Facebook Ads: Are they Worth it?

Are facebook adverts worth it?

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On facebook you can pay to have posts and ads inserted into more mini feeds.  You can manipulate the algorithm for more views to your facebook and blog post.  It isn’t a secret either.  Pages that pay to boost posts are labeled as “sponsored” on the mini feed.  On a boosted post, More people will see the post and it will drive awareness to your website and facebook page…but is it worth it? 

I help a personal friend with her coaching page.  She is a great coach and someone I would highly recommend in the South Jersey area.  We have played around with facebook adverts to boost her page and client base.  It has been working rather well.  She has signed more local runners and the page boosts have helped her build her community.  I couldn’t be happier for her!  It made me think, how would a facebook advert post for fueledbyLOLZ blog fare?

Unlike coaching, I’m not really offering anything.  I’m not offering coaching or a product.  I’m not offering the secrets to stay injury free, healthy or breaking news.  By reading my blog you are not eligible to win millions of things.   I just assume people put up with my poor grammar and spelling because they can find a LOL in there somewhere.

FueledbyLOLZ offers morning amusement with your coffee.   That is what I offer and probably will continue to offer. 

I decided to do an experiment and spend a whopping 20 dollars to boost one of my recent posts.  For my experiment, I chose a post many people responded well with without the boost.

Running on the Cheap: 

Basically a post about why Running doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are many cost options but I chose the 20.00 option.  It costed $20.00 for an extra 1000-8,000 people to view the facebook post (not my blog post but the facebook post (with the link attached) to be inserted into the minifeed).

You can pay more for more views.

Just because you boost your post, it doesn’t guarantee will see it or that they will like your page at all.

It doesn’t guarantee they will click the link to your post.  The only thing a paid boost guarantees is that the post will be inserted into at least 1,000 mini feeds (it could even be the same persons mini feed 1,000 times).

For instance (spoiler alert) when I payed 20.00 for a fueledbyLOLZ advert, about 6,000 people viewed the post.  The post itself, received 176 clicks to LOLZ blog.

facebook ad

The post was inserted into 6,082 feeds and I received 172 clicks to my actual blog.  It cost 11 cents for each feed it was inserted in.

The real question: Was it worth it?

First I must ask myself this: What did spending $20 to promote my post get me? It got me 176 extra clicks to my blog.  What did those 176 extra page views get me?  Possibly new readers or possibly readers who like the page but never read the post…it got me 176 clicks.

What did I learn?

I thought a paid boost would receive more interest or “boost” than 176 clicks (I’m not upset or sad, I just thought it would).

Overall Thoughts: 

I can’t tell you if it’s worth it to pay to grow your blog.

If you are offering a product or service, it makes sense to use facebook to advertise.

If you want to grow your blog and following then it makes sense.  Is it the best way to grow your following?  No probably not but if you gave enough money, you could probably gain hundreds of facebook likes and new readers

At the end of the day, having more or less facebook likes, twitter followers, blog readers doesn’t change who you are or your blog.  I might occasionally use facebook adverts again.  I don’t think it’s something I would use frequently but I can see how it would help bloggers trying to “make it big” and make money (FYI: I’m not sure what making it big means in blogging….).  If your main goal is to grow your blog and profit, then perhaps this is a route to experiment with.  For me I have no interest in blogging for a living and main source of income.  I can barely write a coherent 600 word post.

In cliff notes: You’ll probably get a few extra clicks from boosting your posts.  For blogging purposes, it doesn’t make as much sense to use.  If you are offering a product, service or something of value than it makes more sense to use.   For me I’ll spend 20 dollars on a bunch of coffee next time.

Questions for you:

Do you use facebook adverts? 

Facebook users: What do you think about facebook ads?



Living YOUR Life

The other day someone asked me that awkward question of “What do you do for fun?”

I said I enjoyed running.  Since we are both runners, we chuckled at the response.  Then I added but when I’m not doing that I enjoy hanging out and blogging.

That’s when I got their attention (and mine for that matter.)

Rather curious, the next question they asked was: what goes on that blog?

For that I responded with: Whatever is going on in my life.  Sometimes I blog about my running, sometimes life in general, diners and occasionally food.  Basically it’s my space to write whatever I feel like writing.  (At that moment I thought I should have just said my fun is planning a wedding…since that is what people expect anyways ha ha).

People are genuinely curious about blogging.  Is it like a longer version of a facebook status?  A longer tweet?  Why do you do it?  Why not?

It did make me think a lot more about why I do blog.  I generally am asked why I blog once or twice a month.  Since I don’t hide the fact from friends and family (and have a lot that read…hello!) people are genuinely curious about blogging.  Whenever someone asks me that question I always think about my reasoning for blogging.  Do I blog for myself?  Do I blog for companies?  Do I blog to make millions?

While I can truly say I blog for myself (whether a post gets 1 hit or 1000), there have been times I’ve questioned that.  There have been times I’ve had to take a step back and realize that I’m never going to change my life or my plans to make it better fit the blog.  I’m going to change the tone of my blog or my beliefs to make a profit.  Once my computer turns off for the day or evening, you won’t find me on the media.


