PMB of February

Another week, another PMB.  Another month, another montly recap.  Let’s combine them and save time for the both of (plus who needs five posts).  What sort of physical, mental and brags do I have for the month of February?


Physical: I ran my first half marathon in 7 months.  I didn’t die.  I was a real girl for a good portion of the month.   I can always physically brag about that.  Also I got a hair cut so I don’t look like a sleazer grimeball.

Mentally: It’s no secret that February was just a hard month for me.  It’s cold, I’m normally miserable during said month and it seems like the longest month yet it’s the shortest.  Someone tell me how that works because I certainly don’t know.  Oh where is the brag here, mentally I made it through February continued running, minimized bitching and lived the dream in my Russian hat.  I think that summarizes how awesome it was.


Brag: I’ve been taking a day off weekly from running for essentially the last month.  I have felt awesome doing that.  Some days I cross train, some days  I take a full day of rest.  It just feels great and I’m still running 70+ miles a week.  Gone are the days I need to run 90 mile weeks right now (preparing for cross country season).  Maybe I’ll get to running those weeks again but I feel no pressure with my running to do that.  Though let’s be honest, I don’t feel any pressure ever with my running.

Here is a photo of me running during one of those 90m weeks...good times...because it was summer.

Here is a photo of me running during one of those 90m weeks…good times…because it was summer.

I am sad to say that PMB’s for me has run it’s course for a while.  I may or may not bring it back on my blog eventually but for now it will be going with the wind.

Question’s for you: What are your PMB’s of the month?


Valentine’s Day PMB

Since last week was Valentine’s Day and PMB was not happening (because a main girl musing was), I thought I would post a PMB session about Valentine’s Day this week.  Well kind of…I wanted to blog about what I enjoy about being independent.  Seeing as I’ve spent roughly 2 years of my overall dating life in long distance relationships, it’s really taught me how to be INDEPENDENT.   Just to clarify that isn’t to say I enjoy long distance in the slightest…because I don’t.


Physically-Physically I don’t need to dress up for anyone.  I can dress for me.  Dressing for boys is different then dressing for girls.  I’m not meaning slutty but when you are dressing to impress someone you are interested in, you don’t dress the same way to impress the girls.  My girls like BCBG.  Boys can’t even put that sequence in the right order let alone know what it means or the significance.

Oh real girl clothes...they

Oh real girl clothes…they look…erm…um…nice…

Mentally-This is the hardest because mentally long distance relationships are the hardest.  They take a toll on you mentally and you begin to question a lot.  But don’t.  Everytime you are together you realize it’s awesome.  Every time.

Brag-Though I was a bit emotional last week because it all kind of hit me like that plague, I can honestly say I made it through last week.  I’ve made it through the last 8 months.  Some weeks we chat…some weeks we don’t.  It isn’t a typical relationship that we can just skype whenever we feel or talk whenever… Apparently talking on a plane is not appropriate.  Who knew.

being know...

being happy…you know…

But that being said I’m still 100% happy.

Questions for you: 

What are your PMB’s as of late?

Have you ever been in a distance relationship?

PBM: Week 5

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!  I know that this is prime time foodie day and I promise to give you a household recap sometime soon…Perhaps for WIAW: next week, though that seems far away.  You’ll be halfway to thinking about Christmas by then.

Moving on this marks week 5 of PMB .  Thursdays (Holiday or not!) are reserved for brag rights.  What physically and mentally rocks your socks this week?  What kind of accomplishments can you brag about?  Link it up!

Physically this week, I’ve been looking like a real girl and wearing blue jeans.  Okay I know what you are thinking (Hollie, you chose this last week) BUT when I wear pants…that is a big step in my life.  Let alone pants two days in a row.

But I included this photo because is it just me, or can you wear bug eye sunglasses and normally look like a real girl  LOL.  That is what I have been convincing myself anyways…

and this photo too to prove I wore jeans. And skinny jeans at that. It’s workout in itself putting those bad boys on.

Mentally, I’ve been going with the punches.  I’m on vacation.  I’m relaxing.  I’m being spontaneous.  I’m enjoying every moment of it.  I can’t run today?  Oh well.  I have to eat a 16 ounce steak?  Oh well…The biggest mental obstacle for me is I was thrown into a new environment with new people.  As some of you know, I suffer from huge social anxiety so this is a pretty big deal for me.  I’ve really tried to come out of my shell and meet some new people so mentally speaking that is what I’m all about on vacation.

Oh you wanted to split this brownie sundae…well okay if you insist…

Brag.  Do your brags always align with your mental post?  Mine seem too but this time I’ll brag and say I made it half way across Atlanta airport (that shiz is huge) in about 10 minutes.  My first flight was delayed and my second was boarding when I landed.  Final boarding call was coming soon so I hauled my ass like I was about to win a 5k across the airport.  It was a close call but I’m almost started elbow and spiking people again to make up for lost time in cross country. I made it and wasn’t even the last one, but seriously being in shape is such a bonus.  I would not have been able to move that quickly if my cardio was down. I wish I had done a vlog.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Questions for you:

What are your PBMs this week?

