Hiking Indian Wells State Park (Connecticut)

Hiking Indian Wells State Park (Connecticut)

While in Connecticut last month, we decided to take a nice hike at Indian Wells State Park.  It’s not a rigorous hike but a pleasant hour or two walk around the park.  It’s family-friendly, and right along the water with a beach if you want to swim or boat.  The hike itself was about 2-3 miles, and we went to the lookout point as well as the waterfalls.  A few people were swimming in the waterfall, so I didn’t take many photos as that might have been a little awkward.

If you hike about a mile, you’ll reach a small overlook which was a beautiful spot to relax.  We spent a few minutes looking out and then hiked to the “main attraction” of the waterfall.

The free-flowing waterfall has a deep pool at the base that we saw many people jumping into. We did as we weren’t interested in swimming at all. If I were to go swimming in the area, it would probably be at the waterfall because it’s not far from the beach and entrance and a more secluded area.

The hike itself was quiet, and we didn’t see a lot of people throughout the couple hours we were out there.  Here are a few photos from the adventure.

The hikes all start with climbing a short but well-maintained series of steps.

indian well state park connecticut

indian well state park connecticut

View from the look point into Connecticut

indian well state park connecticut

Into the Creekindian well state park connecticut

indian well state park connecticut

In all, it was a great walk, and I would definitely go back.  It’s a short and easy hike if you’re looking for something to do with kids or a dog.  Of any of the parks, it’s one of the most family friendly we have been too.

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Questions for you:

Have you ever swam near a waterfall?  Do you prefer going to a beach, pool, or lake?  Or none LOL.

What is a fun hike local to you?

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