Nine Months of Blogging in Pancake Photos

If learn nothing else this school year, I think my photography skills for food blogging have come a good way since the beginning of the year. Although many of you didn’t have to put up with them until recently. God knows I’m not saying I’m a good photographer or even decent but I am 100% better then last August. Dear college tuition, you did something for me…I guess.

From the glorious Apple cinnamon pancakes I had at a diner in NYC...

To my first attempt at taking photos of pancakes back in August!

I guess I kind of progressed in September by at least naming my photos

October brought my obsession of Red Velvet Pancakes and my photography went from a 1 skill level to maybe 3

November was a good month for photo since I still actually use this photo of pancakes nomm.

December involved less pancakes because I was too busy scrapping my car everyday from ice. Poor Lorraine 🙁

But I did make gingerbread pancakes which I want really bad right now.

Jan was brancake time.

No notable pancakes of Feb so I focused my photography on quiches...

pumpkin pancakes are always the most photographic hands down...

Raspberry pancakes were the the theme of April, although my photography never improved.

And I'm just been in a waffle craze de May

As you can see in my nine months of blogging the only thing that is clear, is I still have some photography skills that I need to work on. A goal for the summer-perhaps. Throughout the nine months though, I still have enjoyed eating my breakfast as I have over 300 photos of pancakes and 100 of waffles collected on wordpress.
Question for you:
1. What is your more reoccuring photo on your blog of?
2. Tips for us “awesome” photographers?


Girl Was a Diva and Needed To be Sent Home.

Today was my last day observing in a classroom.  Now I have nothing to ramble away with on Thursdays.  Blech.    Except!

I do have more time to take multiple photos of myself.

Wearing my favorite outfit!

Working on my 50 page. Yes 50 page paper due next Thursday. (and exceeding my printing quota on campus).

Or mimicking my math class expressions. Pictures of me sleeping wouldn't be as um. interesting....

Well anyways-I know you were dying to see my face…but onto another face.  PS: I’m sorry for blowing up your twitter feed last night.  It was a big episode.

I tried to show the most divaesc picture of her.

Yes she has finally been voted off.

You are the weakest link.



Anywho back to today-Well first, ask me questions here and I’ll do another FAQ post.  You guys know I’m upfront and blunt and will answer 99% of questions.  But don’t ask why I’m extremely weird because god knows my parents haven’t figured that out in the last 20 years….


Notable Noms of the day:

Breakfast was raspberry pancakes. These pancakes turned out extremely well. Which is why I took a photo.

I actually had lunch at the school today and for obvious reasons, I couldn’t exactly whip out my camera.  It looked something like this though.  I wish my high school had those options all we had were chicken nuggets and French fries.  I would have gotten one of these wraps every day.

mushroom wrap. For a school lunch-I'm impressed.

Dinner (number 1) was just salmon and some cooked spinach.  Swimming at 7:30, I don’t want my belly to be too full so I had something light.  I’ll have dinner number 2 (god knows what I’ll forage in my house) after my swim sesh.

Fish skin is my favorite part. I peel it off and eat it last.

Hmm.  I feel like It doesn’t look like I ate a lot today so I’ll include my snacks.

One of my Snickers Marathon Bars in class yes pleasee

Grapes are my favorite snack ever.

yogurt and pumpkin is the snack.

I haven’t had ice cream in two days looking back so I’m feeling a milkshake for dinner number 2.  Always acceptable.


Workouts today included an hour running on the dreadmill.  It is seriously so cold and freezing rain does not help my situation.    I can run outside in the 15 degree temperature but not when there is freezing rain at 40.  I will much rather get my Tyra on. 

Tentatively, grandma Hollie plans to actual venture from my house past 7 pm and go swim laps during open swim. (With the screaming babies and god knows who else is there).. I want to get about 4000 yards in but you can check my daily mile to see if I actually made it there ha.


And Finally.

Tomorrows Friday which something I have been craving all week (more than usual).  I have an exciting revelation for all my college friends about another use for your race numbers.  Everyone else can judge me….

I'll use the number from this weekend...lucky 692

I think I looked so confused because I had been running for over an hour and a half and was rather uncoordinated to just stop running over a 1 foot line.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Were your high school lunches good or bad?  Do you pack/bring your lunch now doing whatever it is that you do. 
  2. 2.       What are you doing this weekend! 

