Blizzard Thoughts

As most people know, the North East got a blizzard this week.

In South Jersey, It cancelled everything.

It closed schools!  It closed businesses (like gyms!)!

It gave me plenty of time to relax and clean my house while I’m “snowed” in.  At least that was my excuse.   While it was a serious storm for many people, we didn’t receive much snow down in South Jersey.

The winter storm, Juno hit the east coast earlier in the week. I honestly didn’t realize there was a big storm coming until Sunday night. Then we got multiple news alerts, media updates and text messages to stay safe.

Due to the mass amount of media updates, many people panicked and bought out super markets from their produce, milk and eggs.

I had the fortunate event of working on Monday before Juno “hit”. I knew the storm was a big deal when it took me 8 minutes (due to lack of traffic) versus 15 to get work. It snowed off and on but nothing stuck. In fact it was safe enough I went for a 90 minute run before work with no issues.

After work I got home and went to bed. I snapped this photo for good measure.

The evening before the storm
The evening before the storm

No snow stuck.

I went to bed and woke up with about 2-3 inches of snow. It led to so much thinking.

The morning after with about 3 inches of snow (already plowed)
The morning after with about 3 inches of snow (already plowed)

How did the media create this to be a super storm?
I do realize areas such as the shore and Long Island received a lot of snow.  The Southern Jersey and the Philadelphia region did not. I was thankful for less snow because last week’s snow brought quite a few car pile ups and deaths.

Thought: People are complaining about the “lack of snow”.  While it stinks to not get as much snow, think about the lives that are saved because we didn’t.  Inevitably there would have been more car pile ups because people weren’t safe. 

What should I do on my snow day?

I cleaned my house.

Thought: My house was in desperate need of cleaning. It was nice to actually do that. 

While this snow day didn’t live up to the media’s expectation, it was nice to relax.

Questions for you:

Did you get a lot of snow?

What do you do during snow days? 



Random Thoughts

This week has been random.  I’ve been working on my wedding, running and just working.  Honestly, it’s exactly the routine I needed.

In no particular here are some (thoughtful?) random life updates.

Random wedding: I’ve continued wedding planning.  I know I’m beating the dead horse here but seriously when one thing ends, a new one begins.  Being a bride isn’t stressful, it’s just another portion on my life plate.   I have decided weddings are one big party and that is my take on it.

Random Running: This week I’ve had some tightness in my plantar fascia.  I’ve upped my mileage so it isn’t surprising. I got my deep tissue massage yesterday and am planning to rest today.  I don’t need to risk injury now.  My “go to” running problem (no matter how much I stretch) is tight calves which ultimately leads to tight a plantar fascia.  I’ve learned when things are only going to get worse and it’s time to rest.  I don’t foresee it being a problem since I caught it early.

I searched plantar fasciitis on my blog and this is the photo I found.  Random and it will do...
I searched plantar fasciitis on my blog and this is the photo I found. Random and it will do…

Random Creeping: I was staring out of my window a few days ago and holy view (via Instagram).  I could not believe how beautiful it was on the lake.

morning sunrise view

Random Life: The winner of the internet this week is Danielle.  She was able to find extremely inexpensive plane tickets to Rochester next weekend.  I was planning to drive but I’ll always choose plane ride adventures versus driving.  I’m still getting used to living so close to so many big airports (Philadelphia, Newark, JFK and even Baltimore).


Not even ashamed
Not even ashamed

Random Life Part 2: I’ve been craving ice cream more lately.  I don’t understand because it’s been so cold.

I seriously think I like whip cream more then ice cream.  Whatever...it counts.
I think I like whip cream more then ice cream. Whatever…it counts.

I think that is all I have for now.

Questions for you:

Do you have a problem area for running?

For me I know it’s time to back off when my plantar fascia gets sore.

Random Question for you: What TV shows are you enjoying?  I need something new to DVR.


Thursday Thoughts: Random as (insert curse word here)

I guess the title makes it more PG right?  I think when Amanda decided she was going to do a thinking out loud link up…she meant for it be a random collection of thoughts.  I am random and these are some thoughts I’ve had this week (after gathering them from my twitter).  Plus I haven’t done a Throwback Thursday in a while so I thought I would include that too.

This week has been a random week of getting back into the groove (after my homecation) and trying to clean up my house.  To be honest, I’ve gotten back into the work groove easily but getting my house clean has been another story.

It has been extremely chilly on the East Coast.  I’m not complaining, it’s just a fact.  I’m lucky that I’m taking a mileage cut week for running. I had planned to run about 40 miles last week but with my shake out run and long run, I was still at 160.  Therefore this week I committed to taking a lot of recovery days.  It’s always better safe than sorry. I will probably go run on the treadmill in a bit actually.

