WEGO: Conclusion

Conclusion de WEGO.

1 month ago-I began the WEGO April Challenge.  I was given a month long series of prompts to write about, a few bonus prompts and of course the leeway to go about posting.

It was a glorious month and it made it go by incredibly fast.

It was also the most blog posts I did in a single month!  35 posts last month!  Holy moly!  Good thing I did because I am quite the busy bee this month will finals and papers (but mostly papers).

Looking back my favorite posts were:

Challenges with Healthy Eating


A Lesson in Injury

Discussions about Wheat Belly

I really enjoyed chatting about many different aspects that I personally would have not thought about by myself.  The WEGO challenge made me think more and hopefully I’ll participate next year!  It was nice to not ramble exclusively about myself for a month and a great change of pace

Question for you:

 How was your April? 


WEGO: Six sentences about Blogging

WEGO: Write something of interest in 6 sentences

**This is perfect for us simpleton folks (ie…me). 

Ode to Blogging

Blogging is the greatest stress reliever in my life.  I could ramble away about meaningless nothings and be happy.  I have met great people who share similar interests in real life and interwebz life.  I have transformed as a person through blogging changing majors, finding running and quitting swimming. I seem to never run out of things to blog about or that interest me, similarly I never run out of blogs that interest me.  Plus I can look back to see what I was doing a year (or almost two) ago. 

Question for you: Write 6 sentences about any topic and post it. 

WEGO Bffers for Life.

WEGO: The First Time I… Write a post about the first time you did something. What is it? What was it like? What did you learn from it?

I couldn’t really think of any first time things I’ve done recently. 

That is a really weird sentence but it happens.  I was going to write about the first time I ran a road race that I’ve enjoyed (but I did here).  The first time I decided that a math major wasn’t for me (here).  The first time I contemplated quitting swimming and vlogged (here). 


I’ve been waiting to use another bonus prompt (because there are so many great ones).  I choose the one that said to write about your best friend.

It’s absolutely no secret that my best is aDuBs.  We have been best friends for the past million years (what can I say…we are time travelers…). 

Bests friends fo lifee.

Anyways, it is my pleasure to say that my highly intelligent bffer will be teaching English to Chinese students next year (for an entire year!).  I would love to go visit her and celebrate.   Anyways-here is yet another blog entry dedicated to my best friend who has gone through everything with me.  Go check out her blog too as she gets ready to travel to China and is there too!  

As always-we take great photos.

Happy Saturday!

Question for you: Who is your bffer? 

WEGO: Challenges with a Healthy Lifestyle

WEGO: Write 5 Challenges about your health focus. 

I’m not sure of my exact health focus in all honesty.  I like to focus on overall wellness of being happy, enjoying your workouts (most of the time), and just enjoying food on the regular.  So in short my health focus is staying stress (and worryfree) with the emphasis on staying worry free to what others think of your lifestyle.

Challenge 1: Your friends “don’t get it”

So this is a problem that we as bloggers and people struggle with.  For instance, I have gotten plenty of comments about my food intake (from waitresses, from people reading my blog..ect).  People either assume you eat not enough when choosing a salad for dinner or the ever so annoying waitress who says “You are eating all of that?”

Both equally upset me-I don’t sit there and critique what others eat (nor does it particularly bother me) so I don’t understand why people get upset with what I eat.  Sure I notice if someone is getting a big ass burger, French fries and five beers, but who am I to judge-their business not mine.

Challenge 2: You are “busy” due to training or working out

My teacher could not have said it better last week.  Schedule your workouts in as your personal time.  People have told me countless times, oh Hollie you are just so busy, you should devote time to other things instead of running all the time.  Devote time to what…getting drunk with you guys and having a serious hang over?  I can assure you because I spend 1.5 hours daily running, I also have plenty of time to do other things.

Challenge 3: Your order contains bits and pieces from five different meals to make up one. 

I know a lot of vegans and vegetarians struggle with this.  It isn’t normally something I do, but I have heard of people specializing their meals.  I’m too awkward and confusing to do that.  I’ll just pick out the crap I don’t like. 

Challenge 4: The comment of, You are eating healthy, how are those salads going for you?

No.  You are an oblivious moron and “salads” are not the only healthy food.  (That’s all I have to say about that).

Challenge 5:  The ever so common: You eat healthy=you are trying to lose weight.  (then the slew of comments with do you have a problem blah blah blah.) 

Oh do I get that a lot.  This is my personal least favorite comment of all of them.  I get this in real life (when I don’t go out and drink…it must mean I have a problem.   I clearly chose to not get wasted the DAY before my half marathon and my only motive was to save calories).  I also get countless emails about it in the blogging world even though I don’t normally post anything about my food intake.

Anyways-if a comment can lead me to be snippy, it’s normally that one.  I have responded with “You are eating shit, are you trying to gain weight?”  What can I say…it’s a comment that often bothers me the most and I do not have a filter when I get angry.

