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Injury Wk 3: Nothing!

Obviously, with current events, all pools in New Jersey closed. In fact, all nonessential businesses are closed.

It is the right call, but that leaves me with very few choices when it comes to cardio workouts.

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Veronica Plaza Diner (Somerset, NJ) pancakes

Veronica Plaza Diner (Somerset, NJ)

Veronica Plaza Diner (Somerset, NJ)

Recently I was in Somerset, NJ so I decided to stop at the Veronica Plaza Diner.

The Veronica Plaza Diner is located in a shopping center near Rutgers University. The Veronica Plaza Diner is only open until 3 pm so it’s a breakfast and lunch spot only.

Veronica Plaza Diner (Somerset, NJ)

Veronica Plaza Diner Atmosphere: C

The Veronica Plaza Diner is located in a small shopping center. It doesn’t stand out but there is plenty of parking.

Veronica Plaza Diner (Somerset, NJ)

The inside of the Veronica Plaza Diner has plenty of wooden tables, booths, and a small bar. It was dimly lit and slightly dirty which is never a good sign.

Veronica Plaza Diner Coffee: A

The Veronica Plaza Diner coffee tasted great and the waitress brought over a refill.

Veronica Plaza Diner (Somerset, NJ) coffee

Veronica Plaza Diner Food: B

The Veronica Plaza Diner menu has breakfast and lunch with a few specials. There were plenty of breakfast options and I was in the mood for pancakes.

Pancakes are one of the most risky things to order a diner. Either the pancakes are flat and bland or they are thick and fluffy. You never know why you’ll get!

I ordered the chocolate chip and peanut butter pancakes which tasted good. There was a solid amount of pancakes and it there were plenty of chocolate chips. They were topped with crunchy peanut butter.

Veronica Plaza Diner (Somerset, NJ) pancakes

The pancakes weren’t the worst nor the best pancakes I’ve had but I was pleased with my selection.

Veronica Plaza Diner Service: C

The waitress at the Veronica Plaza Diner was friendly but it took a while for our food to come. When it was time for the check, it took a long time for her to come back. I couldn’t seem to find her anywhere.

Veronica Plaza Diner Cost: $$

For my pancakes and coffee it was $10. Most of the diner was fairly expensive for the amount of food and quality.

Overall thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Veronica Plaza Diner?

The food at the Veronica Plaza Diner was decent but it’s not somewhere I would back for. The Veronica Plaza Diner could use a decent cleaning as well.

Atmosphere: C

Coffee: A

Food: C

Service: C

Cost: $10-20

Overall: C

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Question for you:

Do you like pancakes? What’s your favorite type of pancake?

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) rice pudding

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin)

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin)

While in West Berlin, NJ, I decided to check out Oceanos Restaurant. While it’s in the grey area of diners, I decided to classify it as one. It serves diner food, looks and acts like a diner.

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin)

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) Atmosphere: C

Oceanos Restaurant is in a large building with plenty of parking. The inside has a long but handicap friendly ramp to get in. Inside, Oceanos Restaurant needs a definite makeover. The inside is dirty and part of the wall was falling down.

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) Coffee: A

Possibly the best part of Oceanos Restaurant was the coffee. It was brewed hot and fresh and the waitress added an absurd amount of whipped cream.

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) coffee

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) Food: D

Oceanos Restaurant menu had plenty of options, including all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There weren’t a lot of specials, but there were plenty of options. It looked like Oceanos Restaurant was more dinner based with a lot of chicken breast, roast beef, and pasta options.

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) greek platter

I was hungry so I decided to order the Greek Sampler. The pita bread was dry and the olives looked like they had been sitting around for a long time. It was edible but it wasn’t great. It was pathetic.

I decided to order the stuffed salmon. It came with stuffed salmon with crab meat as well as two sides. I chose beets and mixed vegetables. It also came with soup or salad so opted for a starter salad.

The starter salad was decent, but nothing unusual.

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) side salad

Both sides tasted frozen and reheated.  It was clear the mixed vegetables were frozen and then reheated.

The stuffed salmon tasted precisely as you would think frozen fish and reheated to taste. I was disappointed because I thought it would be good.  It was edible, but I wouldn’t order it again.

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin)  salmon

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) Dessert: C

Since my meal at Oceanos Restaurant came with dessert, (either pudding or ice cream), I ordered the rice pudding. I wanted bread pudding, but they didn’t have it. What kind of diner doesn’t have bread pudding?

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin)  rice pudding

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) Service: C

The service at Oceanos Restaurant could use help.  Our waitress was friendly, but the food took a while to come out. When we got there, the hostess was on his cell phone, so it took a while for us even to sit down.

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) Cost: $$

For my coffee and meal, it was $20, which was too expensive for the quality of food.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin)?

I wouldn’t go back to Oceanos Restaurant. It was edible diner food, but it was expensive for the quality of food. Plus, Oceanos Restaurant needs a considerable makeover.

Atmosphere: C

Coffee: A

Food: D

Dessert: C

Overall: C

Cost: $15-20

Oceanos Restaurant (West Berlin) Overall: C

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Questions for you:

Have you been to any meh restaurants lately?

Do you like rice pudding? 

Brooks Glycerin 18 Shoe Review
Gear Review, Running

Brooks Glycerin 18 Shoe Review

Brooks Glycerin 18 Shoe Review

I always seem to have a Brooks Glycerin in my running rotation. I started with the Brooks Glycerin 14 and went into the Glycerin 15, Brooks Glycerin 16, Glycerin 17 and now the Brooks Glycerin 18. I don’t have a favorite and have generally liked all of them. The Brooks Glycerin is an excellent recovery shoe with plenty of cushion for easy days.

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