Facebook Ads: Are they Worth it?

Are facebook adverts worth it?

facebook like

On facebook you can pay to have posts and ads inserted into more mini feeds.  You can manipulate the algorithm for more views to your facebook and blog post.  It isn’t a secret either.  Pages that pay to boost posts are labeled as “sponsored” on the mini feed.  On a boosted post, More people will see the post and it will drive awareness to your website and facebook page…but is it worth it? 

I help a personal friend with her coaching page.  She is a great coach and someone I would highly recommend in the South Jersey area.  We have played around with facebook adverts to boost her page and client base.  It has been working rather well.  She has signed more local runners and the page boosts have helped her build her community.  I couldn’t be happier for her!  It made me think, how would a facebook advert post for fueledbyLOLZ blog fare?

Unlike coaching, I’m not really offering anything.  I’m not offering coaching or a product.  I’m not offering the secrets to stay injury free, healthy or breaking news.  By reading my blog you are not eligible to win millions of things.   I just assume people put up with my poor grammar and spelling because they can find a LOL in there somewhere.

FueledbyLOLZ offers morning amusement with your coffee.   That is what I offer and probably will continue to offer. 

I decided to do an experiment and spend a whopping 20 dollars to boost one of my recent posts.  For my experiment, I chose a post many people responded well with without the boost.

Running on the Cheap: 

Basically a post about why Running doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are many cost options but I chose the 20.00 option.  It costed $20.00 for an extra 1000-8,000 people to view the facebook post (not my blog post but the facebook post (with the link attached) to be inserted into the minifeed).

You can pay more for more views.

Just because you boost your post, it doesn’t guarantee will see it or that they will like your page at all.

It doesn’t guarantee they will click the link to your post.  The only thing a paid boost guarantees is that the post will be inserted into at least 1,000 mini feeds (it could even be the same persons mini feed 1,000 times).

For instance (spoiler alert) when I payed 20.00 for a fueledbyLOLZ advert, about 6,000 people viewed the post.  The post itself, received 176 clicks to LOLZ blog.

facebook ad

The post was inserted into 6,082 feeds and I received 172 clicks to my actual blog.  It cost 11 cents for each feed it was inserted in.

The real question: Was it worth it?

First I must ask myself this: What did spending $20 to promote my post get me? It got me 176 extra clicks to my blog.  What did those 176 extra page views get me?  Possibly new readers or possibly readers who like the page but never read the post…it got me 176 clicks.

What did I learn?

I thought a paid boost would receive more interest or “boost” than 176 clicks (I’m not upset or sad, I just thought it would).

Overall Thoughts: 

I can’t tell you if it’s worth it to pay to grow your blog.

If you are offering a product or service, it makes sense to use facebook to advertise.

If you want to grow your blog and following then it makes sense.  Is it the best way to grow your following?  No probably not but if you gave enough money, you could probably gain hundreds of facebook likes and new readers

At the end of the day, having more or less facebook likes, twitter followers, blog readers doesn’t change who you are or your blog.  I might occasionally use facebook adverts again.  I don’t think it’s something I would use frequently but I can see how it would help bloggers trying to “make it big” and make money (FYI: I’m not sure what making it big means in blogging….).  If your main goal is to grow your blog and profit, then perhaps this is a route to experiment with.  For me I have no interest in blogging for a living and main source of income.  I can barely write a coherent 600 word post.

In cliff notes: You’ll probably get a few extra clicks from boosting your posts.  For blogging purposes, it doesn’t make as much sense to use.  If you are offering a product, service or something of value than it makes more sense to use.   For me I’ll spend 20 dollars on a bunch of coffee next time.

Questions for you:

Do you use facebook adverts? 

Facebook users: What do you think about facebook ads?




Is it just me or is that title extremely boring? Oh well, get’s the point across. 

Anyways I feel like this week flown by.  I feel like I was writing articles from last week and sharing them.  I haven’t publicly said on my blog but T and I are moving.  It’s not job related but we saw a house we really liked (still in NJ).  For us it’s in a perfect location and a better fit for us.  We had to move rather quickly with it and we will be moved in (not settled just moved) by the end of the weekend.

I guess that could explain why this week has flown by.  I’e had a lot going on outside of packing too.  My future in-laws came into town and I also went to the Fitness Magazines Meet and Tweet.  It’s been a whirlwind of a week for me.  


