Waffles…on Monday

I haven’t been posting waffle recipe lately. I’ve gone back into a waffle mood (versus my eggs) so I’ve been somewhat experimenting in the kitchen. By experimenting, I mean adding things together and sticking them on my waffle iron and hoping they are good. I don’t stray too far from the grain of easy cooking. Or “cooking” that takes more than 5 minutes.

2/3 of cup of flour
1 egg
2 tsp of baking powder
¼ cup feta or goat cheese (I like both of them…so I choose whatever is stocked)
½ cup water
Some kale and garlic
Spices I just dumped in: Garlic and red pepper.  If I had onion I would probably add that too.
1.  Saute the kale as you normally would.
2. Mix egg, water, flour, baking powder and spices together. Then add the kale followed by cheese.
3. Pour into waffle maker and let cook normally.
These savory waffles are awesome and I’ve recently began to enjoy them as much as sweet waffles.

This is how my recipe posts are. Short and to the point…I have no stories to share about them and they take the same amount of time as actually cooking.
Questions for you:
1. Do you like quick recipes or are you a champ?
2. Savory or sweet breakfast?
I feel savory waffles are more of a brunch type recipe.


Food Staples

Food de Hollie
After my WIAW rage, (ha) I got a few emails about what I stock at my house to cook. I can assure you some of it is probably weird, some is strange I guess not all of it so whatever.
Breakfast Foods:
1. Greek yogurt

I like to hoard the containers like no big deal…

2. Peanut flour (I have at least 1 serving daily normally…my “odd food”)
3. Eggs (I go through a dozen eggs once a week)
4. Liquid egg whites
5. Sugar Free syrup (for waffles/pancakes)
6. Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder (once you try this stuff you’ll never go back)
7. Stevia and truvia (depending on my mood)
8. Peanut butter
9. pumpkin
10. skim milk
Lunch foods: (While I normally have lunch on campus, I occasionally pack my lunch)
Which is normally a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a greek yogurt. Well actually it’s two because I have one at 11 and one at 2.

1. Lots of frozen vegetable steamers (broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts!)

My favorite dinner ever.  Salmon, brussel sprouts and mushrooms

2. Fresh vegetables include onions, garlic, kale and mushrooms
3. Frozen steak and chicken to grill on my george foreman
4. Fresh fish normally bought day of from the supermarket to grill

1. Quest protein bars (these are my current favorites).
2. Greek yogurt+ pumpkin
3. Protein shakes made of Xanthem gum, pumpkin, skim milk and greek yogurt
4. Hard boiled eggs

Random other things  I like:

1. I always have hot cocoa stocked
2. and ice cream

3. Coffee creamer (I am in a Baileys Irish Cream mood lately)

But other then that I have dessert at restaurants because they are clearly better then anything I could make
Question for you: Name your top five staple foods.

1. Eggs
2. Greek yogurt
3. Peanut flour and cocoa powder (for pancakes…it counts as one)
4. Salmon
5. Xanthem gum for smoothies

Two New St. Patrick’s Day Pancake Recipes

I will preface this blog.  Is isn’t that I don’t like taking 100 photos of food and sharing them-I just don’t think that taking 100 photos of pancakes is all that interesting.  If you want me to pretend I’m a photographer and take more photos for recipes, just let me know.  I personally think one photo is all a recipe needs.  Maybe two if you are fancy.

It’s not quite St. Patrick’s Day-but we need some themed pancakes and I want to leave ya’ll feeling like you are prepared to celebrate.  Whether you are Irish or not-have I mentioned…I’m not Irish (shocking)…and I don’t even care for a lot of drinking.

Needless to say-I suppose green pancakes will do the trick.

No these aren’t as repulsive as that green ketchup that came out in 2000 or so.


2 cups pureed spinach

½ cup green yogurt

2/3 cup of flour (I choose barley…because I’m out of everything else…)

1 tablespoon of baking powder

1 egg

A dash of cinnamon (it seemed like a good idea at the time)

½ cup water/milk

Mix dry ingredients to wet and pour onto your griddle.   I love the neon green these made but I also love how the yogurt locks in the moisture of the pancake.

As far as pancakes go-these are pretty simple after you have gotten your pureed spinach.  I know some people call them “green monster” pancakes but I don’t care for Green Monsters all that much.  Though I don’t have a proper name for them.  Any ideas?