How is your Thanksgiving?  Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? What is your favorite dish?  (Do you hate 3 part questions that are really just one question?   

Passing My Last Hurdle to the Melting Pot

If you follow me on twitter then you know a few weeks ago, I passed my national final exam so that I could intern and do public health things.  No, it was not easy.  Yes, I failed a part and made an increable comeback to pass the exam but I passed and don’t have to worry about it.  When I got the email saying I passed, I sat there and cried.  I’m not joking.

Needless to say, my parents  decided to take me out to eat to a favorite restaurant The Melting Pot. The Melting Pot is a (high end) fondue restaurant that is extremely good (and expensive).  We don’t go there often so it was a very exciting treat!  (Maybe I was thinking about it during my exam to propel me through?).

Photos are much better then my musings.

I was even a real girl.  Side note, I’ve been growing my hair out for 6 months and it hasn’t grown LOL

Catching my parents laughing away

The cheese dip is my favorite part


Letting our main course cook


Main course meats

My name is Hollie and I wave around skewers like it’s no big deal (and drink coffee at 8:00pm)


okay no the dessert was my favorite part

Questions for you: 

Do you like fondue?  Have you ever been to the melting pot?

Have you ever had a close call with passing/failing something?

This was BY FAR my closest occurrence and it pretty much stapled me to my room studying all summer but it’s done and I don’t have to think about it again.

Wedding Joys

We should not talk about the ridiculousness of my weekend (more or less the drive back…it was so much “fun” I dedicated an entire vlog to it-coming this week. You know I normally only dedicate vlogs to cooking with your main girl (and yes I’ve filmed a few more-don’t you worry).

Jackie and I. She was such a gorgeous bride

Back to the wedding-I went to my suitemate’s wedding this past weekend.  I drove the *10* hours back to upstate because she is def worth it.

I texted this photo to my parents and they responded with…”we thought you would wear spandex”

Obviously paying attention…

They had the cutest idea for a photobooth there.  Needless to say I forced Tim to take multiple photos with me.

You know…normal..

You know…normal for me…


Anyways because pictures tell a much more age appropriate version of the wedding (kidding of course), that and they are more interstesting then my text.

Question for you: Have you ever been to a wedding? 

Friday Favorites: All Aboard USS Cray Cray Edition

Friday Favorites.  Where have thou been the last few weeks…months…okay whatever.  I haven’t been too Friday Favoritish because well-I haven’t had any real life excitement that can be claimed as a favorite.  What am I even babbling about-I don’t know.

Anyways-I’m not going to write a Friday Favorites blog on crap I don’t care for.  I guess that is the root of this blog because this week I have a few favorite things and lot’s of photos. 

Like this dress that I bought.

Because it reminded me of this ad.  Ie: my favorite perfume.

I would model just to wear this outfit and look as whimsical. This photo captures every part of high fashion I’d ever want.

That is mostly why I wanted to write this blog, to tell you I found a dress similar to that.  Other favorites in my life include:

Oh and this sign made me laugh for about 10 minutes the other day.  I stopped to use the restroom at the downtown community college near the mall…

I’ve been hanging up my ever so plentiful cat paintings

A wall of cats. Staring at my bed.

I had a buisnessey meeting the other day and had to dress like a real girl.

I have power, say what?

And finally-don’t ask me what I do in my spare time (or why I’m so weird). 

Where are the kids ready to run?

Hey look I’m a 5 year old blowfish

Now I’m a cross eyed 6 year old.

Oh wait-I think those cars are my kids and they have been watching me the whole time.

Question for you:  What are you loving on this week?

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Can you believe it’s Christmas? 

If you said yes, than well you can skip my ramblings.  I guess it must be that has been in the 60s all week in VA that have convinced me it’s still September. Although I’d rather not go back there.  I’ve only been back from school for a week too and have had a lot going on.


Nevermind.  Lolz got a Christmas Present from Chobani two nights ago.  (Yeah the dad photobombed…thanks dad). 

I ate the peach first.  Love peaches.  I love yogurt.  So peach yogurt is fabulous.

Had the vanilla Chob on my waffle yesterday morning.

Had the blueberry today for a snack. 

Apparently I had some lentil soup yesterday.  I’m sorry it’s not too appetizing looking.  I mean stare into a green bowl of mush and say give me some thanks.

What else did I have today on Christmas?  Gah.  Good thing I have my camera to take photos and document the process eh?

Dad told me and Matt that Santa does not come to people who are not functioning members of society.  Ie: change out of leggings and sweats.

I had a lovely Christmas with the family.  We celebrated with an annual get out of mom’s hair 10 mile run (Dad, Matt and I) and chilled.  Most of my family lives very far away so I don’t see them a lot.  

Like I said in my last post, I’m moving domains (well getting one) and I need a lot of help/advice.  If you can help that would be awesome.  Just email me at

Question for you:

How was your Christmas? 

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