PMB of February

Another week, another PMB.  Another month, another montly recap.  Let’s combine them and save time for the both of (plus who needs five posts).  What sort of physical, mental and brags do I have for the month of February?


Physical: I ran my first half marathon in 7 months.  I didn’t die.  I was a real girl for a good portion of the month.   I can always physically brag about that.  Also I got a hair cut so I don’t look like a sleazer grimeball.

Mentally: It’s no secret that February was just a hard month for me.  It’s cold, I’m normally miserable during said month and it seems like the longest month yet it’s the shortest.  Someone tell me how that works because I certainly don’t know.  Oh where is the brag here, mentally I made it through February continued running, minimized bitching and lived the dream in my Russian hat.  I think that summarizes how awesome it was.


Brag: I’ve been taking a day off weekly from running for essentially the last month.  I have felt awesome doing that.  Some days I cross train, some days  I take a full day of rest.  It just feels great and I’m still running 70+ miles a week.  Gone are the days I need to run 90 mile weeks right now (preparing for cross country season).  Maybe I’ll get to running those weeks again but I feel no pressure with my running to do that.  Though let’s be honest, I don’t feel any pressure ever with my running.

Here is a photo of me running during one of those 90m weeks...good times...because it was summer.

Here is a photo of me running during one of those 90m weeks…good times…because it was summer.

I am sad to say that PMB’s for me has run it’s course for a while.  I may or may not bring it back on my blog eventually but for now it will be going with the wind.

Question’s for you: What are your PMB’s of the month?


Valentine’s Day PMB

Since last week was Valentine’s Day and PMB was not happening (because a main girl musing was), I thought I would post a PMB session about Valentine’s Day this week.  Well kind of…I wanted to blog about what I enjoy about being independent.  Seeing as I’ve spent roughly 2 years of my overall dating life in long distance relationships, it’s really taught me how to be INDEPENDENT.   Just to clarify that isn’t to say I enjoy long distance in the slightest…because I don’t.


Physically-Physically I don’t need to dress up for anyone.  I can dress for me.  Dressing for boys is different then dressing for girls.  I’m not meaning slutty but when you are dressing to impress someone you are interested in, you don’t dress the same way to impress the girls.  My girls like BCBG.  Boys can’t even put that sequence in the right order let alone know what it means or the significance.

Oh real girl clothes...they

Oh real girl clothes…they look…erm…um…nice…

Mentally-This is the hardest because mentally long distance relationships are the hardest.  They take a toll on you mentally and you begin to question a lot.  But don’t.  Everytime you are together you realize it’s awesome.  Every time.

Brag-Though I was a bit emotional last week because it all kind of hit me like that plague, I can honestly say I made it through last week.  I’ve made it through the last 8 months.  Some weeks we chat…some weeks we don’t.  It isn’t a typical relationship that we can just skype whenever we feel or talk whenever… Apparently talking on a plane is not appropriate.  Who knew.

being know...

being happy…you know…

But that being said I’m still 100% happy.

Questions for you: 

What are your PMB’s as of late?

Have you ever been in a distance relationship?


Hello blog friends!  I can’t believe how many people are liking my facebook page.  I know 40 is not a lot but for me, I’m super jazzed.  That should really be my brag.  Look mom, I have 40 friends!  I do have to say when my mom’s doll clothes company liked me, I got really excited.  You guys know how close I am with my family.

Welcome to another week of Physical, mental and brags.  As the weather decides to be a bit friendlier towards my life, I find it a lot easier to find positivity.  I know a lot of people complain about the cold and I can honestly say I’m one of them. 


But there are fun things to do in the cold.

Physical: Physically, I’m SLOWLY started to notice a change in my core and ab strength.  Though I haven’t been exactly the most consistent and best core worker..I have been doing it daily and I’m slowly starting to see a change in my abs.  Am I working on core strength to get ripped? NO, but it’s always nice.

Mental: Mentally.  I am going to point blank tell you…I love my job.  If you could pick up the center that I work, move it to somewhere closer to my family and Tim, I’d be living the dream.  I wish it didn’t come down to that though.

Brag: I am now living on a budget.  Let me tell you (I’m telling you a lot of things right?)…for someone who didn’t have a lot during college (yes I worked my butt of high school and summer so that I didn’t have to WORRY about money during actual college years) this is rough.  Considering my savings is slowly decreasing I am really learning to budget.  I am learning that buying everything on sale, coupons and REFILLABLE coffee mugs are the way to go.  (Yes, I treat myself to gas station coffees).  Not the starbucks $4 cappuccinos but I still treat myself occasionally.  I was never an excessive spender, but now more then ever I’m more weary of my spending habits.

I’m learning sometimes you do have to say no if it’s nothing something you are interested in.   For those interested, I use the spending app on iphone and it is seriously amazing. I track everything.

I apologize for the lack of photos…I had nothing that related and I’m not taking pictures of my stomach and abs.

Question for you:  What are your PMB’s of the week?


I’m running out of brags for myself.  LOL, a lot has happened in the last week involving me running on little to no sleep.  I need at least 8 hours to be life functional…I don’t even pretend I can be in a good mood on anything less.  


Physical: Physically, I have been a hot mess. I can’t really brag about that though…in the positivity post of the week.  Anyways- I am still really basking in the photos I got done.  That might make me sound cocky but I really think they turned out so well.

