My Name is Hollie and I Post Dirty Lies

I have a confession to make blogging besties.

Yesterday, I posted a blog titled Red Foot or something like that.  My foot is not actually red…but hot pink.  Don’t ask me how this happened because quite frankly I don’t know.  I told Nikki about it so I thought perhaps you guys would get enjoyment out of it as well.

My pink pen exploded all over my foot. 

It all happened when I was working on homework two nights ago.  I sit Indian Style always and I was playing around with my pen…when all of it sudden the bottom just gave out. 

My foot is actually pinkand nothing that I do (nailpolish remover, peroxide, actual showering with soap and water, oh and pool chlorine) has gotten it off.

So I lied.

My foot is pink.

Who the hell does this happen to.

No seriously….if you can answer me that you automatically win my giveaway


But on less pink notes and things about my feet (because I’m embarrassed to even talk about them).  Today I made chocolate peanut flour pancakes in baby form.  I often have a debate with you guys about big pancakes versus lots of little ones.  I personally like one big dense one but I’m in an underwhelming minority.

Well today I made about 10 babies.  They were cute and delicious.  Still taste like chocolate and peanut flour.

Lil' Babycakes

Lunch today I ate with Julie.  Dexter’s café is closing this week (and won’t be open during finals) so I have to get my quiche addiction in before the end of the year.).   If you live in the VA beach area, or within an hour let me know your fav quiche destination and I will be there.  No really.

Smoked Salmon Quiche is Quiche of the week...I wish I could eat this forever. With Quinoa black bean and tomato salad

Dinner tonight was with Jenna my swimming bff.  At least I think so…I’m not entirely sure she feels the same way ha.  ;).  Ha kidding of course.

with lots of blue cheese of course

I like to call this salad-please don’t get in line behind me when they have artichoke hearts at the salad bar salad.  The warm weather has made me crave cold fruit, refreshing salads and just plain fruity things.  Don’t ask because once again I’m weird and have no explanations.


Updates on my blisters (because I know you all are terrible curious), I’m running in old shoes that don’t run and it’s going well…I’m still in pain at night (weird) but when I run it goes away…or maybe I just focus on other things.

Well-I’m off for a little swimming sesh with my housemates and Jenna.

I also promise I’m never posting about my feet again.  I mean Chuck blatantly thanked me for not putting any pictures of blistery feet online. 


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Do you crave certain things with the change of weather?
  2. 2.       No seriously-how can I get this ink off my foot?
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