I’m making a trip to Upstate New York in a few weeks to visit some of my best friends.  I’m really excited for the adventures but not for the cold.  While I did go to school up in the tundra, since moving away I feel more and more like a baby.  Heck I don’t even like 30 degrees anymore (where I went to school there were a few -30 degree days).  I always feel bad for my friends up that way. 

LOLZ red dot indicates where I went to college
LOLZ red dot indicates where I went to college

Speaking of running, I updated my tentative 2015 racing schedule.  If you are doing any of the races, please let me know! I love to meet up and hang out with people.  I’ve been needing to clean up LOLZ blog.  I’m going to update my racing page, diner page and other random pages in the near future.  Blogging is so stressful and hardwork (LOLZ).

This is what I look like racing (as drawn a year ago).
This is what I look like racing (as drawn a year ago).

On a very random note, this is a pretty cool article.  I’m not a football fan but these people were scammed 500 dollars for Broncos play off tickets.  One of my personal friends Kevin B gave them his tickets.  I already knew Kevin was a seriously incredible individual but this proves it even more.  He is a great individual and runner.  Words cannot express how awesome Kevin is and this random act of kindness proves it even more.

Finally for throwback Thursday (I haven’t done one in ages) here are some relative January photos:

Four years ago I was in Puerto Rico for my college swim team training trip
Four years ago I was in Puerto Rico for my college swim team training trip (January 2011)
I really did swim in a past life...not a lie.
I really did swim in a past life…not a lie.
In 2012, I visited Lake Placid on the coldest day of my life.  It was -30 without the windchill.
In 2012, I visited Lake Placid on the coldest day of my life. It was -30 without the windchill.
In 2013, I ran Hair of the Dog Road Race in a dress (for the formal race division) and won overall female.
In 2013, I ran Hair of the Dog Road Race in a dress (for the formal race division) and won overall female.
Here is a serious photo
Here is a serious photo
Last January, I pretended to skiiing...when in reality I saw inside with my future inlaw and drank coffee.  (But I supported T and his dad...so it counts)
Last January, I pretended to skiiing…when in reality I saw inside with my future inlaw and drank coffee. (But I supported T and his dad…so it counts)

So that is my random thoughts of the week.  I don’t think you feel anymore or less enlightened since spending a few minutes browsing LOLZ blog but happy Thursday.  Enjoy your day.

Questions for you:

What were you doing in January 2011?

What is a random musing week? 

Reads, Running

When You’re Injured…You Learn Things…

Keeping with thinking out loud this week,  I decided to group a bunch of random thoughts together.  This time they were not my own but advice I gathered from my facebook page.  

In yesterday’s post,  I asked myself (not out loud…that would be awkward) but asked myself: What have I learned from being injured?  Not just my previous injury but from all of my injuries…

This past week I reached out to people online…

What did you learn while being injured (and what injury)? 

Josh F: Not ignoring an injury just because it doesn’t affect you WHILE you run. If it hurts badly afterward, it needs taken care of. (This is something I think a lot of runners, including myself, struggle with.

Marie P: I’ve learned to be patient with the comeback. Don’t boost miles too quickly and don’t expect your speed to be back within a few months even when your base is built up again. Speed takes longer to return than endurance.

Marie and I
Marie and I.  Marie has been one of the best supporters and friends I have had since the very beginning of my running career.

Run Buzz: Most injuries are caused, have warning signs and “just don’t happen”. Most can be prevented, but our own stubborness often gets the best of us. Also, just like a car…. “We need preventative maintenance. Flexibility, Mobility, Deep Tissue Massage”

Courtney A: I learned that running doesn’t define me. I also learned that I’m more dedicated and resilient than I realized. Also, I discovered the importance of strength training.

Running doesn't define us...we met doing an open water swim!
Running doesn’t define us…we met doing an open water swim!

Mike D (my favorite twinning running race partner): Heal drops are the only thing that helps bad Achilles.

At Shamrock this year.
At Shamrock this year.

Jennifer B: I learned it’s not the end of the world to take a day off because you’re hurt. I learned the sun will still rise if I skip one run. But most importantly I learned that I can survive taking six weeks off and come out stronger and faster than ever before! (Something I’ve learned too. I have come back stronger from every single injury I’ve had as well Jennifer).

Andrew R: I had a torn achilles last year during a trail run while speed training. I realized that I really am human.

Victoria K. Anderson Pool run like a boss.

Oh m gosh, kicking old school in 2011 with a photo of Victoria, Jenn and I
Oh m gosh, kicking old school in 2011 with a photo of Victoria, Jenn and I

Kennedy R: During my three stress fractures and compartment syndrome, I learned that any run is better than not being able to run.

Craig B: Sometimes injuries take a very long time to heal. And sometimes they are not superficial. Sometimes they require so much attention, they require no attention at all.

