Flaming Hot WIAW

I had written up the perfect blog post for today.  What I ate…what happened when I tried something was simply perfectly (okay yeah…no not really) but alas I don’t save my work, I never learn my lessons and closed Microsoft word before transferring into wordpress.  Whoops…Typical Hollie moment.  Better that then the 1500 list of names I had to manually go through…as always worse things in the world. 

So this week, I got outside my comfort zone and bought some new peanut butter.  Why?  Because I was out and needed peanut butter.  But this isn’t just any peanut butter, this was peanut butter and co ( read so many blogs about how great it is…LOL) and tried a weird flavor.  (I literally have been a normal peanut butter fan for…well all my life).  This peanut butter was on sale at the grocery store (price chopper) so I thought…eh it’s the same price and I’ll be adventurous.

I’ll save said story for breakfast.  You should know by now I have a chocolate waffle most mornings.  With about 500 calories per waffle without any peanut butter, it keeps me moving in the morning.  I actually enjoy going to work out on the elliptical with a somewhat full stomach.  If it’s empty I cramp up.  So I normally eat breakfast around 6, go to the gym from 7-8:30 and have work at 9 (most days).

So this peanut butter I bought was actually spicy.  As in my mouth burned and then I had heart burn an hour later.  So with that I’m sticking with normal peanut butter.  Has anyone tried this stuff?

Lunch was with the work gang.  Two of these salads.  Though I do enjoy balsamic dressing , I was feeling very Italian today and got Italian dressing.  My staple work salad at the dining hall is spinach, feta cheese (at least ½ cup), banana peppers, olives (love olives), chicken (and lots of it), dried cherries and walnuts.  It’s so good I always go back for a bonus round.   I really think I have about 1000 calories of salad…I don’t care or mind.


After a rather stressful day at work, I wanted to come home and eat all the cookies in every dining hall for dinner.  Since that might be inappropriate I just made myself a roast beef sandwich.  This might be the greatest sandwich I’ve ever made in my life…partially why I chose to do my WIAW today because normally my food looks like crap.

Grilled on my George Foreman.  Duh. 

Afterwords, I went to the gym and did my core routine.  Nothing too exciting there…  Upon finishing that I was craving something sweet since I forwent all of the cookies.  I was going to get ice cream but they were out of my favorite flavors at Stewerts (upon grumbling) I just went to the fastrack and got a decaf coffee with whip cream and had my greek yogurt protein shake (ie: 1 cup greek yogurt, ½ cup milk, some blueberries, ice cubes and some sweetener).   It sufficed.

Adding sprinkles makes it a constant winner.

Questions for you: 

1.       Have you ever tried that peanut butter?

2.       What did you eat this week?


Triple Tangent True Life Tuesday

I thought I would amuse you with fun facts via the beginning of my week. 

Numero uno.  I have had a printer in my room all year long and have not used it once.  Yesterday night I was not in the mood to walk all the way to the library (about 15 minutes away..yes lazy moment)so I figured out why my printer wasn’t working (I had to realign the ink cartridges) and printed in my room.  Yes, that is the first time all year long I have printed from my printer in my room.

True life:  I’m addicted to gas station coffee and will go broke one day buying it and all it’s grimeyness.  I could live off of gas station coffee.  And yes I like it better than Starbucks. 

Recycled photo coffee love.

True life fact number 3: My 50 page paper is donezo.  Done done done.  So it is acceptable to have a photoshoot with it. 


What it all means..who knows..


I changed my mind, here are my true life noms of the day. 

Breakfast was my favorite waffle.

with greek yogurt to dip obviously.

True life: Not one single person outside the blogging world understand the deliciousness and savory combination of this waffle.  Not many in the blogging world probably do either.  😉

Lunch was a “hugh ass” roast beef wrap.

top to bottom banana and red peppers, chedder cheese, roast beef, lettuce, tomato

True life: I have never been asked if I wanted to ketchup in my wrap.  I have a new bff worker.

Dinner numero uno was a delicious salmon quiche with a sushi salad.

True life: I have had a salmon quiche once a day for the last 4 days.  My campus makes the most random delicious things.  Who thinks of that?

Now that I have overused the phrase true life, I believe I am done now. 

If we chat in real life, you’ll know if I agree with you I’m all about saying true life instead of yes.  So for instance if you asked me if I was having breakfast today,  I’d be like duh true life.


