So Much Waffle…So Little Time…

It’s no secret that every Monday I post either a pancake or waffle creation.  Though I try not to be biased, some of my recent favorites have been waffles.  Since really the only recipes I do post are breakfast related I get a few questions on how to create the “perfect” pancake or waffle.  Or I’m generally associated with only eating pancakes or waffles…whatever floats your boat.  Instead of posting a recipe today, I just thought I’d share some of the questions I’ve gotten as of late.

Do you ever use egg whites instead of whole eggs in your recipes?

I personally don’t because I have never had luck with egg whites creating a crunchy waffle.  The waffle has fallen apart more times then I can count with using egg whites.  It has nothing to do with nutrition or calorie count, but I have found that eggs bind the waffle so much better.

Here is what happens when I try to use egg whites...oh well.

What sort of waffle maker do you use?

This one from target.  A little more expensive and I’ve gone through 3 in my lifetime but well worth it.

What is your favorite waffle?

Currently the oreo waffle is my favorite.  My staple and easy to make is probably the red velvet waffle too.  I have been tending towards sweet lately.  I went through a savory waffle phase a few months ago.

How many waffles do you eat daily?

Ha, this question made me laugh.  You see I don’t actually eat waffle and pancakes as much as you would think.  Sometime during the week I have one to create a new recipe.  I normally have a high carbohydrate one before races (3 hours before), and then maybe 2-3 times at other times.  I’d say I probably have 5 or so waffles/pancakes weekly.  It just seems like I have a lot more because that is really the only recipes I post.  Oh well.  (Incase you wondered, I consume a lot of eggs as well).

What do you top your waffle with?

Yogurt, sugar free syrup, peanut butter or if the recipe has a specialty topping…then that.


What kinds of flour do you use for waffle making?

Normally whole wheat or buckwheat (I personally like how dense buckwheat is).  I also use peanut flour if I want a higher protein (only available online I think?).  I’ve used coconut flour once and I just recently posted an oatmeal based waffle.  I don’t use a lot (or any) really specialty flours such as almond meal or whatnot.  I just don’t have a need nor do I really care too.

That’s all the questions I’ve gotten thus far.  You can always ask specifics or more.  I’m here for all your waffle needs.

Questions for you:

Any waffle ideas for next week?

Have you had luck using egg whites?

I don’t know why but they fall apart for me…so I gave up on that quite a while ago.


Making Time for 70+ mile Weeks

Here is probably the biggest question I have received thus far:

How do you make time to workout so much?

Before I answer this question, I am going to emphasize I have been asked in a number of ways.  Sometimes from other athletes who are looking to up their miles (right on).  Some times from nonathletes who think I’m crazy (whatever).  Sometimes in anonymous snarky emails implying I have an eating disorder or exercise entirely too much(false).  Somewhere in there are a few people who are just curious. 

I can break it up like this: I don’t have a family.  I don’t have a family I’m cooking for every night or seeing every night.  I can go to my house after work and sit around or I can go to the gym.  Tim lives 2000 miles away…it’s not like by going to the gym before or after work, or going to bed at 9pm I’m missing out on seeing him.  My family also lives 500 miles away…

Most of my friends are busy at night.  Going along with families…most of my friends are in graduate school or finishing their undergrads and doing homework or taking classes at night so I tend to hang out with them Friday, Saturday or Sunday and when they are free.  For me I have that extra time right now. 

I also don’t need any sort of internal motivation to drive me to the gym.  I get there by myself because I want too.  I don’t waste time by thinking…oh what if I go..what if I don’t.  I just suck it up and go.

I normally try get a 10 mile run in before work.  Work starts at 9 for me and I’m up by 5.  I go to bed by 9:30 every night.  When you have a 10 mile run done before 9am…the after work possibilities are endless…minus when I am tired then I just go home.  That is that.

I know this is pretty short and I’m not really sure what else to say but point blank I make the time.  I don’t not have the time because I don’t have a family to take care of, other people depending on me at night and I have that free time.  When my schedule becomes less flexible…it won’t happen.  You better believe I’ll plan to run high mileage weeks, but I won’t have time for that extra cross training or weight lifting and that is fine.

Finally, my miles are running.  When I say I run 70 miles a week, I’m not running 50 miles a week and biking and swimming (as many triathletes…go you guys!).  I’m just running.  90 minutes of running weekly is still only 10.5 hours a week of running.

So that is how I make the time.

Question for you: How do you make the time for something you enjoy? (work out or not) 

Some more Fun Facts.

It’s come to my attention that I’m a very private person.  Not intentionally but you don’t really know much about me other then a. I’m sarcastic and vulgar, b. I enjoy running or c. I like to make pancakes.  I do exist in the real world occasionally too.  Whatever.

Moving on-most of my personal posts come from Q&A’s and various questions people submit which (as always) I’m pretty open if you want to submit a question at my gmail (lolzthatswim).

Anyways following suit I’m doing another Q&A post with more answered questions.  I’m a very private person in general, it’s not that I don’t enjoy sharing various information-I just don’t really think about it.  I’m a very yes/no type of person and don’t add lots of adjectives and descriptive.  (That’s obvious considering I don’t like to do more than 500 word posts).

