May Training Recap

May Training Recap

May was a good month.  Not so much a gritty training month, but it was a good month in general.  I mentioned this in my training log last week, while I didn’t “train hard” through May, I did run.  I didn’t stop training, and it wasn’t as if I wasn’t logging miles.

Running just wasn’t a priority.  I’m still in great fitness, but I’m definitely not in peak fitness.  A few months ago, running an 18:30 5k wasn’t too big of a deal, but right now I think I’m probably around 19 minutes.  That’s what happens when you stop doing the little things and honestly, mentally and physically your body needs it.

Through the summer, I plan to actively train.  In June I definitely would like to sign up for more races.  That will probably help fine-tune speed work again. Do I think I’ll PR…No, but I will get closer? Yes.  Eventually, I would like to run under 18 minutes in a 5k, a goal I’ve been chasing over the past few years.

Anyway, back to May Training:

Miles Run: Around 250
Rest Days: 5
Range of Paces: 6:11-11:30-untimed
Broad Street 10 Miler (1:02.51)
Cape May 10k (41:07)
First Trail Race 10k 

I think my demotivation came from having a rough 10k after the Broad Street.  The day itself was hot, windy, and down the sore. The race was well put together, but I just felt like garbage.  The rest of the month I chose a lot of other things like hiking versus running.  Then life got busy outside of the running and blogging world, so I felt like I was on the go and living out of my car with running around the state of NJ.  Honestly, it was a great month but running just wasn’t a priority.  As a running blogger with no kids, it’s weird saying: I just didn’t GAF about training hard.  That’s what happened.

Posts from the Month:

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Flying to Bridgeport, CT

So another month of the year down.  It feels like the year is flying by.  I’m looking forward to enjoying the summer and hopefully taking some time down the shore and at new parks.

Questions for you:

How was your May Training and workouts? Anyone have a goal race in June?



May Training: 260 Miles

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m currently taking time away from running.  Although I’m on a running break, I did have a good month of May.  So where to begin?

Miles: 260
Range of Paces: 5:40-11:35-untimed

Broad Street 10 Miler (61:59)
Newport 10k (37:59)
Mile Track Race (5:40)
Cross Country 5k (19:20)

Favorite Race:
Broad Street was my favorite race because I felt like I finally had a solid race, despite the weather.  I’ve battled bad weather each of my Spring Races.  When I raced at the Shamrock half marathon in March, I finished feeling defeated.  When I raced in the pouring rain at Broad Street, I finished feeling strong.  In fact during Broad Street, my later miles were stronger than my earlier miles.

As seen here

The .25 of Broad Street

Workouts: I didn’t have a favorite workout last month.  I made it through but it felt like I was simply going through the motions.  It should have been my first clue, I was coming close to a burnout.

I thought May was going to be my come back month.  I thought I would be able to bounce back and recover from Broad Street.  That, however, wasn’t the case.  During most of the month, I can reflect and say I was burnt out.  Ten days into my running break, I feel good, and I feel like it was the right thing to do.  I did run one mile yesterday for Global Running Day.  Although it was an enjoyable mile, I’m not ready to dive back into training yet.

newport 10k me

Goals for June:
Right now I have no goals.  I could run a lot, or I could run a little bit…or even none at all.  I’m enjoying the pool a little bit more lately, so I’ll continue with that.

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So that’s about it for recapping May.  I didn’t meet the goals I wanted of “coming back” but a mental break is exactly what I need.

Questions for you:
How was your month of May?
Do you have any big summer plans? 

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