WEGO: Conclusion

Conclusion de WEGO. 1 month ago-I began the WEGO April Challenge.  I was given a month long series of prompts to write about, a few bonus prompts and of course the leeway to go about posting. It was a glorious month and it made it go by incredibly fast. It was also the most blog […]

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WEGO: Six sentences about Blogging

WEGO: Write something of interest in 6 sentences **This is perfect for us simpleton folks (ie…me).  Ode to Blogging Blogging is the greatest stress reliever in my life.  I could ramble away about meaningless nothings and be happy.  I have met great people who share similar interests in real life and interwebz life.  I have […]

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WEGO Bffers for Life.

WEGO: The First Time I… Write a post about the first time you did something. What is it? What was it like? What did you learn from it? I couldn’t really think of any first time things I’ve done recently.  That is a really weird sentence but it happens.  I was going to write about […]

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WEGO: Challenges with a Healthy Lifestyle

WEGO: Write 5 Challenges about your health focus.  I’m not sure of my exact health focus in all honesty.  I like to focus on overall wellness of being happy, enjoying your workouts (most of the time), and just enjoying food on the regular.  So in short my health focus is staying stress (and worryfree) with […]

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WEGO: Give your blog a tagline.  Okay so I think this is another WEGO that I have previously taken care of.  My blog, afterall is called FueledbyLOLZ and I honestly think it depicts my life mentality and physically perfectly. My blog is not meant to depict what I eat and the food I consume, just […]

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