Hollie 175 EDIT toasted nero-M

Mental: It’s hard to start a new training program and not know where it will take you.  That is what starts for me very soon.  I’m just maintaining a base and starting weight lifting.  I’ll probably be sore. It’s also hard when you feel like you are burning the candle at 12 ends (because I was a physics major) but really you aren’t. Some days I’m super busy..some days I’m not. I’ll complain…but we got to do what we got to do…I guess.

Brag: I’m starting to get my routine down packed.  I am a very routine person and I like that. I have started to get my routine down pact and I know when I need to go to bed and wake up to be most efficient.  You heard? My other brag was that I somehow napped for over 4 hours last Saturday as still able to sleep at 9pm.

So with that this PMB is somewhat shorter.  To summarize I’m starting to adjust to the cold and back to work but it’s certainly a hard adjustment.  I’m okay with letting myself sleep versus going outdoors and running…it’s cold and I’m tired.  I won’t deny that fact.  Here is the part where you tell me awesome job for listening to my body…

Question for you: What are your PMB’s this week? 

PMB’s of New Life

Oddly enough, I’m surprised people enjoyed my review post. Since you probably won’t see another one for a few months I hope it tides you over…

Since last week I had a brag session about my time back home, I thought this week it only makes sense to do a brag session about my time back at work.  Which is somewhat stressful, but then again going back to school for the first couple of weeks was stressful.  Starting a somewhat new job and being completely away from the college setting…is well…stressful. 


Physical: Physically my photos are starting to trickle in from when I got some done and I’m really happy with how they came out.  I know if you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen a lot…but if you don’t here is one.


Mentally:  I’m back at work.  I’m mentally nervous and hoping I do a good job at work.  I can’t rely on my parents for things anymore.  That is scary.  A lot of people talk about they don’t know exactly what they want to do after college.  Well I’m out of college (have a starting job) but still don’t really know.  I won’t be at this job forever and eventually I’m going to need figure out a career, but everything seems enjoyable in my career.  That is hard to fathom that I’ll have to narrow down my interests and apply to a job I can move up the chain eventually.

Brag: I’ve cut down on all my workouts and not worried about it.  I’m running more miles, but do far less (if any…I’m working on that) cross training.  I’m putting my JOB first and still training through the winter.   I’m bragging because I’m still training and running outside when I can.

10000 Questions for you: 

1.       Did you start a job right after college?  Did you get a masters degree? 

2.       Do you know what you “want to be when you grow up”

3.       What are your PMB’s?

PMB (week 10?)

Physical, Mental and Brags of my break.  Similar to college breaks (oh right because I’m working on a college campus), I had a very long and extended time at home to figure myself out.  As happy as I was at home, I’m also really really excited to be back with some of my new friends and working as well as starting a new chapter in my life.  


This round of PMB (week 10??), I think I’ll highlight my some successful fun I had over break.


Physically:  Physical aspects of myself…This one actually took the longest for me to write this week.  Normally I can just say I’m god’s gift to the world.   Physically during my break,  I made myself be presentable most days of the week. 

real girl.

real girl.


Mental:  This was the easiest one for me.  Being sick half of break (and having awesome plans to run high mileage) I mentally just said no.  No I’m not going to run through and end up on the side of the road…why would that be fun. 

Brag: I ran 5 road races over break (4 5ks, and a 20k) and I won 3, placed 2nd in one and got 3rd in another.  One of the 5ks that I ran in December was only a few seconds off of my personal best time so that was exciting.  I enjoyed the running I did do…would I have liked to run more?  Sure, but as I say often…running is a collection of workouts versus a single week or month.



All in all I had a great break but I’m more then excited to be back.  I know I bitch about the cold (because I hate it) but I’m glad to be back working again.

Question for you: What are your PMBS?


First, peoples thoughts about yesterday’s training and eating was quite interesting.  It was all over the place.   I encourage you to read the comments (because normally comments to any post are my favorite too).  In all, we concluded that you should eat what works for you and “listen to your body”. 


Moving on:



I have fallen off the wagon with PMB I think.  I need to either a. promote it more (and create an entire campaign with giveaways, promote the crap out of my blog and became a famous blogger), or b. just keep doing it for me and if someone else wants to chime in and do it for them…then I’d love that too.

OH wait a second and hold the front door?


I never started this to turn into a campaign or an event to rule the blog world.  I started a physical, mental and brag session each week (after pulling Thursday randomly out of my butt) because I wanted to celebrate my accomplishments thus far in a week span.  It’s not quite Friday but just close enough that I’m sure I’ve made some sort of accomplishments throughout the week.   I think people are point blank to hard on themselves to begin with.  Remember in school, when you would have to grade yourselves on projects?  I seem to always give myself the lowest grade.

So with that, let’s celebrate some physical, mental and brags of the week. 

Physical: I’ve started to pin my bangs back and I’m digging how my face is framed again.  I’m not sure if I’ll grow them back out (it was kind of a short lived bang spree) or keep them but I do know I want to change my hair somehow.


Mental: Mentally, yesterday was the first day I ran after my race on Saturday.   I haven’t really been working out all week and mentally it’s hard but feels great.  As an athlete you begin to question will not working out for a few days will ruin fitness I’ve built up over the last few years…the answer is no, no it won’t. 

As proven here when I didn't run for 2 months due my cyst and then ran a 24 minute 6k...

As proven here when I didn’t run for 2 months due my cyst and then ran a 24 minute 6k…


Brag: I can’t reveal too much on the blog but I’ve been working on the best Valentines Day gift my feeble mind has ever thought of.  It’s kept my mind pretty busy and I’ve spent as much time working on it that I would working out LOL.

Question for you:  What are your PMB’s of the week? 

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