A Weekend at the Air Show

I’m a little late posting but last weekend, my husband, and I attended and worked the Air Show.  It was a lot of fun seeing different military planes.

Each year the base hosts an Air Show in the middle of May.  They show off planes stationed at the base as well as acrobatic and fighter planes too.  There were both stand alone displays as well as flight demonstrations.  Many bases around the country have Air Shows.  Where I grew up in Virginia, had just as big of an Air Show.  Anyone, military or not, is welcome.  It’s a chance for the public to see all of the cool things the military does!

Here are a few photos I managed to capture:

Planes in Formation:

air force air show

air force air show

They brought in several fighter jets! We even got to watch them do a “sonic boom” which was neat.

air force air show

Standing Demonstrations:

I also got to tour one of the KC-10 Refueling plane. The plane’s main job is to refuel other aircraft while flying.  It made me think: what if we had to refuel our cars while driving?  It’s an interesting concept…

Sitting in the cockpit
Sitting in the cockpit
Standing next to one of the engines
Standing next to one of the engines of a KC-10


The biggest plane that exists, the C5-Galexy
The biggest plane that exists, the C5-Galexy

Here’s the demonstration they did.  Not my video, but they did a great job capturing the event.  The KC-10 is the plane with an engine in the tail.  During the “stunt”, it’s refueling the other plane.  Normally they do this much higher, but they were only 2000 feet off the ground.  To give you perspective, they were doing this about 200 feet higher than the One World Trade Center tip.  They can refuel anything from fighter planes to bigger tanker aircraft (as shown) to even other KC-10s.

Hopefully, everyone has a great weekend!

Questions for you:
Have you ever been to a base Air Show?
What are your weekend plans?  

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  1. Great photos! I went to several airships through the years. My favorite was the Louisville, KY show before the Derby Festival Fireworks. This weekend–running the FroYo 5K here in Kansas City 😊

  2. Amazing pictures, Hollie! I love the one of you by the plane’s engine. So neat. Also, I can’t believe that plane’s engines can be refilled while in motion. That’s amazing!

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