Phillies 5k (20:08)

Phillies 5k (20:08)

I haven’t been that disappointed with a race in a while. The Shamrock half didn’t go well but I wasn’t that upset. Last weekend, I raced the Phillies 5k and it just wasn’t my day. This year I ran a 20:08. My slowest time by over a minute. I’ve won 3 years in a row, and this year I got third.

Truthfully, I knew I didn’t feel 100% leading up to the race. I didn’t feel great all week and even with extra rest, I felt like garbage. My legs just felt stale and lacking, the “run fast” they needed for the day. I woke up the morning of and just felt meh. My thought process was: “how fast can I get this done with”. Not a great racing thought process but that’s where I was.

As I warmed up, I felt stale. I’ve started consistently racing again which means I’m in the part of the training that I question “Why the am f I’m doing it.” My body isn’t used to the mileage or the speed (one reason I’ve added 2 rest days a week right now).

With that, I lined up at the start. I was happy my husband was able to run this year. The race went off and we headed out. The first mile was extremely windy and I found myself as the third woman where I stayed the entire race. We went around a couple of turns and I got boxed in and almost took a nasty fall. My husband said: “come with me” and I couldn’t. He ultimately ran about 18:20 and there was no way I was keeping up with that.

I hit the first mile in 6:35. Slower than most miles at the 7-mile race I did recently. It’s windy I thought. I also knew my legs just didn’t feel good.

The second mile went down around the Navy Yard. I’ve run a few races that way and I always appreciate it. It doesn’t make it any easier when it’s windy. There was military handing out water and high fiving which I appreciate. I hit the second mile in 6:35.

We headed back towards the start for the final mile. During the final mile, you pass racers going the other way.  It’s always motivating. I could see the second place woman picking it up and I couldn’t match her. The long straight away and stadium in the distance, makes it feel like it’s not getting any closer. We turned right and faced the last .25 towards the finish. I could see the stadium but not the finish line. I realized at about 3 miles the wind had knocked the usual banner down. I hit the third mile in 6:20 and powered to the finish.

I crossed in 20:08. It’s my slowest time by a minute. Yes, it was windy but it’s been windy years prior. I’m not in the same fitness I’ve been every other year and this was a humbling reality check.

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Questions for you:

How do you get over a disappointing race?

Are you a baseball fan?

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