MyPat B: I’ve learned a greater patience. I’ve learned so much about my injuries that I should be in the medical field. I’ve learned about cross training. And I’ve learned that you can make many conversations and friends with an injury. (You and I both Pat. I don’t think I would survive medical school though).

Angela D: My most recent issue with my toe and heel! I learned that life exists outside of running and also that unfamiliar running shoes should not be bought on sale! Only buy sale shoes if you have previously worn them and or know for certain they won’t destroy your feet. Aside from these things….over the many years I’ve been running I’ve learned that I am not invincible or special and I too can get injured so I need to take precaution and recovery properly between runs.

I completely agree with Angela. Running shoes should only be bought if you have fine research and at least tried them on. New shoes can cause serious damage if you are unfamiliar with them!

Camelia M: I learned to never ever run again through an Achilles tendon injury. By doing so I had sacrificed 4 years of training and ended up having two surgeries on the same tendon.

Amy Scott-Lundy: I learned not to push recovery. I had to take a few unexpected days off occasionally, especially when I was just coming back to running. Better to take a day off if something doesn’t feel right, than to run and have to take more weeks off.

Another big thing was getting my gait reanalyzed at a running store. Maybe this is more important if you actually injure a foot, which I did, but my running shoes of choice have changed. (And don’t wear the old shoes after you get reanalyzed- the sides of my legs were hurting like crazy from the stability… donation bin!! )

I agree completely with Amy. Always make sure you are running in proper shoes (Running store nerd alert).

Rebecca B: I feel like I have FINALLY learned to take time off when something is starting to bother me before it morphs into a full blown injury.

Karen R: Through IT band issues, I learned how much running really does for me – mind, body, and soul. I chose a very conservative approach to returning to running, one that had no room for ego. It takes discipline to go out and run a marathon, but it takes way more to increase your runs by 1 minute at a time!

Kara T: I am currently coming back from “self-imposed” time off from running due to some lingering heel/calf muscle issues. Taking time off from running is Soooo hard! However, I’m finally embracing pilates, spin, and strength/form drills! I’m seeing the importance of hip strength and core fitness. Injury has taught me to listen to my body and take a “Less is More” approach. I’ve been able to step outside of my comfort zone- “of just running” and make time for the other exercises my body needs.

I appreciate everyone who contributed facts you’ve learned. Hopefully it will help someone else in those shoes. Each person, injury, running and training plan is different.  I love hearing about what other people have learned from injuries.  

Questions for you:

What have you learned from a more serious injury? 

Have you ever taken time off just for a mental break? 


How My Parents Became Proud Owners of a Donkey Named Badonkadonk

Yesterday was national dog day.  While dogs are cute (my parents own two), I’m not really a dog person.  Our landlord said no pets so that is the excuse I use when people ask why we don’t have any dogs.  I like other people’s dogs but I’ve never really wanted dogs of my own.

I tweeted yesterday asking if there was a national pet donkey day because my parents own one of those too.  It seems like everything has it’s own holiday these days, so why not a donkey.

But before explaining the story, let me take a selfie
But before explaining the story, let me take a selfie

Immediately I got multiple responses about the donkey and asking for pictures.  Long time readers know that my parents somehow accumulated a pet donkey but I wanted to spread the joy with everyone.

About 10 years ago, (gosh I feel old now), my parents bought a second home on the Eastern Shore of VA. Unlike where they live now, most of the area is farm land.  They bought it for once both my parents retire to move somewhere peaceful.  The house is beautiful and located right on the water.  There are three houses nearby and a bunch of cornfields.  It’s adorable, peaceful and relaxing.  Neither of my parents are farmers or people that know much about farming.  We’ve always lived in rather populated areas and farming never interested them.


The previous owner of the house was a farmer himself.  He owned a donkey, a pig, two chickens and two goats.  When he moved out, he asked if he could if he could leave the animals there while he found homes for them.  They essentially could live off the land and didn’t need anything (from my parents).  My parents said sure…

The first time I visited the house, I loled and said we should name the donkey: Badonkadonk.  My parents and brothers thought it was funny.  It wasn’t our donkey and we didn’t expect to see him for more than a few more weeks so we did.

Hello ladiez
Hello ladiez

Long story short, the previous owner never came and got his animals.  The pig eventually lived a good life and passed away.  The chickens ran away (hopefully not too far because the Perdue farm is right down the road).  My parents began renting the house out and opted to give the goats away to someone who wanted and could care for them.  Goats are mean creatures and the new tenants had a baby.  After putting an ad on craigslist that said Goats for free, they were given a new home in two hours.

Bandonkadonk still lives strong though. We have no idea how old he is or anything about raising a donkey.  Google provided basic information and he has never had any health scares (We believe he must be over the age of 30). The farmer said they live off the land.  We feed him horse seed as well as the acres of grass he has access too.   He seems to be happy and always loves visitors.