PMB of February

Another week, another PMB.  Another month, another montly recap.  Let’s combine them and save time for the both of (plus who needs five posts).  What sort of physical, mental and brags do I have for the month of February? Physical: I ran my first half marathon in 7 months.  I didn’t die.  I was a […]

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Valentine’s Day PMB

Since last week was Valentine’s Day and PMB was not happening (because a main girl musing was), I thought I would post a PMB session about Valentine’s Day this week.  Well kind of…I wanted to blog about what I enjoy about being independent.  Seeing as I’ve spent roughly 2 years of my overall dating life […]

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PBM: Week 5

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!  I know that this is prime time foodie day and I promise to give you a household recap sometime soon…Perhaps for WIAW: next week, though that seems far away.  You’ll be halfway to thinking about Christmas by then. Moving on this marks week 5 of PMB .  Thursdays (Holiday or not!) are […]

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Passing My Last Hurdle to the Melting Pot

If you follow me on twitter then you know a few weeks ago, I passed my national final exam so that I could intern and do public health things.  No, it was not easy.  Yes, I failed a part and made an increable comeback to pass the exam but I passed and don’t have to […]

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Wedding Joys

We should not talk about the ridiculousness of my weekend (more or less the drive back…it was so much “fun” I dedicated an entire vlog to it-coming this week.)  You know I normally only dedicate vlogs to cooking with your main girl (and yes I’ve filmed a few more-don’t you worry). Back to the wedding-I […]

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