Why do you run?  What is your favorite part of running?

Running for me started as a workout between swim seasons (you can read about that here).   I run because I truly enjoy it.  It’s personal time for me (cliché) and I like to do things that I excel in.  I’m going to workout if it’s running or not, so might as well do something I like.  I’m also a high strung person so it get’s some of my excess energy out.

I’m NOT by any means saying I’m an Olympian runner but I do know it’s a talent I have.  (I don’t do coordinated sports…can’t cook…clean…so running it is).  I enjoy pushing my body to limits and seeing the end result.  Is every run good?  No.  (duh and don’t bs me saying it is) but is it worth it PRing?  YES.

My favorite part of running is the feeling right after you PR knowing your training has worked out.


Tell us more about your boyfriend.  You’ve been dating a while and I think we have seen 2 posts about him…maybe.

I literally typed that out when I read that question so I thought I would keep it there.  Yes, I have been dating Tim for quite some time now.  We are in a long distance relationship (he lives in Texas) and I live in New York.  So of course you aren’t going to see a lot of posts about him when I’ve seen him TWICE in the last 7 months.  (Can I bitch to you about females that are cluttering my feed about their long distance relationship?).   I’m not one to really whine too much about it because for me it is worth it and I know it won’t really be like forever.  Tim is currently in flight school (so I don’t even get too talk him every day).  So yes that is our relationship, I could do a sappy post about how we met through running but I’ll save you from that.

This is us in real life...

This is us in real life…

Did you enjoy college?

I enjoyed college and in hindsight I wish I had an easy semester…one semester that would have been nice.  I spent every semester being busy and having a hard course load with at least 5 classes.  I was a double major until the end of junior year (double major means you have to have 5 classes to graduate on time) and then flew the coup and changed my major senior year to community health (I had ch minor).  So then I spent my senior year (as well as 2 summers) overloading classes to finish in 4.5 years.  But in hindsight, I truly enjoyed my years of college.

I look like I enjoy college here...

I look like I enjoy college here…

As always you can ask me questions and I’m open to answering them. I got a lot more questions about running after I had written this post so I’ll include that next. I’m not running a lot of races so won’t have a lot of race review posts so this can tide you over.


I haven’t done a Question post in a while and I have a few questions to answer…I know so thrilling.
1. Your humor seems very dry and sarcastic. Are people in the real world put off by it?
Probably. I really don’t think most people know when I’m joking or not. I’m not rude and I have a really high pitched voice so I would like to think I don’t come off that way. I promise 95% of my posts are sarcastic and should be taken with a grain of salt too.
2. Do you find yourself able to relate to other bloggers?
Yes and no. I feel like every blogger has posted “I’m not like other bloggers” and okay that is probably true in some degree. People get this general opinion that every other blogger is the same except them…in reality we all blog. Some are fitness bloggers, some food, some hair…life…whatever.
There is no one person I can relate with 100% but there are many people I have things in common with but then again isn’t that in real life too?
3. What do you want to do after your internship?
Your guess is as good as mine because I really don’t know.
4. Do you plan on getting married in the next 2,5 or 10 years?
Well I don’t think I’ll be married in the next two years. I would like to be married in the next 5 but it takes two to tango.
5. Whats the point in exercising so much while you’re injured? Its not like you’re a pro athlete who NEEDS to maintain their base…why not take a break? Maybe thats why you keep getting such serious injuries? What are ur longterm goals w/ this training?
I appreciate you spending the last couple of days to ask me all these questions. Anyways-I guess I still have a long lost dream of going to nationals for cross country by maintaining my base (as I was seeded to do before I got injured)

I have gotten one serious injury from overtraining and that was last summer on my birthday. None of my other injuries have been because of running. I haven’t talked much about my cause of my foot injury, but it had nothing to do with running. My blood clotted in an unfortunate place being my heel. If it had clotted anywhere else in my body-I would still be running. The cyst took up a large amount of excess space in my heel which caused a small minor tear off my metatarsal.

Honestly you are right and I’m not a pro athlete and probably never will be. But why can’t I do something that makes me happy? Because I still want to exercise for an hour a day during this injury.
6. This isn’t a criticism or anything like that…just a genuine question! You said you’re now eating 2000 calories as opposed to 2600 because you’re not running…but you’re still working out for upwards of 2 hours a day, so why the change in calories?
When I was running I was burning between 1000-1200 calories most days. I’m exercising at very most 2 hours a day right now and that includes any core or weights I’m doing. Let us be honest here and say that an hour of weight lifting burns a different amount of calories versus an hour of running.

Anywho now I’m normally burning between 600-900 calories a day depending on what I do. I Most days it’s about 700 plus some weight lifting.

7. Do you drink anything besides coffee or water?
Yes, I drink a good amount of milk and also a lot of diet dr pepper and mountain dew. Well I take that back-I’m currently addicted to cherry pepsi. (Yes-all the soda I drink is diet…) I would rather get my calories from cream in coffee.
As always-feel free to ask questions via email, or on formspring (which seems to be popular as of late). I don’t have a problem answering questions, just check yourself before you anonymously post rude questions. They don’t get my panties in a bunch don’t worry.