That being said, you don’t eat with a single person your entire life anyways.  They don’t know what you eat when you aren’t with them, nor should they care.  Don’t make comments about other peoples food and just try and take the high road when people want to put a damper on your parade.  They don’t have to live in your body. 

Question for you: What are some challenges in your life, health focus?  Anything to add with this one? 


WEGO: Give your blog a tagline. 

Okay so I think this is another WEGO that I have previously taken care of.  My blog, afterall is called FueledbyLOLZ and I honestly think it depicts my life mentality and physically perfectly.

lolzen and running

My blog is not meant to depict what I eat and the food I consume, just know that I’m neither underweight (or coming close) nor do I have a terrible diet.  I would like to think I eat what I enjoy the most but don’t get too upset when that doesn’t work out.

lolzen and...drinking... (this is my 21st birthday) 😉 Summer Series Race for all you VA Beachers

My life is fueled by laughs and by enjoying myself I think it’s pretty obvious that I don’t really get my panties in a bunch too much.  I like to keep a carefree lifestyle and not be as structured and scheduled as some might think.   With running and working out, as well as college, friends, family, and other miscellaneous things, I don’t have time to be upset when a certain aspect of the day does not go my way.

Lolzen and eating.

I can guarantee you one thing about my life (not much but one). 

lolzen and waiting to swim!

I try and enjoy as much of life as possible.  If I were one to get upset when things go my way and cry myself a river-well then I would have probably gone to the Olympics for kayaking through my life river.  I laugh.  I love.  I indulge.  I divulge.  I do things I enjoy.  That I hate.  That I thought I would hate.  Risk taker.  Life liver.

Fueled by lolz. 

Question for you:  What is your blog tagline? 

WEGO: Car Accident

WEGO: Third person post. Write about a memory you have but describe it using the third person.

I’m going to write about a serious car situation I got into Junior year of high school.  Quite possibly the scariest thing of my life.


The rain fell.  Pouring and flooding the streets of Southern Virginia.  Though it was a typical Spring day and not unusual because rain fell most days of the week.  Though this storm was a bit worse than others.  Many puddles already lined the roads of the highway, just waiting to flood the entire road.

The doctor’s office was awaiting my arrival.  Just a standard dermatology appointment to make sure one of my many moles was not cancerous.  (Better safe than sorry).  Leaving before fourth period was the greatest.  A note written for dismissal and missing lunch, meant stopping at chick Fila on the way over.

Running to Lorraine (my car) in the pouring rain wasn’t particularly fun, my clothes drenched and my papers wet.  No matter, blasting the heat would take care of that.  Along with blasting the heat was blasting whatever rap music was currently on the radio.  In the era of 2007 and preNikki Minaj-some sort of Rihanna was probably playing.

Stopping at the drive through at Chickfil A and then heading to my appointment was my only agenda.  Although neither would be accomplished.

My car entered the highway acceleration ramp in the pouring rain.  A low to the ground, two door Pontiac firebird which loses traction quite easily and is easily capable of sliding and hydroplaning in pour conditions.

It only took a puddle with a foot diameter to clip my back wheel causing my tires to lock and my car to begin spinning.  All at 60 miles an hour.

It was only 10 seconds but it felt to be hours or days. It was a rollarcoaster or one of those high speed spin rides at an amusement park.  Only this was real life and there was no safety harness to keep the car from hitting anything or anyone. 

As my car hydroplaned across both lanes of traffic and into oncoming traffic, spinning four complete times across the highway, I managed to avoid every car on both sides of traffic. 

Plus the guard rails.

Plus the huge noise reduction walls on 264. 

My car stopped within a few feet of a shiny silver mustang and a white Toyota on the other side.  Sitting there in a daze it was even hard to comprehend what had just happened.

A miracle clearly.  No accidents.  No scrapes.  No dents, bruises…nothing.

Infact, the only thing wrong was my car wasn’t starting (later to be found, when it locked the battery died so it just needed a new battery).

The tow truck came and went and life went on and the only damage was in my mind.  It took me a solid few weeks to drive again.

Question for  you:  Have you ever been in a car accident? 

WEGO: Penguins are cute.

WEGO: Give your blog or health theme a mascot and chat about it.

It’s no secret that my favorite animal is a penguin.  So cute-so awkward-so lolz.  Penguins are actually the only birds that I care for.  I hate all other birds because they scare me.   I think it stemmed from running a road race back in VA when geese chased me…or maybe when turkeys ran me off the road in upstate New York.  Either way-it’s no secret that birds and I are not friends.

Anyways-why make a penguin the lolz mascot? 

They are super cute (like me…duh)

They are super awkward (like me…duh)

They are health conscious like me…(who doesn’t love fish)

They hate the winter.  Did you know most like the southern hemisphere and warmer climates?  (Yes…like me)…

They are apparently chatter boxes…yeah that is def like me…

Anyways-so there.  Penguins would be the forever mascot of lolz.

Question for you: What would be your mascot?

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