First, peoples thoughts about yesterday’s training and eating was quite interesting.  It was all over the place.   I encourage you to read the comments (because normally comments to any post are my favorite too).  In all, we concluded that you should eat what works for you and “listen to your body”. 


Moving on:



I have fallen off the wagon with PMB I think.  I need to either a. promote it more (and create an entire campaign with giveaways, promote the crap out of my blog and became a famous blogger), or b. just keep doing it for me and if someone else wants to chime in and do it for them…then I’d love that too.

OH wait a second and hold the front door?


I never started this to turn into a campaign or an event to rule the blog world.  I started a physical, mental and brag session each week (after pulling Thursday randomly out of my butt) because I wanted to celebrate my accomplishments thus far in a week span.  It’s not quite Friday but just close enough that I’m sure I’ve made some sort of accomplishments throughout the week.   I think people are point blank to hard on themselves to begin with.  Remember in school, when you would have to grade yourselves on projects?  I seem to always give myself the lowest grade.

So with that, let’s celebrate some physical, mental and brags of the week. 

Physical: I’ve started to pin my bangs back and I’m digging how my face is framed again.  I’m not sure if I’ll grow them back out (it was kind of a short lived bang spree) or keep them but I do know I want to change my hair somehow.


Mental: Mentally, yesterday was the first day I ran after my race on Saturday.   I haven’t really been working out all week and mentally it’s hard but feels great.  As an athlete you begin to question will not working out for a few days will ruin fitness I’ve built up over the last few years…the answer is no, no it won’t. 

As proven here when I didn't run for 2 months due my cyst and then ran a 24 minute 6k...

As proven here when I didn’t run for 2 months due my cyst and then ran a 24 minute 6k…


Brag: I can’t reveal too much on the blog but I’ve been working on the best Valentines Day gift my feeble mind has ever thought of.  It’s kept my mind pretty busy and I’ve spent as much time working on it that I would working out LOL.

Question for you:  What are your PMB’s of the week? 


PMB Week 5

Here is week five of PMB.  If you are new here, PMB is a weekly brag session where we can all chat about physical, mental and brags throughout the week.  If you cannot talk highly and love yourself, how can you love others? 

It’s probably one of my favorite posts to sit down and write because I feel like I’m telling myself sure you had some rough patches this week, but you are making it through and really your week was pretty swell. Plus, it’s almost Friday.  Plus I’m traveling to Baltimore while you are reading this.

Physical: I have been really taking time in my appearance lately.  It is very hard to balance looking really nice with working out before work.  I’m not saying I would go into work without showering, but I’m saying I couldn’t spend an hour getting ready before work.   This week I’ve been cutting my workouts a bit short, and taking some personal time to look physically nice (If you followed my blog last year I called this “being a real girl”…I still do). 

And pose with coffee but that is nothing new.

Mentally:  I have been struggling with myself, with my foot and everything lately.  I’m not healing as fast as I want, though I was able to run my race last week, I’m still not fully healed and that is really taking a toll on me mentally.  Being somewhat injured is more of a mental struggle then anything and it takes a toll on you.  Especially being injured for over 2 months. So for now I’m staying in the positive realm and just keep on keeping on. 

Brag: This week, I really powered through my work.  I got all my work done for work and stood up for myself when people were being obnoxious in the office.  My boss always said you have to stand up for yourself and when someone was bothering me…I did just that.  I stood up for myself.

Question for you: What are you PMB’s of the week?

Monday Musings

Monday Funday.  Thus another week of classes begins.  Maybe it’s because I did absolutely nothing productive this weekend, but the weekend actually seemed pretty long.  It was certainly enjoyable to say the least. 

Sometimes I guess you just need lazy weekends to get you somewhat motivated for the week.  I’m going to keep telling myself that at least.      

So happy Personal Day Monday.  I thought I would do a better job of sharing my personal life on the blog.  Not that it really matters either way.

First, remember how I got into a car accident ions ago (okay a month ago).  Well I had to drop off my car to get all the body work done today…meaning I have no way to get to campus minus my own two feet.  While that is all fine and dandy-I live two miles from campus and it got cold this week.

So I thought it was genius to run to class everyday.  While holding a notebook.  (I’m so cool).  It’s also freezing and my first journey back from class I almost cried at 8:50am…when is my car fixed again?

Because I only model on my car...driving...who does that...

So that’s that-my mileage is up and my gas bill is down…for like two days. 

I got this sweet trigger point-rolley stick to roll away my injuries (one can only hope…I don’t have any injuries right now…).  I 100% recommend it! I can honestly say I think I’ve massaged my legs a good 2 hours in the last day…yeah it’s that good. 

Hm-I was a real girl for the latter part of the day (you know…when not running to class).  I bought this new dress from target the other day…yay or nay?

I thought I would take the myspaceesc shot in the comfort of the bathroom at school...

Lastly-pinterest always continues to amuse me and today just seems like a more humor needed day then most Mondays.

Oh wait...I don't have this problem currently.

Question for you: 

Have you ever had your car in the shop and had to walk everywhere? 

Tell me something awesome about your Monday.


Friday Favs

Somehow in the last few months, I fell off the photography bandwagon.  Maybe it’s because my camera died and my cord was under my bed.  Who really knows.  Anyways-I promised myself on Thursday morning, that I would document a good amount of my eats so I can actually add new photos to Friday favorites.

But first in honor of Friday, I decided to dress like a real girl…lumberjack.


This weeks Friday favorites are a little different because I have been more or less eating different things.  Change is good.

I’ve taken a liking to eggs.  A lot of them.  I’ve literally had at least 2 eggs daily.  Right now-eggs are a big protein source for me.   For now, I’ve stopped completely using protein powder.   As in none.  I have been using it for 3 years daily, so it’s a big change for me.

Oatmeal-it’s nomtastic.  I can add an egg in there too.  Then get complete sources of protein as well as nomtastic carbs.  I used nomtastic twice in one paragraph.  I’m a toolbag.

Oatmeal pancakes, just because.

Lots of sweet potatoes.


Other favorite things of the week include this sweet shirt that I found at Walmart for a dollar.  Why I felt compelled to buy it-I don’t know.


Fun Facts of Friday:

  1. It has been 30, 70, sunny and sleeting all in one week here.
  2. I got my hair chemically relaxed and I can’t wait for it to grow out.  I miss my curly hair fo real.
  3. Well I’m off to go jog my cross country course and prepare for our championship race tomorrow.  By prepare, I mean the broski’s team is also going to be there and I’m picking his ass up for adventures.

    Minus his hair is all chopped off.


Question for you:

1.       Best oatmeal creation.  Go.

2.       Tell me a fun fact about you. 

Into my Closet (vlog)

Tuesdays are always a good day.  You feel better than Monday and you feel energized.  I had a speech this morning so I was a hot mess and couldn’t wait to change to normal clothes.  Not just any sort of speech but a speech on a topic near and dear to my heart-ADHD and medications.

But anyways-

I have decided that Tuesdays will be when I’ll vlog just because I don’t have the Monday hell look.  Just kidding.  Today is a look inside my closet because I got a few questions about that on formspring the other day.  You should be honored because I think all of 10 people in upstate have come into my room lolz.

Once I can cook something besides pancakes-I’ll be sure to feature a sequal to cooking with your main bitch.

Question for you:

Is your closet messy or clean?

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