Hiking Hemlock Falls

Hiking Hemlock Falls

As you can probably see, my husband and I have been trying to explore the state of New Jersey more.  Last week we went hiking, and the week before, we flew to Northern New Jersey.  hemlock falls 5

While we don’t have any plans to move soon, you never know what could happen.  I want to leave knowing I’ve explored the state. Plus, without running races, I’ve needed something to fill that space.  To be honest, I miss racing, and I’ve wanted to stay busy too. We decided to make to hike Hemlock Hikes. We’ve heard Hemlock Falls is a great hike, in fact, one of the best in Nj. Hiking this trail is relatively easy, and it’s some easy gravel road.

hemlock falls 8

Last week we went up to Hemlock Falls in what is considered “Central New Jersey.”  It’s further north, but technically the state boundary lines consider it Central.  The debate of New Jersey is a post for another day, and probably one I have no business sticking my head into.

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With that, we went hiking.  The Hemlock Falls Trail is roughly 6 miles long.  We got lost a few and took several detours, so it ended up being about 6.5 miles round trip for us.  My ankle wasn’t bothering me while hiking Hemlock Falls, which I was happy about.

NYC is through the bushes
NYC is through the bushes

Many people don’t realize how beautiful and scenic New Jersey is.  The State is known as “the Garden State,” and there are plenty of gardens, nature, and scenery to view.  I promise we aren’t all turnpike, pollution, and traffic. Hemlock Falls is just one of those spots.

hemlock alls 2

There wasn’t a lot of water trickling through Hemlock falls last week, so we were able to walk around on the banks.  My husband is more adventurous than I and climbed to the top.  Since I can barely run in a straight line, rock climbing up Hemlock Falls was not in the cards for me. hemlock falls 6

Afterward, I left Hemlock Falls exhausted. Hiking is tiring and a hard workout. Hiking Hemlock Falls was my only workout that day, but I was the most tired.

hemlock falls 8

I’ve explored a lot of the garden state and hiking Hemlock Falls still remains one of my favorite.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been hiking?  Do you have any New Jersey/PA/Delaware recommendations? Have you been to Hemlock Falls? 

What are some fun hobbies you like to do?