June Foodie Pen Pals

The lovely Lisa was my Foodie pen pal this month and I could have not been more excited.  She is also working on an aspect of nutrition that I find fascinating and sent me lots of goodies (Plus information about the program she is currently going through!)

The first thing I tried immediately was the RAW bar.  A lot of people may not be interested in this bar because it has very low protein and fiber but 20+ grams of fat and 240 calories.  It was seriously made for me.  So good.

The two larabars were next and I had them preworkouts.  Both were good as I love both the flavors-who doesn’t love peanut butter?

My mom and I are both ladies on the run and we are always eating on the go (trail mix being one of our favorites).  My mom absolutely loved this blend and she had a ton!  I thought it was pretty good myself too.

Finally, the sweet potato chips were a perfect snack for me too (while working at the Cav).  So funny (and I quote), “lifeguard why you be eating the orange chip”?

If you like sweet potatoes and like crunchy chips then those are def for you.  That being said another yummy  foodie pen pals month down and done and another great blogger met.  I hope ya’ll will have the chance to check out Lisa blog!

Questions for you:

1.       What are your credentials in picking out bars?

I like mine with lots of protein, fiber and calcium (normally) and not 4000 calories of protein…instaew.

2.       Have you (Did you) done Foodie Pen Pals? 


WIAW Blogs are hard work.

Here is perhaps my first realistic WIAW.  I have to be honest and food isn’t quite a topic I find myself interested in constantly blogging in (it used to be but now I just find it boring because I’m not a good cook…) and also with food blogging comes multiple questions and people telling you that you haven’t eaten enough.  No one ever tells a blogger they eat too much-in fact, if you post that ice-cream or “treat” you are looked at so realistic and some sort of inspiration. 

Which is why I find just staying completely away from food blogging.  I know what I’m eating is working for me, whether it be cookies or asparagus. 

*I forget which day I actually documented all my eats/drinks-sometime last week but whatever day it was, it was a huge accomplishment for me since I have the attention span and memory of a gnat and have tried to do WIAW blogs but normally forget by mid morning. 


For breakfast, I choose to have buckwheat pancakes.  I like to add a tablespoon of coconut oil+sugar free syrup+2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and food coloring (for a red velvet appeal) to make the best “frosting” you have ever had.  It looks something like this:

If I could eat these for every meal-I would, but sadly having pancakes all day everyday is not socially acceptable…when other people see you eating them for every meal.  😉

Then I went to class as a prepster real girl. This is certainly a photographic moment.

By 11, I was hungry per usual.  I normally eat 2 lunches, 1 at 11 and one at 2 because I’m hungry again.  Sometimes at 2 I’m in class so that’s how I feel about that.

So lunch at 11 was this quiche.

Quiche and some legume salad on campus. I don’t ask questions because it isn’t molding (just kidding, my college campus actually has good food)  I always ask for my quiche burnt. 

And lunch at two wasn’t really a lunch per say but two muscle milks and a coffee.   (I didn’t take a photo but muscle milk containers aren’t thrilling…)

For dinner, I ended up just staying at home and grilling some fish and having a baked potato.   I was supposed to go out to eat but things fell through so I decided to use some of the crap in my kitchen.  I’m leaving school in less than two weeks so I should probably work on cleaning out my fridge. 

salmon, sweet potato with greek yogurt. That is the extent of my foodieness.  Also cinnamon added on there as well.  

At night, I spent about 4 hours doing work and I just needed a beer.  Lolz.  I don’t ever crave beer but apparently I was today so I walked to the gas station and got yuengling.  It seemed appropriate at the time.  That is where I leave you since I went to bed about two hours afterwards.  Beer legit makes me sleep like a rock.  Having one beer…I know I’m pathetic.

Questions for you: 

1. Is it just me or is documenting a full day of eating boring, or close to impossible?  

2.  Would you want to me do it more often?  (I know I’m an awesome cook and everything…)

Foodie Fashion Fridays

I am tired.  I am lazy.

That is all of my confessions of the evening.  It’s Friday night.  I have a RACE-I mean tempo run. Tomorrow morning.  So I must get some sleep.  Our cross country team was raising money for breast cancer awareness through a road race so it should be a fun four miler tomorrow.


Anyways-onwards to Foodie Friday Favorites on the week.

I have been really into dark chocolate pomegranate pancakes this week.  Maybe that was because pomegranate juice was on sale and I hoarded it. 

Yes-I made those a grand total of 4 times this week.  Go me-Making pom pancakes is a rather simple addition but I’ll post anyways.  Instead of adding water to your dark chocopancake mix-add pomagrante juice.  It makes it insanely moist and delicious.  So easy.


Easy to cook dinners when  I’m tired.  Ie: sweet potatoes, broccoli in the microwave and grilled chicken and fish.  Wow it only took me 15 minutes and it was more colorful than the rainbow.

