Thoughts on Thursday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve participated in a Thursday Thoughts post with Running with Spoons. I keep half typing a post up but it hasn’t come together like I would like.  Maybe I should just add them all together and I would have a coherent blog post?  Maybe…This is a collection of some of […]

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Shamrock Outside of Racing

I finally have a post to update you on exciting things going on in my life.  Honestly this will just serve as my life last week outside of the actual race. I should do more traveling because it gives me more things to write about.  Anyways during the Shamrock marathon weekend I was able to […]

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A Start to Running

For the last four years, St. Patricks day has held a much more sentimental reason to me than drinking beer, wearing green and Holiday spirit.  Four years ago I ran a road race in college that would forever change my life.  Forever. You can read my entire running story here or in the tab above. […]

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A Dream Race…

This is an open letter to race directors.  It solely reflects my own personal opinion.  It is not meant to bash anyone or anything, nor am I begging every race I go to make it “perfect” for me.  I am just stating in a dream race situation this would be a winning combination for me. […]

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Friday Virginia Catchups

This week has gone by so slow honestly.  You would think that because it has been a whirlwind of moving, unpacking and looking for jobs it would have sped by.  Sometimes that was the case…but other times…no not really. That being said I have had some interesting and fun times this week.  Let’s see here…if […]

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I was second woman on a challenging four mile course.  24:41/6:10 per mile. 
I enjoy going up to north jersey for this race.  Now for the long drive home and to continue supporting the #panthers

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