If Cats Could Talk

mine would tell me to go back to school and get off her bed...

But anywho-

When traveling it is so hard to find decent food.  So freaking hard.  Today was no exception and I decided I wasn’t going to worry about it too much.  Airport food is just so grimey and delicious.

After I asked for my omelet onion free

I had a Greek omelet with home fries in Newark airport on my three hour layover.  Since you guys don’t know of my Newark adventures.  I hate that airport…I will avoid it like I avoid running on my heels.  My freshman year I had a layover for 12 hours over there, and they proceeded to tell me, my only way of getting home was flying to SAN FRANSICO and then rerouting me back to Norfolk unless I wanted to wait three days for a new flight.  So  NY->CA->VA.  Perfect sense…  My flight from Norfolk left at 6:20am, I sat in front of screaming kicking child and then sat in the airport of Newark for three hours.

Still jealous of my life?

After both my flights-I had a four hour drive to my actual school.   I ended up getting back to school around 5pm and went for a 7 mile run around 5:30.  My legs needed some sort of movement.

Here are some more eats:

blue cheese salad nom.

Salmon from Unos=favorite.

I was craving pancakes so bad when I came home..judge me if you want.


Here are my stats from last week, as promised I said I was taking it easy.

2.5 hours Arctrainer
2 hours swimming (6000 meters)
35 miles running.  All my miles were at a slower pace for me.

**I’m really proud of this week actually.   My college pool was closed during the only time I could go.  I had not planned on swimming at home (if you look at my blog last Sunday I had planned 1 hour of swimming), but then I decided that I would swim not once but twice at home.

This Is a huge step for my confidence back in swimming and also a huge step in my training.  I would have honestly done the Arctrainer burned another 1000 calories in the hour and felt awesome in regards to the amount of calories burned, but I swam, burned 500 calories and still felt awesome.

I have a tendacy to focus (in all aspects) that more is better , quantity of quality.  I feel that is typical of a lot of type A personalities.  That is why we speed and are always on the move.  More miles=more success, but that isn’t true at all.  You can’t have equality workouts all the time but you can have more quality days but taking more rest.

Anywho-off my tangent.


Next weeks goals:

But also:
3 hours swimming
2 hours arctainer (maybe)
40 miles (13.1 are FC baby)

I’m super pumped for this race.  I’m also super pumped because my dad agreed to speed down after finals and let me do the Williamsburg half marathon May 22 (but duh Daddykins will be doing it too)!  Since I wasn’t racing Plattsburgh, and after talking to a friend and realizing that would be 3 halfs in about a month, I still think it will be feasible.  I recovered rather well from Plattsburgh last week because I treated it as a long run versus a hard pounding death race. 

If you are interested in seeing my summer race schedule just holler, but they are shorter distance races.

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       What is your next “big race”?
  2. 2.       Got a (not-so) great airport experience?

GrimeGirl Time

Apparently everyone in the blogesphere is getting a forumspring so if you want to ask me any questions you can here.  The concept is you can ask anonymous questions so if you have questions about me, please go ahead.  I had one linked up to my facebook a while back, I didn’t use it too much.  Go figure the name is still lolzthatswim.

I didn’t actually realize so many of my blogging bffs were vegetarian
.  That is really cool and I’m supportive of each and everyone of you.  If anyone would like to write a guest post about what led them to the decision please feel free to email me

Today was not a real girl day by any means.  It was pouring rain and thunder storming and even making it across campus to class would be a journey for this girl.  I sported my favorite nike sports jacket that I got last summer for my birthday along with a long cami and forever 21 leggings.

If I smile you can’t tell I’m a lazy nonreal bum today

Ya know people holler at girls that look like this especially since it was humid so there was no point in even trying to groom my hair….

Last night around 3am it thunder stormed for the rest of the night and until about 7am.  I hate thunderstorms.  HATE THEM.  Me and the penguins cuddled all night last night hoping the storm would pass.  I really hide under my covers and have all the big pillows over my head.

Please go away thunderstorms or I'll never make it to class

If I use new dishes you will never know that I’m still eating a waffle.  This plate is courtesy of Julie and I absolutely love it.  I really want to get new plates this summer that are so cute so you can look at pictures of my food on cute plates.  (and then will forget that I’m eating the same thing.  All.The.Time)

Bad food blogger am I…

So as if my day wasn’t already pretty easy-I found this note on the door of coaching class today.

