Eating on High Mileage

A lot of people question how I eat enough to withstand 100 mile weeks.  It couldn’t be possible to ever gain weight while running 100 mile weeks and you couldn’t possibly eat enough to withstand that activity…ect. 

First and foremost, I only ran 100 mile week.  I didn’t run 52 but rather just 1.  That was my peak week and most of my other weeks were between 60-80.  Most not all.  As much as I want to credit myself to running multiple 100 mile weeks, I know I would just get injured running several in a row.  (or more then 1).

I’ve rambled about this a few times but blogging nutrition and real life nutrition is not the same thing.  I feel bad for certified dieticians and nutritionists that also blog.  They get mixed in with other bloggers whose research involves personal research and study which is not the same as being certified.  Point blank: it’s not.  I’ve taken plenty of nutrition classes but don’t know nearly enough as someone who has studied and has their undergraduate, masters, or even PhD.  I can tell you what has worked for me but that is no way telling what will work for you or that is right or wrong.

The majority of healthy living blogs focus on getting enough vegetables, fiber and more vegetables into their diet.  If I ate half the amount of vegetables that some people do, I would be able to run 1 mile…maybe 2 with deciding it was time to go home.

When you run high mileage and exercise you must learn that you have to eat a lot of foods that aren’t high in fiber.  You must eat food that is still healthy but you can’t eat 3000 calories worth of broccoli.  You also can’t eat 3000 calories worth of ice cream.  Both will result in you not feeling great for a run.

A typical day for me looks something like this right now:

Breakfast: 400-500 calories

Coffee+cream (100-200 calories…my vice).

Some of my breakfast choices lately have been: Bagel and peanut butter, egg sandwich, eggs and toast, waffle with Greek yogurt or peanut butter.

A standard waffle with peanut butter and yogurt has been my go to before races right now and I think I’ll stay to that before the marathon (as well as a bagel with peanut butter while waiting around beforehand).  My standard race day nutrition used to be a bagel with peanut butter and yogurt but I had stomach cramps a few races back and it was enough to change my mind.

Raspberry pancakes make me happy

Raspberry pancakes make me happy

Bagel+peanut butter+yogurt also make me happy

Bagel+peanut butter+yogurt also make me happy


French toast bagels are my favorite (panera or wegmans FYI)

French toast bagels are my favorite (panera or wegmans FYI)


Lunch (within an hour of running) 500-800 calories

I’ve been having a lot egg sandwiches lately.  Eggs, avocado and cheddar cheese on a bagel.  I really just have whatever is in the fridge.  It could be a sandwich, soup or salad.  I don’t have a standard post run meal or lunch. I normally just like to eat what is in the fridge.

Sometimes I’ll go to the gym in between, sometimes I won’t.   (now that I’m tapering, I don’t).

egg and ham sandwich

egg and ham sandwich

lentil soup (this cold has got me craving it)

lentil soup (this cold has got me craving it)

Soup with parm cheese so good

Soup with parm cheese so good

Random salad I attempted to make restaurant worthy...they never are as to why I try and eat salads at restaurants more.

Random salad I attempted to make restaurant worthy…they never are as to why I try and eat salads at restaurants more.


Snack: 200-300 calories

I consume a lot of yogurt

I consume a lot of yogurt

No really...

No really…’

Baked apples are good (especially in the cold)

Baked apples are good (especially in the cold)

I also eat bars on the go...snickers marathon bars are really good

I also eat bars on the go…snickers marathon bars are really good

I normally have a snack sometime in the middle of the day.   I’ve been enjoying apples and peanut butter lately but that is only because apples have been so cheap at stores.   I also have left overs if they are in the fridge.

Dinner: 800-1200

As if anything else is planned, my dinner is the least planned and changes daily.  I am such a meat and potatoes kind of person.  I’ll have a serving of meat (steak and fish being my favorite), some sort of vegetables (cooked kale, brussel sprouts and spaghetti squash are my current favorites) and some sort of grain.  I’ve been better about eating a carbohydrate such as bread or race.  I’m actually not a big pasta fan (I don’t like the consistency) so I tend to eat more rice and bread.

steak and potatoes

steak and potatoes

ham and potatoes (and apples)

ham and potatoes (and apples)

Sweet Potato+Salmon+mushrooms (I'm so different)

Sweet Potato+Salmon+mushrooms (I’m so different)

I normally like to make a smoothie at night with a cup of milk and protein powder.  I have a big sweet tooth so often times I’ll just have ice cream.  I don’t really schedule a treat at night but if I’m craving something I’ll have something.   Whatever I’m craving I generally have at night.  I go to bed around 9-10 personally.

ice cream

ice cream

ice cream, cherries and whip cream

ice cream, cherries and whip cream

Protein shake

Protein shake

hot cocoa and whip cream

hot cocoa and whip cream


I know this is very vague but it’s how I eat.  I don’t worry or stress about food or getting my vegetables daily.  As much as I say I want to meal plan, I don’t. If I eat too many vegetables then I don’t feel good running.  I don’t know how people eat so many vegetables (honestly).  I do strive to get vegetables but not overboard.  I try and get enough protein, carbohydrates and fat but I don’t track it and it doesn’t ruin my day.  I found the less I stress about food the easier it is.  I’ve never had a problem getting enough food and have never lost weight during a training cycle.

