Real Girl and Class Humour (vlog)

Right on, do you know what sort of blog I haven’t had in a while.  One that involves my personal life or getting dressed up and being a real girl.  Well that is all good because on Saturday I went to the swim team formal.   

I was pretty excited that they invited me seeing as I’m not on the team anymore.   Sometimes I like to pretend I exist outside of class, running and blogging.  Also and I have 100 dresses and can put at least 1 of them to good use.

Swimming formal is known for how much dancing there is.  I think most formals are.   Here are a few pictures of real girlesc.  It was certainly a fun night and you guys know how much I love being a real girl.  😉

one of my distance gals and I


Myspace shot...because I love to photobomb.


lots of ladies.


Oh and I thought I was share this story that happened in class.  For some reason, I thought about it as I was getting ready for formal so I decided to vlog it then. 


Question for you:

  1.  Do you like dressing up?
  2.  Do people like that amuse/annoy you?

I was more annoyed but couldn’t take my life seriously.  I sometimes wonder how people get to college.

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