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Moving During the Pandemic

No one wants to move during the pandemic, but we had no choice.

To be honest, moving during Coronavirus is a daunting task. Moving across the country is scary but moving during Covid-19 makes you question everything you do. You want to see friends and family members before you go but also want to be safe. You also have a moving company packing and unpacking all of your stuff. The thought of other people touching every single object right now I owned was scary!

If you follow me on social media, you know a few snafus happened during our move pack up:

  • The Car Shipping company lost our keys (and every car key on the truck). We had to overnight our dinky key and need to get new keys remade.
  • The movers and the van driver got into a large fight which ended up in our movers walking out mid pack. (And yes the military hired a “full service professional moving company”. Had we known all of this would happen we would have moved ourselves. My husband and I had to help pack the van (the moving services repacked it elsewhere).
  • My cat disappeared and was ultimately found in the ceiling of our basement. When you think your cat is missing on moving day, you go as far as to use the “NextDoor App” and offer a 1000 reward to anyone who finds him.

After all of the craziness, we were finally able to begin our cross country move during the pandemic.

When contemplating the options to move across the country (drive or fly), we settled on driving. Why? It seemed like more fun, but also I’m not entirely sure my comfort level on a commercial airplane during the Covid-19 outbreak. I knew in the car we could control who we saw and who we came into contact with.

Tim and I’s travel style is very low key. We didn’t have checkpoints or places we needed to be by a certain date and planned it as we went. I would call hotels while we were driving and see what was available for the day. Based on the 10-11 day travel span, we knew we needed to get between 300-400 miles (5-6 hours of driving). We wanted to spend a day out west somewhere; we didn’t know where either.

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Snow Leopards.

Often times bloggers use Fridays as light hearted posts to start the fun of the weekend.  I realize I barely ever post anything about myself except random updates or musings about my travels.  Since most of you didn’t read or follow my blog in college you didn’t get to experience all those glorious moments with me.  I would have to say as many stories as I have post college, I have plenty more during college. In reality I only blogged some of junior and senior year.

Instead of telling you my favorite color is yellow or my favorite two college courses were modern dance and calculus I thought I’d share a humorous story.

In high school I always wanted to be a zoologist.  I loved animals (and still do).  Not pets but wild creatures, my favorite being big cats.  Lions, tigers, snow leopards, black leopards, ocelots…I love them all.  Throughout high school I applied to programs that would allow me to study zoology and I somehow wanted to focus on working with big cats.  I had dreams.  In 10th grade,  I discovered my passion for mathematics and that is how I settled on a double major in math and education.  (Until I changed my mind junior year of college to community health).  As you can see, I clearly fit the “we change our minds and majors” in college.  You should do what makes you happy.

But this story is not about college, math or education. 

It’s about the time I hopped a fence and climbed through bushes to be nose to nose with a snow leopard. It can be considered the most badass thing I’ve ever done.  If you know me then you know I don’t do that sort of thing.

While walking around the zoo junior year, I saw they had one of my favorite animals, a snow leopard.  I was excited because those are rare in southern zoos and to see one up close made me happy.  When we arrived to the exhibit I realized it was nowhere to be seen.  My heart, my dreams, my soul were crushed.  I had driven the 90 minutes north to this zoo to see animals (but mostly the snow leopard). I sat there sulking for a few minutes.


Then I saw a dad with his young child pointing to the far most corner.  I saw it but it was sleeping against the fence.  Sleeping in the corner.  I respected that; the poor leopard must have been tired.  For some reason (the reason not being alcohol) I wanted a closer look.  I saw there was a bunch of bushes between that chain link fence and the paved pathway.  When I saw that opening I knew I was going to make a risky decision.  I was going to climb through the bushes like Dora the Explorer and get nose to nose with the leopard on the other side of the fence.  The fence was still separating us but I’m almost positive that I would have been escorted out if zoo security saw me.  The person with me was shocked at my boldness but I barrel rolled and climbed through the bushes and found the snow leopard.


After realizing he was awake and was making complete eye contact with me, I decided I had had too much adventure for one day.  I wish I could tell you zoo security came and took me away but no one ever knew.  Until now that I share my deep dark secrets with the internet, but don’t tell my parents….


I love you Giraffe.  I'm such a natural with animals...
I love you Giraffe. I’m such a natural with animals…

Thus we just continued to walk around the zoo afterwards with a few laughs.  So yes internet friends  be a risk taker but don’t get attacked by zoo animals.  Do be a risk taker in college and choose what makes you happy.  There was still a chain link fence between us so it’s not like I dove into the cage.

The amount this made me lolz was 100%. The grass is always greener on the other side.
The amount this made me lolz was 100%. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Questions for you:  Most risky thing you have ever done? 

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