WIAW or What I Take Photos Of

It’s Wednesday already?  Okay well, I feel I made an effort for taking some food photos from the last week rather then just throwing them all together and calling it a day.  Mostly because I like to instagram things. Though if you follow me on instagram you probably think I only have coffee. 

I haven’t been able to have salmon in a couple of weeks and boy did I miss it

Goat cheese salads are my favorite


Fish and green beans…what I had in my house before going grocery shopping.

chocolate waffle topped with peanut butter

hoarding gas station coffees…



Finally, as you guys know I’m having a GIVEAWAY.  So please check it out as I have less then 200 towards my goal.

Question for you:

How is your Wednesday going?

Do you like whip cream?

I like my whip cream with a side of coffee.


WIAW: Since Whenever I Posted My Last WIAW

I feel like as bloggers we must think that our lives are so interesting all of the time.  That if we have down time, how the freak will you ever blog if your life is…dare I say it “normal”. 

Sometimes I wonder if as a blogger, people really think I live some exciting and always joyful life that I can plug an interesting life post everyday.  Or that I’m motivated to post everyday because my life is just that fabulous.

Well my life is fabulous but I must say, even when my blogging has been lacking. So with that I’ll just post some photos of my eats.  Not sure how recent they are and time stamping them won’t do anything for you or me.  I will tell you though what I’ve been enjoying since returning to eating by myself.

Actually that is a dirty lie,I have been eating a lot on the campus with people I’m working with.  I promise I’ll do a full internship post soon but why do one when I haven’t been there long enough to accurately judge.  Seeing as I haven’t done a WIAW in a few weeks is all I’ve eaten since last time…

I think I’m now in love with garlic pizza

The campus actually has a great salad bar

I went out to eat and had a goat cheese salad (the key to my heart)


Waffle topped with peanut butter


And who could hate on soft serve ice cream?!

Question for you:

What do you do to stay motivated to blog? 

What have you been eating lately? 

WIAW: While Traveling

WIAW: On my travels last weekend

Since I have been rambling about my traveling so why not to do a WIAW about my travels.  First and foremost, you as blog readers should know I have become obsessed (probably obnoxiously) with instagram.  So much so that I instagrammed half of my eats during the trip because I’m sitting in a car for 8 hours and it’s boring so why not.  (that and maybe my photography would look comparable to a normal blogger’s)   

Like I said…it all started with this Wendy’s Salad. It was quite good

I like quest bars and protein pudding, so I packed a lot for the drive

I had a lox (salmon) omelette at one point. The omelette wasn’t actually all that great.

Peanut butter toast+fruit at the hotel breakfast

And then a waffle and fruit before my race (2 mile swim)

A salmon Salad at a restaurant on the beach

Second, I eat a lot of seafood when I eat out.  I eat things that I can’t cook or prepare myself because it makes it even better.  Third, I don’t throw a hissy fit about eating at fast food.  Case and point, we ate on the road-they wanted Wendy’s…I got a salad…and that was the end of that.

And more unfood related instagrammed shots.  My little username is fueledbylolz (because you can never get enough of me).  Isn’t that easy?

tee hee waking up in my hotel bed before the race

Question for you:

1.       What do you eat on travels?

2.       Do you like/use instagram?

I did not at first, but now I’m obsessed.  I’m eating my own words on that one and I take full responsibility for that.

WIAW: Lowering those Carbs

As promised for WIAW, here is a post (I believe last Thursday) of everything that I ate.  This was a pretty optimal day for me, I got in a lot of protein and fat, and minimal carbohydrates.  On this particular day, I also didn’t eat any ice-cream or sweets (which I do maybe every other day…every two days).  With that being said here is what I had that particular day. 

And to answer you r question Chuck, I do infact know how many carbohydrates I have daily.  I have an entire spreadsheet devoted to them to email back and forth to my nutritionist.

For breakfast I had peanut flour pancakes.  Peanut flour has saved me from ever having protein powder again (and for having pancakes).  I have pancakes and have my protein+fat+a few carbs.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without it…actually on days I don’t-I normally have eggs.

