Flying to Essex County

Flying to Essex County

Before joining the Air Force, my husband got his privates pilot license. Then a few years ago, he became an instructor so he is able to teach people how to fly (yes, even you!).

While we didn’t fly as much last year, we do privately fly together from time to time. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to fly to my 250th diner. It wasn’t because the diner was special or even that we couldn’t just drive there, but it’s fun to fly.

Like running, sometimes private flying is more about the journey than the destination. When we flew, it was windy and turbulent. In fact, when we made the approach into Essex County Airport, we had to change runways because it was too turbulant to land from the direction we were coming. Unlike commercial flying, private flying isn’t quiet. You hear a lot of things.

This was one of our shorter flights and it was nice to get a scenic view of all of western NJ.

Flying to Essex County Airport

Flying to Essex County Airport

NJ Turnpike

Flying to Essex County Airport nyc

NYC Skyline

Flying to Essex County Airport morristown airport

Morristown Airport. You can see an expensive jet is parked there.

Flying to Essex County Airport


Flying to Essex County Airport me selfie

Accidental glamor shot captured inflight when we hit turbulence

Flying to Essex County Airport Philadelphia

Philadelphia in the background

Flying to Essex County Airport

Pa across the water

Flying to Essex County Airport tim and i

It was a lot of fun. It will be a while until we get to fly again but I can’t wait. I always tell people, that the plane we fly in can fit four people so if you are local and interested, you’re always welcome (no one seems to take me up on it!).

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Questions for you:

Do you like flying?

Have you ever been private flying before?


Flying to North Jersey

Last week my husband and I took a flight up to Northern New Jersey.  As I mentioned last time, if you have a pilot’s license and are qualified on the plane, you can rent an airplane.  So that’s exactly what we did. It’s like renting a car except you rent a plane.

Throughout the years, LOLZ blog has taken many different turns about life and other random topics.  Most recently, flying has seen its way into my life.  Like going to diners, it’s a fun hobby that both my husband and I enjoy doing so it makes sense to blog about it.  Since I’m not running much, I need something to talk about right?

tim and I

This time, we decided to fly up to Pompton Plains, New Jersey.  Neither of us had been to that general area of New Jersey, so we thought why not?  We also wanted to check out the Pompton Queen Diner.  It was recently ranked as one of the top diners in New Jersey, and I can see why! That deserves it’s own post for another day…

We flew out of Southern New Jersey and headed north along the Delaware Riverfront overlooking Philadelphia.  We saw a prison from above which I thought the design was neat.  Not neat enough that I would want to be behind bars though…


We flew over Princeton.  It was so neat to see it from an aerial view.  I thought I might even see some of my friends doing a track workout or something.


Next, we saw New York from afar.  As you can see, there is a layer of smog there.  For our next flight, we want to fly to either Long Island or somewhere out that direction. For security reasons, you aren’t able to fly too close to New York.

new york city

Where we landed, in Pompton Plains, is a hilly and wooded area.  The runway sort of appeared out of nowhere.  pompton plains flying

Once we landed in Pompton Plains, we headed to the Pompton Queen Diner, which was only a few miles away.  In fact, we ended up walking back from the diner to the airport.  It was a fun little adventure.

pompton plains 1

It was a beautiful walk back to the airport, and I’m glad we did.

nature walk

I enjoy flying and checking out various places. Both my husband and I enjoy flying around and exploring new areas of the tristate area.  I’m not sure where we will go next!


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Questions for you:

Have you ever flown in a private plane?

Do you have any recommendations of places to fly?

Touring NJ 1000 Feet Up

Last Weekend, my husband and I decided to travel the state of New Jersey together.

By car? By taxi? By uber?

Actually by plane!

For those who don’t know, my husband has his pilot’s license.  In the few years, we’ve been together; we’ve never flown in a private airplane together. I never knew that you could rent planes and fly them around.  It makes sense, I just never thought about it.

Before I knew what I was getting myself into...

Before I knew what I was getting myself into…

We decided to fly to Cape May, grab dinner and fly back.

Airplane selfie

Airplane selfie

I was so nervous to go up.  It’s one thing to trust someone driving a car, but flying was a whole different ballpark. It was thrilling to sit in the cockpit and watch the takeoff and landing.

landing airplane

I’ve only traveled through commercial flights so before last weekend; I’ve had never flown on such a small aircraft before.  It was a two-seater, and we were squished together. Many private planes are smaller and weigh less than cars.

We flew above 1000 feet over the ground so we could notice different sights and areas we had driven through.  I tried to find my friends houses that live along the shore.

The Jersey Shore around Egg Harbor Township

The Jersey Shore around Egg Harbor Township

We will be doing it again and who knows maybe the theme of this blog will become running, planes and diners.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City

For my first flight, I did pretty well.  I thought I might get motion sickness but didn’t.  It was a lot of fun, and we will fly more together.

Questions for you:
Have you ever flown in a private airplane?
Do you like flying? 

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