I will say I’m hoping to do a carbohydrate deplete and then carb load during my final week of taper.

Questions for you:

What does a typical day for you look like?

Do you plan your food weekly or eat when you are hungry? 


WIAW: While Traveling

WIAW: On my travels last weekend

Since I have been rambling about my traveling so why not to do a WIAW about my travels.  First and foremost, you as blog readers should know I have become obsessed (probably obnoxiously) with instagram.  So much so that I instagrammed half of my eats during the trip because I’m sitting in a car for 8 hours and it’s boring so why not.  (that and maybe my photography would look comparable to a normal blogger’s)   

Like I said…it all started with this Wendy’s Salad. It was quite good

I like quest bars and protein pudding, so I packed a lot for the drive

I had a lox (salmon) omelette at one point. The omelette wasn’t actually all that great.

Peanut butter toast+fruit at the hotel breakfast

And then a waffle and fruit before my race (2 mile swim)

A salmon Salad at a restaurant on the beach

Second, I eat a lot of seafood when I eat out.  I eat things that I can’t cook or prepare myself because it makes it even better.  Third, I don’t throw a hissy fit about eating at fast food.  Case and point, we ate on the road-they wanted Wendy’s…I got a salad…and that was the end of that.

And more unfood related instagrammed shots.  My little username is fueledbylolz (because you can never get enough of me).  Isn’t that easy?

tee hee waking up in my hotel bed before the race

Question for you:

1.       What do you eat on travels?

2.       Do you like/use instagram?

I did not at first, but now I’m obsessed.  I’m eating my own words on that one and I take full responsibility for that.

June Foodie Pen Pals

The lovely Lisa was my Foodie pen pal this month and I could have not been more excited.  She is also working on an aspect of nutrition that I find fascinating and sent me lots of goodies (Plus information about the program she is currently going through!)

The first thing I tried immediately was the RAW bar.  A lot of people may not be interested in this bar because it has very low protein and fiber but 20+ grams of fat and 240 calories.  It was seriously made for me.  So good.

The two larabars were next and I had them preworkouts.  Both were good as I love both the flavors-who doesn’t love peanut butter?

My mom and I are both ladies on the run and we are always eating on the go (trail mix being one of our favorites).  My mom absolutely loved this blend and she had a ton!  I thought it was pretty good myself too.

Finally, the sweet potato chips were a perfect snack for me too (while working at the Cav).  So funny (and I quote), “lifeguard why you be eating the orange chip”?

If you like sweet potatoes and like crunchy chips then those are def for you.  That being said another yummy  foodie pen pals month down and done and another great blogger met.  I hope ya’ll will have the chance to check out Lisa blog!

Questions for you:

1.       What are your credentials in picking out bars?

I like mine with lots of protein, fiber and calcium (normally) and not 4000 calories of protein…instaew.

2.       Have you (Did you) done Foodie Pen Pals? 

Human Discoballing

Today’s WEGO was based on pinning some things (health related) from pinterest.  I’m not saying that this is true for every health related topic on there-but the majority of fitness and health pins are something along the lines of:

“Strong is the new skinny”

Or some bs like that.  I’m sorry but every single one of those girls (while they may be strong) is still extremely skinny.  What kind of health message is that saying?

Not really one I care to pin and since my health focus is more fitness related-I’m sitting this WEGO out and opting for one of the bonus and sub prompts they sent me as well.


WEGO: Bonus round, Define a happy place.

I’ll preface this with I’m 100% joking (and I’ve drank a total of 2 times this semester…).  I do, however, never regret going out.

But my happy place (Saturday night) was at the bars.  It all started around 10pm, when I was having a rather rough night.  I was stressed with school, had plans broken to hang out with people and everything just kind of piled up.  I was laying on my sofa, having a girlie cry fest and my housemate was like…let’s go to the bars!

Okay fine (and got ready in about 5 minutes).  I became a human discoball and proceeded to tell everyone that.  I got this dress at Express forever ago, but never had an occasion to wear it.

Then I ended up having a few drinks (and for me, since I don’t drink…that is a lot).

My housemate and I. 🙂

So my happy place from 11pm-2am on Saturday-Sunday was at the bars dancing.  I don’t regret it.  I did manage to take a few photos (which for me is like epic proportions).

I mention Justin time to time. He ran the 50k in my area in December....and not that is not my hand.

A friend of mine Kirstin. (Please note the photobomber in the background. ;))

The photobomber himself (someone I run with often) Tim! Nice enough to take a real life photo with me...good ole iphone quality of course!

Questions for you: 

1.       Do you like to stay in or go out?

I’m normally a stay at it sort of gal, but it’s nice to go out sometimes.  🙂

2.        Where is your happy place?

Mine is normally just relaxing and hanging out in a warm environment.  lolz

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