Oh and this salad that I somehow put together.  Aka the best thing of my young life.

spinach, garlic, onions, tomatoes, beans, chicken breast....the list is endless


Other notable favorite things:

My new vera.  Mine was getting to grimetastic.  Is anyone else obsessed with Vera Bradley?  It must be a college thing…


Now for real girl outfit photos.

First up, we have Lizzie. Lovin the grey top and white shorts.  I wish it was still warm enough to wear shorts here.  😉

Next is Allie!  Ahh, white flowey tops are always a win.  PS: Love your phone case. 

Tara.  I practically begged her to submit this photo.

Sam.  I love the simple color block on this one. 

Laura.  Not only do I love this entire outfit, I love the photo as well.  🙂

Last but not least, Amy keeps it casual and cute at work

You have until Sunday at noon to vote (and of course you are more than welcome to send me your outfits in the mail too). 


Question for you:

  1. 1.       What were you obsessed with this week?
  2. 2.       What are your plans for the weekend?

Food Day Monday and Real Girl Streaks

Okay yes.  True life:  I promised I would do a food blog soon and what better way than Monday.  Wow is it already another Monday?  And not just any Monday!  It’s the mom’s birthday.

So yes.  My weekend went Matt’s graduation, fathers day and now the moms birthday.  Tomorrow is also epic as my pool opens but it isn’t quite a um…celebration.

This is when my azz actually sat in a guard stand. Now I just deal with the problem people.

 Without further ado: nom noms of the day

This is now my working week of summer time hours when I wake up errday at 6am.  I go to the gym to either lift, swim or run outdoors from 6:30-7:30.  It depends on my mood and how I slept the night before.  I do not run on tired legs.  It’s not my jive.  EVER.

I come home, make breakfast and am out the door by 8:15 since I need to be there at 8:30. Except Mondays because that’s my day off since the pool isn’t open on Mondays.  I thought I would at least get into the routine today.

Breakfast today was…just for the occasion of food blogging and changing it up.  Two egg sandwiches.

I had a ton of homework for my online classes so I caught up on that all morning.  Then I was already starving by say 11:30 so I decided to make myself more tuna fish sandwiches.  Sandwiches must have been my jive today.

Tuna Melt+chedder cheese is the

Then I got my aerobic action on, as I do every Monday.  So I guess I don’t really have the day off, but I don’t consider aerobics to be much work.  The ladies are hilarious and the time always flies right on by.  Today I integrated superbass and finally found a good remix of party rock anthem.  I swear the ladies wish they had my booty beats aerobics CD when they were off on their own outside of class.  They always ask for all the songs bahaha.  I’m a terrible influence.

Dinner was the mom’s favorite (similar to my favorite I suppose).  Ham, sweet potatoes and corn.  Does anyone else have a strange addiction to ham?  I find it incredibly tasty. 

Oh and I’m a 4 day real girl streak.  I know you probably are as shocked as I am.


Question for you:

What is your summertime routine?

Straight off USS Cray Cray

Since I believe my last three Monday titles have been that oh so fabulous song by Fleetwood Mac, I decided to give you guys a little breakski and not really talk about my Monday because it was boing a lame. 

So I’ll talk about Sunday instead.  Last night aDuBs came over for some one on one chatting and she ended up staying for dinner.  Why she would want to put up with my family, I’m not really sure because we are straight off the cray cray boat. 

The daddykins grilled burgers, sweet potatoes, veggies and hot dogs which is one of my favorite meals.  Well actually true life: I love hot dogs-not so much burgers but that is another story.

Yes I put chedder cheese in my hot dog and you should too. We were out of cheesedogs.

I was taking pictures and the dad thought it would humorous to mock me. I seem to do everything rather strangely not limited to making faces while I take photos.  (Um does your father do this?  Is this normal?)  I told him perhaps he should get a blog because the blogging besties would lurrvee to hear about his adventures.

And then that led to why I was so freako (by using the term blogging besties along with aDuBs and the daddykins.  All of which I frequent), making up words and giving people nicknames.  Here we are at the dinner table, chatting about my blogging besties (yes all of you), my mother posed the question of what would happen if someone actually didn’t like the nickname I had given them and why the hell I couldn’t use normal words in the English language.

None of their silly questions  I could answer.  Oh well, I have a week to figure out a good comeback since the father went to San Diego for a work trip.

So long story short you are all welcome to my house if you can accept how weird the familia is.  Or if you can accept I basically have my own language and will make up a hella sweet nickname for you.

Incase you wondered, but you all probably know already….  I kind of love my family, my parents and I are usually close and my day is not complete without them telling me how retarted I am.

This may be the only family photo in the last decade.

Who knows why my dad runs with Matt and I.


Questions for you:

Are you  close with your family?  How often do you see them?

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