Breakfast Date with Shannon

On Saturday I got to finally meet a blogger I had recently started following (well 2 or so months ago).  When I found out she actually lived in my area, I immediately planned a means of attack…I mean…hang outShannon is fabulous, she is highly intelligent (dietetics major is no joke) and just a down to earth funny person.  It was certainly one of the highlights of being home and we have already made plans for another breakfast date.

Plus she went out on Black Friday and scored some serious deals.  Jealous because I have yet to start my Christmas or birthday shopping.  Too many people born in December.  Kidding.

So yes long story short, we went to a Restaurant called Baker’s Crust and I had a hard time choosing breakfast.  They had a lot of smoked salmon options as well as pancakes, waffles…ect. That being an understatement, I tend to get eggs a lot of the time because I can cook pancakes…I can’t cook eggs or omelets to save my life.  They look like goo.

So I got a goat cheese and crab omelet with spicy jalapeno toast.  You see, the jalapeño toast is important because the waiter proceeded to fist bump me and say great choice.  He later became a very obsessive, chatty and talkative waiter.  He was quite nice though, just willing to talk your ear off.

We spent the better of two hours just chatting and was such a nice morning…Though I was surprised the waiter didn’t follow us to the car.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       What is the weirdest waiter story you have?
  2. 2.       Do you like to eat out for breakfast?

WIAW: Instagrammed

I always feel like it’s somewhat cheating or boring because if you follow me on instagram, I normally post these shots and so it’s like you are seeing the same thing..over and over again…but alas I don’t think anyone is really that concerned with it. 

With that I will dump some of instagram eats on you blog readers and commentary (per usual).  


When I go out to eat I get omelettes…because I can’t make them.  (stuffed with crab and mozerella…topped with mushrooms and feta cheese)

I like raw fish (Sashimi).

Giant 1.1 pound steaks…Recovery food of champions.

Protein smoothies have tickled my fancy lately

and no day is complete without my love for coffee.


Question for you: What have you been eating and loving lately? 


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