Ugh, I don’t really want to talk about working out too much the last couple of days but I will anyways.  Yesterday, I woke up and had some pain in my hip flexors.  For those of you who weren’t my besties freshman year, I sprained my hip flexors backpacking.  I could barely walk for a solid month and was the only person under the age of 80 that had managed that.  Anywho, I just opted for some cross training yesterday. I would rather not run one day now, then not race my last half of the season in a couple weeks.

Today, however, I ran and my hip felt a lot better. 


PS: Don’t forget to enter my swell cookbook giveaway.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Do you hate packing or unpacking more?

Packing all my stuff up from school has made me realize I have a ton of crap.  Just saying.

  1. 2.       What are your true lifes?

The Bomb.Com of Days

Let me tell you blogging world.  I don’t normally brag about how I had an amazing day and this certainly isn’t the greatest day of my life but it was extremely good.

First I woke up this morning and noticed three things were lacking, my knees didn’t hurt, my swimmers ear was gone and my head cold from changing climates (somehow southern VA and Norther n NY don’t have the same weather) had gone away.

So I was already overjoyed.  Then after checking my mail, I received a package from Kaila@Healthy Helper Blog full of bars.   She is either awesomesauce or psychic because there are about 1000 bars in here (did I mention I’m a bar whore?)

Thanks Kaila! 

Today I ran 9 miles in the heat of Upstate.  I was able to run not only in a tank top but spandex as well.  Go figure.  Well when I got back, I was terribly hot.  I ran in the same outfit I’ll wearing at Flower City to make sure no chafing and burns would occur.  Last long run until Sunday.

I apologize in advance that I thought it was acceptable to take photos with giant sweat marks.

Yes I drink 2 pitchers of this daily. (From target Strawberry-Orange-Banana drink packets are the

But not really from the container...

It was also Christmas because my compression sleeves came in. 

I did shower and put on real girl clothes today I swear!

Today I promised Kelsey I would take her out to dinner at Lobster hours so that is what we did (because her birthday was a week ago).  Other then the beautiful weather, the easy going classes and delicious noms, it was a rather uneventful (but amazing day).


What I ate Wednesday:

I have never participated in this trend and very rarely even post half of my eats of the day.  But just for you guys-I’m diving right in.

For breakfast today, I decided to amuse you with cinnamon French toast bagel thins.  I don’t really keep bread in the house because I don’t eat sandwiches and when I do..I have two pieces and the rest goes bad.  So basically buy a loaf for the one time a month I’ll eat a sandwich.

I make my cinnamon raisin French toast bagels like normal French toast then top with chocolate peanut butter.  Yes it is nomtastic.  What is your favorite type of peanut butter? 

For lunch, Kelsey and I went to the dining hall.  Seriously, how she puts up with me so much is beyond me.  I’m trying to use the meals and so is she so it works out well.  I had a salad with mixed dark greens, strawberries, oranges, olives, blue cheese, and banana peppers.

I also had a flatbread sandwich with roast beef, spinach, tomatoes, mozerella cheese and crushed red peppers.

Then for dinner I had catfish, a baked potato and this salsa that comes with the catfish.

Doesn't this tater look like Mr. Potato Head? I almost couldn't eat it...

And cake batter ice-cream (which is not chocolate so I’m okay.)

Why they gave me two spoons...I don't know.

Speaking of the chocolate project-I’m at day 8 now and I haven’t craved any candy bars or pure sugars of any kind.  Although I would like a rather large piece of cake but that will have to weight.

Well loves I’m off to watch America’s Next Top Model 🙂


Question for you:

Why was your day awesome? 

Renouncing my “Foodiness”

Before I ramble away I thought I would define a few of my socially acceptable lolzisms.

Blech-similar to blah or ick.  Just more of an overall UGH.
Lolz-super happy.  If you use nothing else use lolz.
The of the best things of your life.  For instance, dark chocolate orange pancakes are the
Awesomesauce-just plain awesome.  Normally used in verb sauce.  For instance, Goodness your workout was awesomesauce.
Schmee-oh boo.  Or even awe that is adorable.  For instance-Schmee I just failed my math test.  Or shmee you guys are the cutest couple in the world.
I seem to make up a lot of words.  If you can think of more please let me know because I know there probably is a ton more.


I have a lot to ramble about today since I’ve been gone from school and campus the last couple of days.

Outfit of the day included colored tights.  Does anyone else where tights and shorts?  Colored tights and shorts?  I like to think I’m high fashion.

