Hollywood Diner (Dover, De)

I have been to the Hollywood diner before. When my family and I were driving up to college over eight years ago, we stopped there! I honestly don’t remember many details, but I knew I had been there! This time period was far before I knew how awesome diners were. We decided to stop at the Hollywood Diner because who doesn’t like a trip to Hollywood?

Atmosphere: A

The diner is an old train car. As I’ve said many times before, it’s hard to beat the diner atmosphere of a train car. The restaurant was clean, and the car was adorable. We arrived on Saturday around 11:15. It was crowded but nothing unreasonable. We received a table quickly.

Metallic background for the win

Metallic background for the win

Service: A

The Hollywood diner’s waitress one of the best I’ve ever had. She was polite, friendly and refilled our coffee. Despite being busy, she made sure we were happy. Honestly, she was one of the best waitresses I’ve had at any restaurant!

Coffee: A

The coffee was a local brew to me in New Jersey. Lacas Coffee has become well known in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. In fact, they sponsored the Scott Coffee 8k in Moorestown last May. The coffee was delicious, and the whipped cream was perfect.

Hollywood Diner Coffee

They also gave plenty of creams.  Never enough I guess?

More cream?

More cream?

Food: A

The Hollywood Diner has a smaller menu. While it doesn’t have ten pages of food, there are plenty of options. I ordered one of their specials that included: pancakes, eggs, bacon sausage and unpictured rye toast.  Everything was home cooked and tasted great.  I like soft fatty bacon versus crispy.  The pancakes were light and fluffy as well.  It satisfied my diner craving.

pancakes eggs toast bacon

Cost: $

For both Tim and I’s meal and coffee, the cost was $20. It was an inexpensive stop, and I have no complaints. Honestly 20 dollars is usually the cost of a meal for just me.

Would I come back?

Overall: A

The Hollywood Diner was a smart stop. I am glad we stopped, and we will be back. It’s a cute stop for anyone nearby or traveling.

Cliffs Notes:
Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Overall: A 
Not many diners get all “A”s.

Questions for you:
What is your favorite themed restaurant?
What is your favorite kind of coffee?

Training in September

September Training

Where did September even go?  Every month seems to fly by.

In summary: I had a decent month despite falling.  With the fall I added a few more rest days than normal but I’m healthy and that is really all that matters. 

But let’s get to the longer stuff:
Total miles: 248
Range of paces: 6:07-12:03-untimed
Longest run: 13.1 (RnR Half marathon)
Shortest run: 1.2 miles cooldown
Rest days: 8

RNR Virginia Beach 1:31.48
Peaches and Grapes 10k (40:)
Deborah Hospital 5k (20:07)
Rotary 5k (20:12)
Maple Shade Soccer 5k (20:51) 3.3 miles

Favorite Race: Run the Vineyard 10k. I felt strong and it was the best race of the month for me. run the vineyards 3

The RnR half is definitely a strong runner up though.   Before the Rock and Roll half, I hadn’t raced a half marathon in over a year.  Despite the weather being hot and humid, I’m pleased and I know I can build a better half upon that.

RnR Virginia Beach

Favorite Training Run: 
Wissihikin Trail Run in Philadelphia:
Tim and I haven’t gotten to run together as much as normal due to work.  It was nice to both have the same day off and go to PA to run in the park.  It was a lot of fun! me wisshickon park
I took a few extra days due to my fall.  September was my lowest miles age training month for a while (I’ve run between 290-299 the last few months) but it’s more important to be healthy.  I’m still beginning and ending the month injury free.  I do believe it was a lot smarter to rest versus try to run right after being sewed up. I have no regrets over this month.  September was also an extremely busy month for me with work, moving and life.  Luckily October will be a lot quieter!

I also missed a few speed workouts due to a rest week and then not running after my fall but surprisingly I didn’t miss any races.  I did get speed work in at least once per week.  In summary I had a decent month of training but it was all over the place.  I didn’t realize how much moving would take a toll on me as well.

October Races:

  • This weekend I am going to Syacuse, NY to race the Festival of Races 5k.
  • I will be participating in Runners World Race weekend; (The 3.8 trail run/5k/10k/13.1).  I have never done a bunch of back to back races like that so it will be interesting and fun!
  • If you need or want a discount code for the RW races!

    If you need or want a discount code for the RW races!

    When it’s all said and done I could potentially run 7 races in October!  The Runners World Festival is already 4!

    As far as training goes, I plan to get back into running speed workouts.  Now that I’m settled in my new house and healed from my fall, it’s time to crank back into the grind.  I plan to get back on track with speed workouts, races and easy runs.  Hopefully my routine will help build more endurance for some great races in November!

    I also plan to get more into core again.  I’ve mentioned a lot that I like the Nike Training Club App that gives 15 minute workouts.  I do that a few times a week but I would like variation as well.

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Questions for you:
How was your month of training?
Is anyone doing the RW half marathon in a couple of weeks? 

Thursday Thoughts:

This week has been low key and uneventful.  I’ve been slowly (very slowly) unpacking and cleaning up my new house.  

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons for thinking out loud.  It’s my favorite link up to do.

I’m still recovering from the Air Force ball.  I know…Despite looking like I’m 12, I’m not as young as I used to be and it takes me forever to recover from social events past 7pm  (kidding).