15 Space Saving Ideas

How to Save People from Stealing your ATM Pin (video and must watch!)

1200 Calories (Such a great article that I truly cannot sing it enough songs)

Legitimate Ways to Sell on Ebay 

What the Cost of Your Engagement Ring Says about your Marriage

Life Tips Which Apply to A Wedding (Interesting…obviously I am planning a wedding with 6 months to go)

55 Cleaning Tips (I’ve been using several of these as we move)


5 Things I learned from Getting Proper Running Shoes (Working at a running store this is so true on every level)

Do I look like a man (Great Post by Lauren Fleshman)

Raunchy Things Runners Say (I was debating putting this in the LOL category too.  It’s hilarious!)

My Number One Run Fear and How to Overcome It 


Official meanings of Emojis  (If you know me then you know your text messages get a cascade of emojis every time)

10 Advantages of Having a Resting Bitchy Face (So true and I can relate)

Different Meanings of Words to Coffee Addicts

A couple of memes:

future bacon

jail meme

lol pancake meme


Questions for you:

What are your plans this weekend?

For once I have some…YAY moving.

What articles have you been enjoying this week?  (Feel free to add them to your comments!)

Off the Grid

Yesterday I shut off my phone for two hours.  I stepped away from the computer and away from all technology.  I had no outside social media connection.  I went for a walk to the nearby beach and walked back.  No technology at all.  No Instagram filter of the sunset and no vlog of me walking down to the beach and back.

internet addiction

(my foot felt pretty good as well…no pain but noticeable ache)

I was completely disconnected from social media and from everything that exists online (which is everything right?).  It really made me think about how dependent we (as a society) have become on technology. Yesterday during my walk I found myself thinking, it’s funny how touch screens have caused us to become out of touch with the real world.

Isn’t that true, with life, with running, with everything?

With the invention of social media, we never lose touch with the internet.  How many times have you been somewhere only to realize your phone is going to die soon?  Or you haven’t been able to check your email, post a Facebook status, check a blog or Instagram?  I know I have been several times.  I know I have gotten upset that my phone is going to die.  The horror of being disconnected!

Life used to move forward before social media.  We used to do something for ourselves, not for the amount of likes, follows, or blog comments we would receive.  We used to go for runs not to record them online but because we enjoyed running.

Internet Addiction (2)

A couple of years ago I decided to turn off my cell phone and internet around 9pm. It’s been something I’ve pretty much kept with since.  There are always exceptions but for the most part I like to unplug around 9.  It’s rare for you to see a text, tweet, etc. from me after that time.  I find this time to be personal “me time”.  I don’t worry what life changing facebook update is coming, or what tweet is being sent.  It’s a great part of my day.  I haven’t missed anything and I get time away from the screen.

I’m not challenging anyone to find an hour of their day to take a walk technology free.   I’m not challenging anyone to take an hour of their day and keep internet free but I will say it’s one of the best things I do for myself.  Our society is only going to keep advancing technology and it’s important for us as individuals to find our balance.

In an effort to better myself, I’ve started to clean up my social media usage.  Instead of spending hours online, I’m spending hours pursuing other hobbies too.  I’m not looking for the next new blog, the next new person to follow on Instagram, the next new article…the next anything.  I’m spending enjoying my outside life.

Questions for you:

When are you known to be “off the grid”?


VMA Talk

I’m not sure if I have an excess amount of time right now or I was legitimately into the VMA’s this year.  My gym has a “current music videos” section on the cardio machines so I had actually seen all the nominees.  Since I had nothing better to do on Sunday night, I decided to watch.  While watching I jotted down my thoughts of the night.  I’ve always thought the VMA’s was more about entertainment versus music quality.

Then I went to bed because it way past my old lady background.  Imagine my joy when I got to read it back on Monday morning.

Incase you didn’t know, the Video music awards gives awards to various artists based on their video’s corresponding to recent hits. While their music must be decent, this award show is all about the videos and how interesting, crazy and entertaining they can be.

Is the song “Anaconda” the greatest song you’ve ever heard?  

No, but is the video probably one of the most interesting?

These days a lot of songs are more visually interesting than musically creative.


