Back to Reality Thoughts…

This last two weeks have been exhausting to say the least…a lot of people have asked how I’ve adjusted back from a very long “vacation and world revolving around me”.  In the cruise, everything we wanted and needed was taken care of…

oasis of the seas royal carribean

I guess I can’t live on a ship forever…


Now we are back to real life and back to the harsh reality that the world does not revolve around me…kidding…

I decided to just compile random thoughts I’ve had lately.  I haven’t had a random post in a long time.

After a month of little to no routine, it’s been hard to readjust to a routine and working.  Not only readjusting but it’s a busy month for us at work.  If I’m slow to get back to you, I promise it’s not you…it’s me…but I’m not breaking up blogging world.  I’m still running, dinering and blogging…but I love my job and my job comes before blogging.  I just have a lot on my plate right now!

I went from 0-40 hours.  Thankfully I remembered what exactly a running shoe is.

This is a running shoe.  Thanks have the answer for everything.

This is a running shoe. Thanks google…you have the answer for everything.

My days off haven’t really been my days off.  There are a lot of items to take care after getting married.  After going to base last week and we realized we needed my new social security card, we wasted most of the day doing that.  So that day off was a doozy.  We finally got everything done though.

I’ve been working on my blog layout and design.  It’s not exactly where I would like it but it’s getting close.  I didn’t care for the previous design…if anyone is interested in helping, I would appreciate that.

Broad Street taught me that I have not run that fast in a while.  I’m so sore and taking time to recover.  My calves are not been this sore in a while (in a good way!)

At least Royal Caribbean taught me to stop and stretch

At least Royal Caribbean taught me to stop and stretch

Speaking of running, on Tuesday I took a nasty fall and got very scraped up.  I thought I had broken my arm (due to the amount of pain), plus I was bleeding badly.   Luckily I believe that it’s just bruised. It’s very unpleasant to the eyes though and I have no less than 8 bandaids on my hands, elbow, shoulder and knee.

My weekend lately has been Wednesday and Thursday and boy do I look forward to that.  By Tuesday I’m so exhausted my exhaustion has exhaustion.

Today is Thursday and after a very busy day yesterday (with no North Jersey success story), I am taking today completely to myself.  It’s going to be glorious.

Questions for you: 

How do you readjust to real life after a vacation? 

Share a fun fact about your week. 



Vacation Food

Is today already Wednesday?

I have been working all week so I feel like the week is flying by.

Per blog culture I feel like anytime I talk about food it must be on Wednesday…I only participate in WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) once every few months because I almost always forget to take photos of my food on a daily basis.  The food I consume is also extremely boring and not photoworthy 95% of the time.  I’m a terrible cook and if something takes more than 10 minutes to make I don’t want too…

When I went on my honeymoon, everything was cooked and made for me so therefore it is more exciting!  Anyways, one thing we both enjoyed about the honeymoon was all the great food we didn’t have to make!  It was all perfect from the cookie nookie in key west to the several diners and restaurants we went too.  Everything on the cruise was perfect and I have no complaints about that either.

Instead of posting about how good the food was, I’ll just post some photos and caption them.  I think that is how you blog about food…This obviously isn’t everything I ate nor did I focus on taking photos.  These are the most interesting though and the photos I remembered to take!

I really enjoyed the never ending amount of seafood and dessert (as you can see).  I tried a lot of various fish (including dolphin…not the mammal dolphin but fish dolphin).  While out, we really tried to have as much as seafood as we could.  We knew it was fresh and local and there is nothing like fresh seafood!

I also had dessert every single night and have no regrets.


Fish and salad in Key West

Lobster Prime Rib

Prime Rib and Lobster…so this is what the fancy and expensive 60 dollar meal life feels like 😉

Lobster Prime Rib 1

Another visual of the Prime Rib and Lobster…

Seafood Platter

Terrible lighting but clams, bass and scallops all in one


Duck and “fancy potatoes”..IE french fries

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate almond cake…it tasted a lot like a big piece of fudge but I don’t mind

Carribean Salad

Caribbean Salad

Bread Pudding

The best bread pudding ever

Can't forget the drinks!

Can’t forget the drinks!

Bad Ass Coffee

Not gas station but BadAss Coffee in St. Maartin…have to end LOLZ blog with coffee right?

Questions for you:

What is your favorite seafood?

What is the most expensive meal you have ever eaten?

I think prime rib and lobster might be it for me!



Time to Go

This Sunday I’m getting married.

If you have been following along for the last year here are a bunch of my recaps:


Wedding Fears: For the LOLZ

Wedding Update 1:

Wedding Update 2

Wedding Dress Shopping

Final Wedding Update: The food is good

I can truly say I have not been as excited for anything more than this.  All of the wedding planning, the stress (LOL) and the driving will be worth it.  (ETA: I haven’t been stressed at all).

But a few people have wanted to know where my blog will go during this time…

It will still be here!  I scheduled a few posts during the time I am gone: diner reviews to catch up on, a couple of posts from friends and even a few product reviews!

I will not be updating my social media regularly during the honeymoon.  I have pretty much written everything that will appear on this blog from now until late April (which I believe is about 5 posts).

I love you blogging friends but I love my (soon to be) husband more.  I have been looking forward to this day and our life together for a very long time.  I am sure I will update sporadically on Instagram and twitter but probably not a lot…I’ve felt disconnected the last month already!

I appreciate everyone’s support and love and I appreciate my friends and family who are able to attend the wedding this weekend.  We look forward to it!

It would be a lie if I didn’t say we didn’t look forward to the honeymoon as well (something I’ve chosen not to share right now on the blog).