Who would take a guess that these had 42 grams of protein.


Lunch (my lunch is normally exactly at 11…I can’t wait past that..I’m starved!) was this pretend omelette I made.  Pretend because my omelette flipping stinks so it becomes scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese in it.  I really like to have a lot of eggs daily, this post might not show it but for me eggs are like liquid gold.

Topped with some red pepper and ketchup (duh)

Snack was Chobani Greek yogurt+2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

I should have put the peanut butter at the top so you would know I wasn’t a dirty liar.

I liked it so much, I had a bonus round again 2 hours later.  (You can refer to the photo above for ease…)

For 5pm Dinner, my mom was making crock pot chicken (my absolute favorite).  I opted for the nonrice and bread version and as I explained in a previous carby post I added kale+mushrooms+garlic gloves+egg plant (why not?).

For 8pm dinner (why not?) I just found some left over steak and corn and ate it with ketchup.  Because who doesn’t love a bulging protein belly at 8:30pm?

I hope that entertained you as much as it did for me.  😉  If you have any more requests, feel free to email me at lolzthatswim at gmail

Questions for you: Do you eat at night?  What time do you eat dinner? 

Race Eats

I guess we shall just keep this running shin dig rolling into another running post. Your comments from yesterday’s post about real running really warm my heart!  I was pretty nervous that some people wouldn’t feel as strongly as I do, but it’s a really big topic that I even talk about in real life with my nonrunner friends!  😉 

Since it is a what I eat Wednesday day, I thought I would share some of my favorite prerace foods. 

I must say-I’m mostly boring when it comes to prerace foods.  I have never really had a point where I ate too close to a race and vommed for running but I’ve come kind of close.   I have with swimming and vom+chlorine water.  Oh dear but that was because I ate a piece of pizza literally 10 minutes before swimming the mile race.   In middle school, I knew how to prerace fuel let me tell you.  My only concern with middle school swim meets is how much pizza I could have. 

I digress.

Depending on the race time and how far it is away-I will eat different things.  Any races after 8:30am-I’ll wake up around 6 and have a waffle or pancakes.  I eat them every morning before I do my training runs-why change it?  They give me energy and I always feel more comfortable.  The only thing I skip though if it’s race time, is yogurt.  That normally doesn’t sit well in my stomach.

oatmeal pancakes have been my prerace choice lately (in my recipe section)

Dairy won’t sit well in my stomach via running or swimming unless it’s had 2 hours to digest.  I don’t like to take chances-especially in longer races.  Yogurt is the most awful thing to feel when you are having a hard workout, in my opinion at least.

So let’s all pretend that you are shocked that I eat pancakes before a race.

Confusion face shot. Appropriate.

What happens if the race is at 7 am?  Am I waking up at 4 to eat breakfast?

I can honestly say I have never done that before.

Then it comes into, well how long is the race? 

(I should have made a flow chart).

If the race is under an hour I will have a snickers marathon bar.  They have never once upset my stomach and we all know how much I rave about these and eat them like candy.  I normally will have one before the race and one after-usually an hour before.

I normally hoard and have about 20 on my person at all times.

If the race is more than an hour and starts before 8:30am (ie: 10 milers and halves)., I’ll have a bagel with peanut butter or pumpkin butter.  I’ll still eat it about 2 hours before and normally cold.  I don’t toast my bagels a lot but before races I do.  Random fact of the day.

Toasted bagel with pumpkin butter. Also peanut butter, but not almond butter because I don't care for it.

Keep in mind this is all eaten with 24 ounces of coffee and 24 ounces of powerade zero.  Both are my favorite prerace beverages of choice.  For me personally, I can stomach coffee before races but I know that is not the case for a lot of people.

Because gas station coffee is the bomb.


Question for you:

1.       What do you eat before races?  After races?  During races? 

2.       What can/can’t you stomach during races? 

Like I’ve rambled…the only thing I’ve had a problem with is stomaching yogurt.

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