Private Flying to Aeroflex-Andover Airport
Private Flying to Aeroflex-Andover Airport

Recently my husband and I decided to private fly to a new airport: Aeroflex–Andover Airport (FAA 12N).  We’ve been up to Sussex County multiple times, but we’ve never flown. We’ve flown to Morristown as well as Lincoln Park, so we thought it would be fun to fly to Aeroflex–Andover Airport.

Private Flying to Aeroflex-Andover Airport

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Flying to Essex County Airport nyc
Flying to Essex County

Before joining the Air Force, my husband got his privates pilot license. Then a few years ago, he became an instructor so he is able to teach people how to fly (yes, even you!).

While we didn’t fly as much last year, we do privately fly together from time to time. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to fly to my 250th diner. It wasn’t because the diner was special or even that we couldn’t just drive there, but it’s fun to fly.

Like running, sometimes private flying is more about the journey than the destination. When we flew, it was windy and turbulent. In fact, when we made the approach into Essex County Airport, we had to change runways because it was too turbulant to land from the direction we were coming. Unlike commercial flying, private flying isn’t quiet. You hear a lot of things.

This was one of our shorter flights and it was nice to get a scenic view of all of western NJ.

Flying to Essex County Airport

Flying to Essex County Airport
NJ Turnpike
Flying to Essex County Airport nyc
NYC Skyline
Flying to Essex County Airport morristown airport
Morristown Airport. You can see an expensive jet is parked there.
Flying to Essex County Airport
Flying to Essex County Airport me selfie
Accidental glamor shot captured inflight when we hit turbulence
Flying to Essex County Airport Philadelphia
Philadelphia in the background
Flying to Essex County Airport
Pa across the water

Flying to Essex County Airport tim and i

It was a lot of fun. It will be a while until we get to fly again but I can’t wait. I always tell people, that the plane we fly in can fit four people so if you are local and interested, you’re always welcome (no one seems to take me up on it!).

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Questions for you:

Do you like flying?

Have you ever been private flying before?

Run the Runway 5k (20:54)

Run the Runway 5k (20:54)

Last weekend my husband decided to do a 5k that started and ended on a runway.  When you think of a runway, you think of a flat, straight, wide piece of road and for the most part that is true. At major airports they are flat but small, local, airports might have a few inclines on the taxiway.  “Lucky for us,” this was not the flattest runway out there.  But that’s fine, just a surprise.

We saw the race earlier in the week but wanted to play it by ear.  Neither of us knew how we would feel (especially me).  The night before we decided we would do it.  Of course, I “slept in” until 5:30 when we needed to be out the door by 6.  After scrambling around and making breakfast, we were out.  That was a miracle by itself.

We arrived around 7, signed up and did about 2-mile warm up on the runway.  We noticed the taxiway (not the actual runway piece) had a bit of incline.  It didn’t matter much to me since I wasn’t looking for a showstopping PR.  Just to run faster than normal.

The race started at sharply at 8, and we went off.  The first mile went the same way we had warmed up with a few small inclines.  We turned around and headed down the half mile runway (which was completely flat and straight).  Since you could see everything, the race felt like it was taking forever.  I kept looking at my watch thinking “why haven’t I reached the first mile.”  I ran a 6:25 which felt as though I was working much harder than that.

The second mile left the runway and went up a steep hill on the local road.  I had thought the entire race was on a runway so wasn’t expecting to have any significant hills.  I powered up the hills but was running alone for most of the race.  During the second mile, I was running alone.  There were plenty of people ahead of me (including my husband) and plenty of people behind, but no one with me.  I focused on the people about 30 seconds ahead and wanted to pass them. I hit the next mile in 6:36.  I thought perhaps I could run a flat mile and break 20 minutes if the course was a perfect 3.1.  Neither of which happened.

Run the runway 5k me

During the third mile, we wrapped along the local roads and headed back on the runway.  Half of the mile was hilly and the other half was flat and straight.  Around 2.6, we headed back towards the finish.  Since it was a runway, you could see the finish line from that point forward.  I thought it might never come.  I powered through the third mile in 6:33 and the finished the race in 20:54.  I believe the race was a little long (maybe about a tenth) but no big deal (which I think they had mentioned beforehand).  My husband finished in 18:22, which was decent for him on a long course.

Run the runway 5k me

As I went to cool down, I promptly tripped and fell.  I have a bunch of surface wounds on my knee, elbow, and shoulder which are more obnoxious than anything.  Luckily it’s not a running injury, just as a nasty surface wound. The staff was friendly and cleaned and bandaged me up.  We cooled down and watched the airshow for a bit, which was fun!


The first race back is humbling and adding a fall made even more so. I’m happy with my results, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to consistently build upon my results.  I don’t plan to integrate a lot of speed workouts right now but find local 5ks for speed.  That was my plan in June, but life took over.  I can’t say I’ll absolutely have the time to train but I do believe I’ll have more time this fall.

Questions for you:

Have you ever run a race on a runway? 

Do you like flat races or hilly?

I like hilly half marathons but flat 5ks.

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