Anyways, I just wanted to give you a heads up!  And my social media accounts will probably be primarily focused on my wedding for a while.  

T and I post race.


I trust everyone can function without LOLZ blog. 


My visit last week to Virginia was a lot of fun.  I haven’t spent a week in my hometown in a while.  I think the last time I spent an entire week there was when I lived in Virginia for the summer of 2013.  It was nice to relax and see friends.  I also got a lot of very much needed wedding stuff done. With all of things I have gotten done wedding wise, I might get married.

Where to even begin?

I arrived to Virginia late Christmas Eve.  It’s hard to believe that was 2 weeks ago. I drove home from work and then spent Christmas day relaxing and hanging out with my family. It was exactly what I needed.  While I don’t live in Virginia, Virginia is still home.

In the days after Christmas, I did a lot.  Instead of writing too much, ’ll just caption photos.

I was able to hang out with one of my bridesmaids, Theresa. We went to a (new to us) Mexican restaurant Luna Maya.  Their portions were massive and if you visit Norfolk, VA, I would recommend the restaurant.  In fact, I want to visit Virginia again so I can go.

Getting froyo afterwords.  I mean whipped cream with a side of fro yo,

Getting froyo afterwords. I mean whipped cream with a side of fro yo,

At Luna Maya

At Luna Maya

I got to hang out with another Bridesmaid, Anna.  Anna and I have been friends for over 13 years (that is over half our lives!).  It’s crazy to think that.  She is truly one of the best friends I could ask for.  After undergrad, Anna taught in China for two years and recently moved back to the US to work on grad school.  While we don’t live close, it’s a lot closer than halfway around the world.  She has been one of my best friends for 13 years now and it was so lovely to catch up with her.

anna and i

After more relaxing, wedding planning and doing absolutely nothing, I got lunch with Kris L and Kellie.  Most Virginia Beach runners know what powerhouse runners these woman are.  Not only are they both insanely fast, but they are both insanely nice.  We went to a local favorite and (Virginia diner?) Citrus on Christmas Eve.  They are two of my favorite people to talk training, life and whatever else with.

Nonrunning clothes ;)

Nonrunning clothes 😉 Kellie, myself and Kris

The of course, I also did two local road races (I’m sure I’ve spammed my blog enough with them):

12/31 11:15 pm Beat the Ball 5k

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!

1/1 10 am: Hair of the Dog 5k

This week vacation was exactly what I needed.  It broke up the month the month of December and it made it fly by.  I feel like I was just leaving New Jersey and now I’m back.

While my “homecation” was relaxing, I got a lot of much needed stuff done on my wedding too.  I was starting to feel nervous (due to doing nothing in December) but I got a lot accomplished last week.  It also made the wedding as a whole become more real!  I’ll have a wedding update at some point.  Long story short, I’ve gone to the first vendor of each category…said what I have wanted and they have done a great job.  I have no stress or complaints.

Questions for you:

Do you visit your hometown a lot?

How were your Holidays?

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend (the weekend before Thanksgiving), we went down to VA to get some wedding planning done.  I feel like in 36 hours Tim and I accomplished a lot.  Not only accomplished but we had a great time.

Before we talk about my wedding can we please talk about Snooki’s wedding:

“She confirmed the news over Twitter, demonstrating excellent emoji use and sharing a photo”

snooki wedding




I didn’t realize Snooki and I had so much in common but announcing she was “officially” married on twitter with emojis seems like my type of thing.


Anyways back to my adventures…We arrived back to VA around 11pm.  If you know me then you know I haven’t been up that late in a while.

On Saturday morning we met with our cake decorator at Starbucks.  She brought us a sample and it was delicious.  I knew within one bite she was exactly who I wanted to do our cake.  It was perfect.  I won’t spoil the cake but if you know me, you know I have a huge sweet tooth.  Cake is ranked in my top 5 most important aspects of my cake.

After a whirlwind morning, we went to lunch at my favorite local restaurant JoJacks.  I have mentioned it on the blog before (and if you have visited me in VA then you have probably gone).

In the afternoon, Tim and I headed to downtown Norfolk to pick up my race packet.  We ended up walking around Norfolk for a while and just enjoying the sights.

A photo of me in Norfolk

A photo of me in Norfolk

Then we were able to hang out with one of my best friends Theresa.  We ended up going to No Frill Bar and Grille in Norfolk.  If you are ever visiting down there, it’s certainly one of the hidden gems of the area.  It was nice to just catch up since we hadn’t seen each other since August.

Here we are post dinner

Here we are post dinner

After that we met with our florist another Starbucks.  I don’t know if this is normal but all of my wedding vendors have wanted to meet at local Starbucks.  I went to him and said “I have absolutely no idea what kind of flowers I want or need”.  Luckily after about an hour of chatting we were able to figure something out.  I was a little bit worried it would be more stressful to pick out flowers.  Something that I have enjoyed about wedding planning in general is that everyone is so friendly.  They don’t make me think I’m a total idiot.  (Thank you people in the wedding business). 

flowers meme

On Sunday I ran the half marathon and just relaxed and hung out with my parents before heading back to New Jersey.  I feel like I got more accomplished this weekend then the last month of wedding planning. I feel more confident with our wedding (it’s pretty obvious I’m way out of my element).  Soon I’ll post about my bridal party.

The next step in December is to get wedding invites picked out and to find someone to actually marry us (who knew that would be the hardest part)?  It seems silly (to me) to pay thousands for wedding invites that will only end up in the trash..but what do I know.

Other wedding posts:


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Questions for you:

Where did you get your wedding invites? 

If you have gotten married, what kind of flowers did you have?

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