Question for you:
1. Any more questions for me?
2. Tell me a fun fact about you.

Q&A Post

I haven’t had a Q and A post in a while and I’ve honestly had about 100 Q&A questions…well not 100 because I don’t have that many friends but like 10.

1.       How many calories of cream do you add in your coffee?

I honestly don’t know.  Probably about ½ cup and that isn’t a joke.  So maybe 100-200 per 24 ounces?  There are some things in my life that are worth it.  Being lethargic after cream of coffee is one of them.

Cream with a side of coffee

2.       Do people think you are as funny in real life as on your blog?

Um, well I think so.  I’m not anyone different on my blog then in real life…I really don’t try and hide anything from anyone in “real life” or become a different person online.  Many real life friends (shoutout to you guys…comment away if you want) have found my blog and I love it.

3.       You mentioned you suffer from social anxiety…what do you mean by that?

Though this isn’t something that comes up a lot but I do not like to be around a lot of people at once.  I have had panic attacks (not in the last couple of years) from being in extremely crowded places.  I can’t control them and it’s obviously not every time or even half the time.  I know when one is building and I just remove myself from the situation so it becomes not a big deal.

Think of social chlaustrophia.  Very crowded places for too long or being around a group of people for several hours can trigger them.  It doesn’t really hinder me from living life-however I will say during the start of a few road races, I have felt really panicky.  (Another reason I enjoy smaller races).

4.       When do you think you’ll start biking and doing Triathalons?

IF I start biking, it will be after I have expelled all my energy to running and have grown tired of it.

5.       Dogs or Cats?

I’m not a dog person.  At all.  I just don’t care for dogs and when I’m on my own I will not be getting one.  (I guess unless my future husband wants one…granted I find a future husband) but enough rambles I like cats.

and this is my cat.

6.       Will you add more photos on your blog posts?

Sure.  I just haven’t really had any relevant ones.  I have a fancy camera, but it’s big and I hate to lug it everywhere.  I think I’ll start taking more photos of my iphone and adding them to posts.  I know wordy posts are boring.

Here is a photo of me and beans. I won said can of beans in game of BINGO in nutrition class.

7.       Will you do more of your life posts, you seem to have an exciting life and I would love to hear about day to day musings.

Yes, I can do that. I really don’t have that thrilling of a life (I promise).  It’s mostly just laced with sarcasm.  I have literally just been working, driving, running and sleeping.  I’ll get on my real life posts.

8.       Why don’t you work during the school year?

I work my booty off during the summer so I didn’t have to work during the school year.  As much as you probably don’t believe me, I’m pretty good at sticking to my budget.  I buy a lot of specialty food online then just buy the rest at the grocery store. I have a pretty strict budget with clothing and stuff,  I just choose to explode your tweet feed when I do decide to go shopping.  I was a full time student and with being a varsity athlete as well, if I threw a job on there it would be instafail.  Don’t get me wrong, my parents helped me out as during college but I did not rely on them like in high school.

9.       Would you ever pace someone in a race?

Yes.  I pace my younger kids in their road races but I would pace someone older too.

10.   Do you still eat a high protein diet?  I haven’t seen any posts about it in the last few weeks?

Yes, my apologies.  I’ve been busy with work and life and everything to write up so more decent posts.

I still enjoy my steak.

As always you can ask me a question on formspring, email or comment and ask…. 

Question for you:  Tell me something random about yourself. 

Memorial Day Funskiis

My memorial day was a lot of fun.  I normally spend it being lazy, opening my pool that I manage or just hanging out.  This year was different as I drove all the way to Charollettesville, VA.  (all the way, meaning….2.5 hours…ha).

If I only knew what adventures were going to happen…

Something that has been asked to me a lot via email is what do I eat when I travel?  Do I get nervous that it isn’t my normal food, or food that I’m used too?  Does it make me anxious? 

*First, I eat enough to fuel me.

The answer to being nervous and anxious-well no not really.  Don’t get me wrong-I love the travels I do and I love eating out, but eating out everyday for a week is when I normally get sick of it.   There comes a certain point though when all I want to eat is homemade food or not make a big production of going out to eat.

Plus-I’m forever hungry so I’m always eating more than everyone else combined.  Why yes those are 5 powerbars and 3 muscle milks in my back pocket…problem?  I just always remember that a week is nothing in your big scheme of life.  You can get back on board when you get home and not worry in the moment.

This weekend I was lucky enough to go hang out with my running buddy and his family in Charolettesville.  His grandparents made homemade ice-cream (the best I’ve ever had), we had ribs, brisket.  Everything was so good.

If I hadn’t mentioned before, Tim is also a collegiate skiier, so water skiing was like…no big deal…for him.  For me it was instadeath. 

I “preferred” this water bouncy thing.  When they were pulling us around, we thought it would be funny to dive off when they weren’t looking. 

Oh my stars.

It was. 

Question for you:

1.       What do you do about traveling and eating?

2.       How was your memorial day? 

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