Top-Micheal Kors, Shorts old navy, tights target, headband from Puerto Rico.

I wish you could see how purple these babies are. I'll take a photo of blue tomorrow.

Anywho-I just found out our big swim team banquet (and party) is this Friday.  You know-where they celebrate how much fun the season was, get really drunk, give out awards, not move the rest of the weekend blah blah blah.  I have personal reasons why I chose not to drink, but this party is always the  Everyone is so hilarious (plus we get to go out to eat…PASTA). 

I think I’ll probably leave to go to Rochester for Flower city on Saturday morning, now versus Friday night.  Not that I plan to get drunk because that isn’t how I roll but I love my swim team and I miss them dearly.   I think I’ll go to the dinner and then come and get my sleep on.


Also-this is beginning the end of my semester.  I still have a LOT left to use on my meal plan (because I have eaten breakfast on campus twice and barely eat dinner there…).  So I’m renouncing my cooking and foodiness (minus the pancakes um of course!) and will be eating a lot more on campus.  I was thinking of perhaps doing a few blogs on healthy eating on a college campus but I’m not too sure yet.   So I no longer will be cooking a lot of new foods and showing you but I hope you still enjoy my ramblings. 

Dark Chocolate Peanut Flour Pancakes:
1/2 cup peanut flour
1/4 cup dark chocolate
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
2 packets truvia
splash of vanilla
about a 1 cup milk (more liquid is required for peanut flour)
**Can be poured into a waffle maker too.  🙂

dark chocolate peanut flour pancakes

Carrot Quiche with Chedder cheese, fruit salad and quinoa and lima bean salad.

Dinner was a burnt panini (because I love burnt things) with roast beef, provolone cheese and roast beef


Workouts today included running and swimming.  I was most certainly craving some sugared cookies today after dinner but I opted against and got some coconut coffee instead.  I have been craving desserts the last few days but I have nutrition class tomorrow so I guess that is incentive to actually do the project.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Do you consider yourself a foodie?
  2. 2.       Do you make up words?  Please tell me I’m not alone.

Roast Beef Sandwich of Doom

Today I woke up again with this early crap.  Don’t worry I’m making it three days in a row as my flight for back home leaves at 6:30.  YES, 6:30am.  Be jealous of my life because I know you are…

Incase you wondered, I found a nice new running route 7.75 miles near my house.  I ran it in about 1 hour and that is perfect for me.  My legs have kindly asked me to taper on down for Flower City.  It was 90% humidity at 6:30am!  Uh Northern NY does not have that.


Day 4 of the chocolate challenge can be in the front of my blog today.  Um-I ‘m not going to lie to you guys, today I literally put my hands into the cookie jar picked one up and my brother was like uh Hollie and I was like oooh god crap and gave it to him.  I have the memory of an elephant clearly.

Which is why I had chocolate peanut flour pancakes and they hit the craving…this time.  Yes, I would normally eat cookies in the morning as well.  When is a cookie ever a bad thing?

Eek I ripped one of them but it was still nomtastic.

I’m sure there is going to be sometime in the next month where I will crave some sort of cookie and cake but today it was okay.


Today my dad, brother, his friend, Anna and I went to Busch Gardens.  Busch Gardens is an amusement park about 30 minutes north of me.  It was voted America’s most beautiful theme park and all that jazz.  I’m actually not a big roller coaster fan but I do enjoy them now and again.  It isn’t something that I’ll be devastated if I miss if that makes sense.  I took a few pictures but not many.


For about ten years....

Friendship Flashback: Here we are ten years ago. Uh yes that is my natural hair color and I do dye it dark.

But here is More Busch Gardens

As you know, theme park foods are never too healthy but I was able to find this huge roast beef sandwich and (scalloped?) potatoes (at least I think so). 

Roast Beef Sandwich of Doom!


After I got home, my mom and I made some fish because if you didn’t know and wanted to win brownie parts to my heart (and it’s not breakfast time) cook me up fish + sweet potato+ corn/asparagus/artichoke/some sort of veggie.   We added some olive oil and baked the perch for about 15 minutes.  It adds such a flavor to the fish like you wouldn’t believe.

I tried to be a good food blogger and I took a picture of our set table too.  We enjoy our family dinner time.


Question for you:

  1.       Would you rather work out when you are freezing or terrible hot?
  2.       Rollar Coasters…Yay or Nay?
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