Just to preface: I have no musical experience.  I am tone deaf and all of these opinions are my own. I have no credentials to be judging music videos or music…

Some thoughts I had while watching:

Gosh I just love Swift more and more.  (I’m currently obsessed with her newest song: Shake It Off)

I loved her onesie (I think I was the only one who did) but I loved her performance outfit too.

It's so bright I forgot my pants...but I'll shield my eyes.

It’s so bright I forgot my pants…but I’ll shield my eyes.

My exact thoughts during her performance:

Oh my gosh, did she mean to panic like that mid performance.  Quick, ask the twitters what is going on.  Oh okay good she did to not jump off the stage and take a dig at Nicki Minaj.  #womancrush

VMA Taylor swift

During the VMAS, I concluded Taylor and I must be twins because…well she dances like I dance…Really awkwardly and all the time. .

Thoughts during Nicki Manaj’s performance

OH. MY. GOSH. I guess Anaconda was real life.

I don't think they sterilized this waxing cream at the nail salon...

I don’t think they sterilized this waxing cream at the nail salon…if you know what I mean. 

She has really pretty hair but I guess no one really looks at that.

Oh no, I bet she totally meant to have to hold her dress…yeah I don’t believe you didn’t have time.

WTF is that white thing she is wearing (With Usher).  Nicki, no, just no.

Thoughts about Miley Cyrus winning best overall video:

She really did come in like a wrecking ball.  I mean I do have to say, there isn’t anyone that hasn’t seen it.  I think it’s well deserved.

I had no idea she was so involved with that but that is truly great.  She has grown up from the twerking of last year.  Good for her.  (I was sad she said she was retiring the twerk.)

That is really awesome she wanted that guy to accept the award for her.  My views for Miley changed a lot during that video.

Beyonce closing:

Personally I think they gave her too much time to close the show.  It was at least 1/3 of the actual aired portion.  I’m happy for Beyonce and I do think she is an incredible performer but I would have liked to see other awards being given out.


Lastly some fun links to VMA information:

Woman dominate VMA’s (I have to agree, there was little information about male awards this year)

Best and Worst Nominees

VMA Recap in Photos (Great quick celebrity gossip)

15 Most Crazy VMA Moments of All Time

Enjoy and I hope I have caught you up on your current celebrity gossip for the week.

Questions for you:

What is your current favorite song?

If you watched the VMA’s what were your thoughts?

Articles and Life

After posting a couple of articles last week I do have a few more that have interested me.   Plus I haven’t posted about personal life in a while so I’ll do that too.  I always enjoy reading what other people have been reading, so hopefully some enjoy what I have been up too. 

As far as my life goes I’ve been doing well.  I don’t have a lot of excitement to post about since getting home. I guess that isn’t a bad thing, The next three days just consists of more work for me but I don’t mind.

Anyways this post is a collection of articles I’ve found interesting the last few weeks.

First, I am really excited to add Injinji socks to my sidebar.  I’ve been a fan of Injinji socks for a while now and they have kept my feet blister free (I wrote a post about socks in March actually).  I used to get the nastiest blisters on the side and in between my toes.  When I started wearing Injinji’s I haven’t gotten anymore.  As I said  before, on my blog I’ve gone the direct ad route to pay for domain.  This is beneficial because I can only have ads of products I like.   Personally I would rather have no ads then promote products that I didn’t like or use.  Anyways so I just wanted to welcome the Injinji into the LOLZ blog.  Plus they were really generous to give out a coupon code (fueledbylolz15) if you want to buy yourself a pair (or me too).


10 Habits You Will Regret Later in Life


Here is what Girls looked like in 1945

19 Beauty Tricks I’m pretty sure I could almost be a real girl all the time with these.

21 “Knock out” Beauty Products at Your Drug Store (This could be more for the LOLZ but since when is Trader Joe’s a “Drug Store”?


Mind Games Great article from Kate Grace about bouncing back and gaining your confidence.  Something I am currently struggling with!


Food Pyramid for Runners

5 Simple Diet Diet Changes

27 Ways to make your Food last Longer So many of these shocked me!


Things Servers wish restaurant customers knew

How to Recover from a Financially Hard Month  I’m pretty sure Ashley wrote this for me, last month I spent close to twice of my usual expenses.  Ha!

Wedding Related:

7 Reasons You weren’t invited to a wedding

Questions for you:
What articles are you enjoying this week?
What are your weekend plans?

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