diner directly in front of the bakery. The diner has a few main rooms with plenty of booths, tables and even a bar area.  The diner itself was crowded, but we quickly found a seat.  That is the thing about diners, is that the parking lot can be full but there is somehow never a long wait for a table.

State Line Diner Service: A

The waitress at the State Line Diner was extremely friendly, straight to the point and on her game. She gave us great food recommendations and refilled our beverages quickly.  She had several tables, but we watched as she gave each table personal recommendations and was very friendly. She took her time and made everyone feel right.  She is one of the best waitresses I’ve come across.

State Line Diner Coffee: A

The coffee at the State Line Diner was perfect. It was refilled a lot, and the whipped cream was clearly homemade. It was hot every single time, and I never had a bad cup.

state line coffee

State Line Diner Food: A

The State Line Diner has a 10-page menu.  They have everything from breakfast to pizza and, of course, staple diner options and salads too.

I ordered the egg salad sandwich and French fries. I have been in an egg salad mood lately, and this sandwich was large and in charge. I had run the Festival of Races earlier in the day, and I was hungry. The French fries were cooked perfectly and not soggy or burnt. Everything was good and cooked well.  I enjoyed how big the sandwich was, and it needed toothpicks to keep it together!

state line diner egg salad

State Line Diner Dessert: A

Several people had advised me try the Rainbow Cake at the state Line Diner. When we asked our waitress for dessert recommendations, she also said it was the best dessert they had. I’m normally a chocolate cake person, but I must admit the Rainbow cake was incredible. I also had ice cream because cake and ice cream is a staple.  The Rainbow cake was a vanilla tie dyed flavor cake with chocolate frosting and a chocolate layer in between.

state line diner rainbow cake
I’m not saying this cake is what dreams are made of…but it is…

state line diner ice cream

State Line Diner Price: $$$

For my meal, coffee, ice cream and cake the cost was $30.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the State Line Diner (Mahwah):

I’m very glad I don’t live close by because I would be at the State Line Diner (Mahwah) very frequently. The food, the dessert, service and coffee is all perfect.

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $10-30

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Questions for you:
Have you ever had Rainbow Cake?
How do you like your French fries?
Steak fries, waffle fries, stringy, burnt, soggy?