I’m thinking along the lines of green themed you could also work in a lime flavoured pancake.  Like key lime maybe?  I’ll get back to you.


The second recipe that I thought I would share with you (granted you are of legal age…) would be a pancake that I will probably indulge in post half marathon race.   For those of you who don’t know.  I don’t care for beer, but when I do it’s either Heineken or Guinness.

So of course there needs to be a Guinness pancake yes?  Of course.

I would be lying to you if I said I hadn’t made these before.  I have-they are good. . (Seeing as I’ve had it a couple times already this week…woah raging alcoholic over here).   They turn heads (if you like that sort of thing).  Some things are just worth the extra carbs-Guinness beer is one.

As always my recipes serve 1 (double triple…whatever you want)

¾  cup dark brewed Guinness

1 egg

2/3 cup flour (you can choose whole wheat if you are feeling extra healthy)

¼ cup dark cocoa powder (I think the dark cocoa really brings out the flavour)

1 tablespoon baking powder (add this last…it will fizz)

You can opt for more/less Guinness depending on how thin/thick you want your pancakes.

I prefer mine pretty thick as to why I only added 3/4  cup (that’s what she said)

Questions for you:

1.       How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

2.       What is your favorite type of beer? 

Friday Favs!

Happy Friday yall.   Have you ever noticed all the fun things start with F?  Food.  Fashion.  Fun.  Fork…

I like to save all my eats (or a few of them for Fridays).  Anyways, in theme with last week I have continued to keep my carbohydrates high and my protein lower (well lower than it has been in a while).  It has been working out well for me and who doesn’t like carbs?

This week has been pretty boring for me up here.  Just doing work and trying to get ready for Thanksgiving Break.  I’m pretty jealous of those on Trimesters who get out now.

Favorite noms of the week: (and yes they are only my favorites because I remembered to take a photo or ten).

I have been in a fruity pancake mood the last couple of days.

Blueberry Pancakes


Pomegranate Cakes

Broccali with cheese has become a favorite snack staple of mine

Never enough cheese (or salt for that matter).

Some random dinners for the week

Steak Salad




Friday fun facts:

  1. In one month I’ll be home for Christmas break for an entire month.
  2. I took glassblowing class two summers ago and loved it.

Question for you:

What are you doing this weekend? 

I’m running a prediction run tomorrow that is roughly 7M.  I can’t wear a watch or listen to music.  Sounds like quite the adventure.

I like my men like I like my omelets

Well my car is packed with lots of crap for school 700 miles away.  Told you it would get done eventually.

Our rental car packed with nearly nothing.  What can I say-I travel pretty light (store all my college crap at college).  In fact, I could have driven without the parentals but they always like to go visit my school (as if anything changes…).

Rewind a bit of how I spent my last day:

I went to the gym at 7 and had a date with the Arctrainer.  Yes, it was glamorous I know.    I have been doing intervals on the thing for an hour every single day.  It does not hurt and I love feeling like I have some sort of cardiovascular power.

After my gym good times, I went from captaining USS Arctraining and Weightlifting CrayCray

To captaining USS RG CrayCray (RG=Real Girl…but sounds more shiplike).   

Yes. Crop tops and leggings are my life and I've accepted that.

Because I had a date with this girl. 

Obviously I need to see my bestie before I leave.  I swear the people at the Broken Egg Bistro must think I have an addiction seeing as I bring all my friends there and get the same thing every single time.  Matt’s girlfriend?  Yes.  D’Angelo?  Yes.  All within two weeks.  But at least Ashleigh and I went to a different location.

Although the waitress remembered me and remembered that I had a doctor pepper last time.  Creepy.  I wanted to switch it up so I got coffee this morning.  Somebody stop me…  

I did get my usual though.  What can I say, I love my omelets like I love my men.


Just kidding but not really.  The Greek omelet has feta cheese, spinach, onions, olives, tomatoes and provolone cheese.  You should all come visit me and go get one.

But actually you might have to go without me because I’m off to New York.  I hope you’ll join my blogging adventures for the semester.  God knows what that will bring.  😉


Question for you:

1.       When (if or have you) do you go back to school?

2.       Do you normally order the same thing at restaurants or switch it up?

I’m a regular to a T.  I’m known to try new things though, it depends if it’s good or not.  I’m normally a regular to a certain restaurant and have explored their entire menu.  True life.


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