Lunch was a quiche today and spicy black bean quinoa salad.  The spicy black bean quinoa salad also had corn, tomatoes and some other random vegetables.

I’m not going to lie-my campus food is the and has plenty of vegan/vegetarian options.  My favorite little café, Dexter’s, is where I will continue to get my quiches.

For dinner tonight, I used my expert cooking skills.  I have a confession to make-I’m not really a foodie and like recipes that take about 5 minutes to make.  I’m a busy college student and between homework and such, I like healthy food that is rather quick to make.  Tonight’s dinner was no exception, I grilled a crab cake and added garlic, sautéed some vegetables (with more garlic and onion powder) and cooked a sweet potato. I always top my sweet potatoes with cinnamon and Greek yogurt.  If you have never tried it-it’s pure bliss. I think dinner tonight took me about 10 minutes to make and 1 to eat.

Today I was able to get into the pool and get 3000 yards in which was quite lovely. My workout was as followed:
1000 swim
2X800 Pull
400 butterfly kick on back

Questions for you:
1.       Do you make food that take a while to cook or do you like speedster recipes?
2.       Do you like your campus food?  Does it have somewhat healthy choices?
3.       Do you like thunderstorms?

Pizza, Pancakes and Working Out

Wow-where this weekend went is beyond me. Last night, I got a migraine and layed in bed watching movies and whatever else from 6:30 pm until 8am.  It was fabulous but I’m still some what tired.  So strange.

If you have been one of my blogging BFFS for over a month, you know where my favorite restaurant around school is.  Foxy Roxys (the diner with humungous and best pancakes ever.), Which is where I went this morning, because I clearly need fuel for a 9 mile run today.

But the best pancakes are the ones you don't have to cook!

My little ladies were so cute and they raved about how much they had missed me the last month or so.  I missed them a lot too and I’m actually not sure why I hadn’t been there at all during March.

My run was 9 miles at about an 8 minute pace.  I’m building up my base again, so I’ll take any injury free miles.  I’m not too worried that it wasn’t as fast as I would have liked.

For dinner (because I bypassed lunch), I made pizza.  Homemade pizza that is.  I seriously had the biggest fear that it would be hard concept to master but blogging BFFS it is the legit easiest thing I have ever made by myself.  (minus pancakes obviously)

This is just kind of my recipe but it is still in the process of additions/subtractions so ideas are always welcome:

2 cups flour
½ cup water
Knead the dough and put into some sort of baking dish.  I used a Pyrex because I don’t own any pizza pans (YET).
Add pizza sauce and cheese
Add your variety of toppings today was asparagus, olives and mushrooms because those were the vegetables I could find in my house.

Sheet Pizza Yes

And cook on 450 degrees for 15 minutes until the dough turns golden bornw and the cheese melts.


I will be making this a lot more.


A week in review:

Well on the nonworking out aspect, I had 4 tests last week which was kind of a pain and it kept me super busy.  I’m actually surprised I was able to get everything in that I wanted but I obviously cannot complain.

Speaking of my training, here is a run down of last week:

Running: 36 miles
Swimming: 2 hours
Arctrainer: 4.5 hours

My goal was too replace 30 minutes of Arc with 3 miles of running which I did.  I was also to swim 3000 yards twice this week which I also did.  I cut down in total 2.5 hours of Arctrainer this week so I’m pleased with that.  That might sound strange-but going from Arctrainering to running involves a lot more cutting of cross training.

I’m really proud of this workout week.

Next week, I plan to switch my miles around a little bit and make my longer run longer and shorten down a midweek run.  It seems reasonable and not too much pressure.   So in short my goals for next week are

Running: Between 35-40 miles
Swimming: 2-3 hours
Arctrainer: 2-4 hours  (I want this to go down to about 2 hours a week when my running hits it’s peak).


Questions for you:
1.       What is on your radar next week?

On the nonworking out end, I have a big education test called the LAST next Saturday so wish me luck. I can’t become a certified teacher in NY state without passing that test so it’s rather important. I’ll also be rather busy since I’m going to the high school 3 times next week. I have to go cheer on my students participating in the Mathelites competition on Tuesday. Wish their little smarty pants good luck. 🙂 But all of that is better than studying for a mass amount of tests.

2.       Ever made homemade pizza?

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