But then there is this side of blogging…Each of these thoughts has crossed my mind at least once while blogging. 

I do it for social media.

Riding a bike...for the media

Riding a bike…for the media

I logged a run to post it on dailymile…or twitter, instagram, facebook…my blog.

Smile and say "facebook"

Smile and say “facebook”

I went out to a restaurant to blog about it…to tweet about it…to take a photo of it.

Hold on don’t touch that, I need a photo. 



Want to go for a run and TAKE A PHOTO so we can put it up online?

I would do this…but what would my readers think?  (this generally pertains to companies asking to guest post) 

Blogging for me is a love/ hate relationship.  I love blogging and writing.  I love sharing my life whether good or bad.  I enjoy sharing my struggles, my good times, bad times and everything else in between.

There is a fine line about living your life for blogging and blogging while living your life. 

I’m guilty of having done things “for the blog”.  Would I have taken 983 photos of coffee for myself (instagram #coffeeaday)?  I don’t know but I highly doubt it.

It’s funny because you start blogging with the most basic goals.  You want to blog for yourself and look back on your life.  That is great.  Then as time goes on you find yourself reading and commenting on other blogs.  You find other blog authors reading and commenting on yours.

At a certain point it would seem weird if people didn’t respond to your posts.

You have built up a following and want to see it continue to grow.  You want to be one of those popular blogs that seems to effortlessly make money.   You spend all this time doing a hobby you enjoy but aren’t seeing monetary rewards.  That is when you ask yourself…are you doing this as a hobby or is it controlling your life?  For me, blogging is truly a hobby I enjoy.  There is an on/off switch.  I turn on the switch…write a post, then turn it off.  Whether blogging is your full time job, your part time job, or your hobby, you still must have that switch.  It is only one aspect of your life and should never be your entire life. 

When does it get to the point where it is too much?  When does it get to the point where your blog comes before friends and family? 

It shouldn’t.

You began a blog to chronicle your personal life.  If you begin living your life to blog then you have lost that.  You’ve lost what you started a blog for in the first place.  You’ve lost your voice.  You’ve also lost truly living your life.

It’s almost like back in grade school when one person starts a trend and we all follow.  One person raves about coconut oil, a few studies come out about how it is the greatest…now suddenly everyone loves it.  Now suddenly everyone is going out of their way to buy coconut oil to post about it (This is just an example…).

It’s a very interesting point to me.  Would you blog if you had no readers?  If no one knew you were blogging?  When a tree falls and no one is around to hear it…does it make noise?

Staying Connected on the Medias

Facebook has allowed me to stay connected with so many high school friends.  I remained facebook friends with my high school friends after graduation.  Even people I went to high school with and wasn’t sure if we were actually friends.  Did we hate each other?  Were we friends?  Were you my best friends ex boyfriend?  Should we be facebook friends?  Is that drama?

All of those answers were…who cares I’m in college 700 miles away from home now.  None of my high school friends knew my college friends and vice versa.  Worlds Seperated.

Then I went to college and had some of the best four years of my life.  My freshman year roommate and I explored our new found college life.  I fell in love with a lot of things.  I entered college as a math and education major who swam and was still seeing someone from high school.  I left college as a community health major who ran seeing a pilot (Tim).  A lot happened and changed in those four years, none of which I regret.  I, once again, met a lot of people became close, became distant and remained good friends.  Each year people shifted in and out of my life.

Add that to another addition of facebook friends.  After college I asked myself…will we remain close?  Are we good friends?  Were we good friends?  Did we meet at a college rager once, never to talk again (um delete)?  Were you a good friends side piece that actually I didn’t care about (also delete)?  Of course I didn’t delete anyone I knew or to occasionally see what they were up too.   Sometimes you know that deleting someone as your facebook friend is better.

Then I went to Oswego and worked.  Once again I met a great group of people who really helped me assimilate into a college town when I was no longer a college student.  The same questions applied except this time, there is no college reunion.  There is no high school reunion.  I would love to see my friends and I hope I do make it back up there at some point soon.  (I am going to try!).  But I found myself with lots of new friends, all in different areas of the country.

Then finally when in all three phases of my life, I have a completely different realm of facebookfriends that I didn’t mention.  Those who live in VA Beach and run.  Virginia Beach and the Tidewater Striders will always be where my heart of running lies.  I love coming back to races, seeing friends and it’s where my love of running began.  I’ve met so many great people from age 6 to 80 and we all share a common love: running.

Now I’m living in New Jersey and I add a fifth depth of facebook friends that don’t know each other.

So why am I even using facebook?  As obnoxious as facebook is, it is allowed me to stay connected to my personal friends and see what they are up too.  It wasn’t until this week when I was looking through my friends list that I realized my friends and ties are all over the country.  Without my friends, I would be lost.

Social media has always been very good to me.  It’s allowed me to stay connected with friends from middle and high school, college, jobs and just people I’ve met through running!

Questions for you:

Do you like facebook? How long have you had a facebook?

Do you stay connected with high school or college friends?



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