New Shoes?

Since working at a running store the shoes I have run in have drastically changed.  I’ve taken time to experiment and slowly realized what shoes work better for me. I’ve even tried new brands!  Before a few months ago I had always done training runs in Newtons.  I thought I might always run in Newtons.  I really thought I was (hashtag) a #newtonwearerforlife

Similar to your first boyfriend (or girlfriend) when you think they are perfect for you because you don’t know anything else.  Now I am sitting here after trying several brands and I realize…I do like other things!  Newtons will always remain in my shoe rotation but I have currently added a couple of new shoes.

First, I’ve often said but I am a maximum support, heavy shoe person.  I don’t like to train in light shoes.  I’ve tried to run in sketchers, in light kinvaras, in minimilist shoes and they don’t work for me.  I find the bottoms of my feet sore and I find running less enjoyable.  Unless it’s a race, I’m probably running in heavy, high cushion shoes.

Newtons Distance and Gravity

Before donating last year.
Before donating last year.

These have always been staples in my running shoe rotation.  I probably won’t ever remove them.  They are both great shoes and both have enough support in the forefront for my running style.

The distance are a lighter weight version of the gravities.  I am often asked if I would recommend Newtons to others.  The answer is YES but you cannot just begin running in them.  You must slowly progress into them.  (A post for another day)

The first new pair of shoes I’ve fallen in love with is the Brooks Glycerin.  There is so much support and cushion in this shoe.  I’ve already put roughly 400 miles on my first pair and have not looked back.  Normally when trying new running shoes after 100 miles I’ve determined I don’t like them.  That is not the case here.  I love them.  It’s like you are running, skipping and prancing on a pillow.  I cannot sing Brooks Glyercins enough songs.  They are currently my favorite shoe and that is saying a lot for me because I’ve worn the same shoe for a solid 4 years of running prior.


The second pair I’ve started to try is the Asics Nimbus.  As far as support goes, they are another maximum support shoe.  I know a lot of people don’t like the heavy weights but I do.   I’ve run about 100 miles in these shoes.  So I guess we will see what happens in the next 100!


So there you have it.  I guess I’m onto college boyfriends in my shoe staples.  I’m not breaking up with my first love of Newtons but I have found some very solid (and possibly better for me) shoe choices in the Brooks and maybe even the asics.

(And no, no one paid me for writing this post.  These are my thoughts and personal discoveries.  I wish someone would have paid me for some of the boyfriends I dated to get to this point).

Questions for you:

Favorite training shoe?

Tell me a story about your first boyfriend or girlfriend.  (Bonus points if it brings the LOLZ)

Running Shoes

I’ve always been interested in seeing what shoes other people run and race in so I thought I would share what I like to run in (currently).

I have a very “distinct” running style.  It’s been called weird, strange, ostrich style…whatever.  I’ve said before but I run very far on my toes.  I’ve always walked very high on my toes and when I began running I did the same thing.  What works for me, might not work for you or then again it might.  I’ve tried to run more midfoot but in the end found this works best for me and feels natural.  I am also an underpronator.

You can kind of tell my awkward form from here.
You can kind of tell my awkward form from here.


My shoes tend to wear right at the forefront in the outer corners.  That being said, I need shoes with a lot more protection in the toe box.

I’ve found Newton running shoes have the best support for my training runs.  Though they have a hefty price tag I don’t get injured when wearing them.  I’ve attempted to change shoes several times only to find myself having minor aches and pains (that I get nervous might turn into something more) so I suck up the cost.

I personally don’t care for minimalist shoes either. I’ve always found in training I need more support.  I wish I could get away with minimalist shoes because they are cuter, normally cheaper and cool but I can’t so I’m done trying.

I train in both the Newton Gravity and the Newton Distancia U:

Before donating last year.
Before donating last year.

The difference (to me) is the Gravity is heavier.  The Distancia(weight wise) is between my racing flats and the gravity.  I like to alternate my shoes.  The Distancia is also a little bit cheaper too.  I tend to get between 300-700 miles on my shoes depending on how they wear. I’ve had some wear at 300 miles (which is extremely frustrating) and have some that I know I needed to let go at 700 (like last week).

Here are my longest lasting pair being taken out of the box.
Here are my longest lasting pair being taken out of the box.

Would I recommend Newtons?

This is a question I get often.  I would recommend them but I would recommend slowly working your way into them.  I’ve seen many people have knee, Achilles and shin issues from completely emerging themselves into the shoe.  (This is something to be considered for any shoe.) Personally I have found them to be the best shoe at keeping me injury free so I would recommend them to others if it works with your stride.


I’m currently racing in the Nike Zoom Streak LT.  I really like the feel of being lower to the ground in a light shoe.  I think Nike does a great job at making racing flats.  I have raced anything from a 5k-13.1 in these shoes and they work well for me.


I have to admit although I’ve had several different pairs of Nike racing flats I’ve never tried another brand.  I’m the type of runner that once I find a shoe that works well for me, I am afraid to switch because I fear injuries.

Questions for you:

What do you run or race in?

What is the most expensive shoe you own?

Mine are not running related actually, I have a couple of nice pairs of boots.

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