I didn’t say much about the Air Force ball last week but we had a great time.  It was a lot of mingling and talking with other spouses.  It reminded a lot of a wedding: cocktail hour, dinner then dancing and dessert.  I will say they had unlimited lobster tail…it was fabulous.  We were out late but it was a great time.  After having my fair share of Lobster tails, I had steak at 10pm.  Someone said “if you don’t leave her 10 pounds heavier, you have failed”.  That was probably true HA!

air force ball

Random thoughts of the week:

It is definitely getting lighter later.  I have to wait until it’s light to go out for a run.  That can be somewhat frustrating I guess.  I could run in the pitch black but due to my recent fall in broad daylight and uneven pavement…I would rather just wait and do less miles.  Less miles is better than no miles and back to the hospital.

I had my first workout since falling.  I ran 16X400s with 1 minute rest.  It wasn’t as fast as I would have liked but it was also on the road and with pouring rain.  I literally went through 3 changes of clothes for 11 miles.  (One after warmup, one after workout and one after cool down).  I didn’t feel like getting blisters or have my goodies showcased to my new neighbors.

Speaking of getting lighter later: It’s freaking October 1st.  Oh my stars.

On a really important note, my personal friend Amelia is a finalist for the Women’s Running Magazine Cover Contest.  It would mean a lot to her if you could vote!  She is truly incredible and while she does live in that other state of NJ (i.e.: North Jersey) I’m proud to call her one of my good friends.  Ha, in my two years of living in NJ I have realized that North and South Jersey are two different states with central Jersey just a rumor that it may or may not exist.

So (please) vote for her here.

Me, Danielle and Amelia.  We really are friends outside the internet (at least that is what they tell me)

Me, Danielle and Amelia. We really are friends outside the internet (at least that is what they tell me)

Maple Shade Soccer Club 5kish (20:51)

After running the Rotary 5k on Saturday I decided to pull a double and run the Maple Shade soccer club 5k on Sunday.  The race was only 15 minutes from my house so I thought…why not?

I woke up Sunday morning and felt decent.  I felt better than the day before but “dancing and heel DOMS” had set in (Is that a thing…I don’t know).  I feel silly saying my calves were sore from wearing stilettos but it is what it is.

I arrived to the race around 8am.  It started at 9 and I did a 3 mile warm up. At the start I looked a little better then the Rotary Run.  I at least had my hair pulled back and I had removed all of the makeup from 2 nights prior.  After I warmed up I finally found the restrooms and headed to the start.  The race director (who was also a personal friend) said a few words and we were off.

The course was remarkably simple…it was 3 laps around the high school and then around the track. Even I couldn’t get lost with that!

Once we were off I positioned myself as first women. I saw three men ahead that were running in a tight pack. Included in the pack was Marc who ultimately won. There was no one between the leaders and I.  I basically ran the entire race by myself.  During the first mile I realized I felt okay but not great. I was surprised when my watch beeped and I ran the first mile/lap in 6:07.

During the second mile one person passed me and that put me into fifth overall. It was the three leaders ahead, one male and then myself.  I ran the race entirely by myself staying in fifth place. The race was completely uneventful and reminded me of mile repeats around the track. You run a lap around the high school and then do it twice more…

I ran the second mile in 6:27 and the third mile in 6:33. There wasn’t anything eventful about either mile, it felt more like a workout I was trying to power through!

When we I hit the third mile I realized there was no way the 5k would be an actual 5k. We were at least .1 from the track and the course also went around the track. I was disapointed because I know on a normal length course I would have been below 20 minutes.

My Garmin told me I ran a 5k in 19:50 and clearly it knows everything. I powered through and finished the race in 20:51. I don’t know how much longer the race course actually was…my GPS says 3.3 which would make sense with 3X1 mile laps and going around the track. Oh well it’s not like a life or death situation.


I haven’t really felt great in a race for a few weeks. That comes from racing after being out late or eating poorly the night before or in this case racing the day before. I can’t wait to see what I do on legs that aren’t tired.

The race itself was fun and I don’t regret it. If it was my goal race I might be have been more irritated about the bonus distance…but it wasn’t. I would prefer a course longer anyways.  So sorry no race photos all weekend but sometimes that is how it goes.

Questions for you:
What is the most humorous race course you’ve run?
Have you ever had heel DOMS?  Is that even a thing? 

National Coffee Day

There are only a few foodie holidays I like to celebrate or even point out.  Every day is a different food day if you google it.

But seriously: Here is a list of “National Foodie Days” incase you ever wondered.

Anyways National Coffee Day is a “Holiday” I will celebrate proudly.  Most people know I drink a lot of coffee but what they don’t realize is a lot of it is decaf.  I truly enjoy the taste of coffee but honestly don’t need or want that much caffeine every day.

Personally I love the taste of coffee.  Whether it’s decaf, flavored, with lots of cream or minimal…I enjoy coffee a lot! I don’t discriminate. 

The coffee life

The coffee life

My current favorite coffee is obviously the seasonal pumpkin spice with whipped cream.

Why the whipped cream?  As you drink the coffee, it gets more creamy (since the whipped cream melts).  It’s more bitter at first and then creamy towards the end.  It’s the perfect combination in my opinion.

Blue Swan Coffee

Here is a list of deals you can score today.  **Plus my favorite gas station Wawa is giving out free coffee all day too!  

Articles about Coffee: 
Why You Should Be Drinking Coffee Right Now
Buzzfeed: 22 Facts About Coffee
The Oatmeal: Infographic About Coffee

In summary by writing this post I learned the following:

  • Coffee was first discovered by research in Goats
  • Coffee was originally eaten in the form of berries.  Hashtag coffeeberries

And of course no National Holiday would be complete without the memes.

coffee meme 1

coffee meme 2

drink coffee 1

drink coffee meme

Do you drink coffee?  What is your favorite kind?

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