Friday Five: Unlucky Pi

This week has two functional events:

Friday the 13th and tomorrow is Pi Day

Today is Friday the 13th!  Again!  I graduated high school on Friday the 13th and I was about 10 minutes from being born on Friday the 13th…dad always tells me that my punishment for getting out too quick (and being born Thursday the 12th) is that I’m still unlucky.

friday the 13th meme 1

Here are Five Relevant and Interesting Articles for Friday the 13th:

  1. 13 Facts about Friday the 13th (November is the next month we have one!)
  2. Why is Friday the 13th so unlucky? 
  3. Two Straight Months with Friday the 13th 
    • Random but what did you do on February 13th?  I remember that I was nearly late to work because my car slid on ice.  I guess that isn’t something to be remembered….no harm done.
  4. 13 (More) Facts About Friday the 13th (It’s unclear why it’s feared…yet it is.  I needed an article to tell me that one).
  5. Here is a photo from my high school graduation on Friday June 13th.

    I'm the one who looks like I'm 10 feet reality I'm 5'8

    I’m the one in the back row who looks like I’m 10 feet tall…in reality I’m 5’8

Anyways, moving on.  Friday the 13th is unlucky (so stay safe)… 

But…Tomorrow is one of my favorite March Holidays…

Pi day!

Also because it’s 2015…at 9:26 am…it’s some magical time since all the numbers line up.  Many, many moons ago I was a math major in college…so math has a special day in my heart.  I took a lot of math courses in college (I was a math major for a while and decided to go into public health.  Long story short, math and pi day always has a special day in my heart!)

The funny this is, however, I don’t like pie.  (Hashtag #Cake4Life).   I do like Pi though! 

Here are Five Relevant Articles to Pie Day:

Here are some interesting Pi day facts to get your knowledge on:

pi day 2

  1. The Pi website 
  2. Facts and LOLZ: “What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o’-lantern by its diameter? Pumpkin pi!”
  3. Everything and Anything Pi 
  4. Wiki How: To Celebrate Pi Day (this is hilarious)
  5. And because we know I love my memes: pi day meme 2


Since my blog generally has nothing to do with pie (but something to do with being unlucky) here are some updates from my personal life.

  1. Wedding planning has got me swamped. We have less than a month to go and it terrifies, overwhelms me and excites me.
  2. My butt is a pain in the butt. I have a post coming out on Sunday about my leg, hip and butt.  We have isolated the problem (somewhat) but there is a lot going on in my left leg.
  3. Make you work, make you work. I am working a lot.  I am busy, with my job…blogging is not my job.  I love you guys but I also love my job.  It’s like a 10 hour black hole of minimum internets.
  4. My facebook page only needs 17 more likes to get to 800. I’m not sure what 800 does for me, but please help me out!
  5. I’ve begun to Spring clean a bit when I have the time.  I have a lot of unused running gear, cool things and whatever else.  Some stuff I bought before trying it on and it doesn’t fit, etc.  I’ve debated doing a massive give away on the blog to people that will use it…or I’ll donate it to Goodwill.

Questions for you:

How will you celebrate Pi day?

What are your plans this weekend? 



Fun Reads: February 20

I can’t believe it’s actually Friday.  This week has flown by.   This time next week I will be enjoying myself in the warmth of Phoenix, Arizona and honestly I can’t wait.  I haven’t had a lot going on this week (never a bad thing).   This last month has honestly taken a real toll on me.  I’m cold, miserable and just want to stay inside.  Each year I don’t think it’s possible to dislike winter anymore and each year it proves me wrong.

On the cold note, does anyone else feel like February really brought the winter?  January was a cold month but it feels as if February has just been brutal.  To my knowledge, a negative degree windchills is not normal for this area of NJ/Philly.  It doesn’t make me miss Upstate, NY and I feel for my friends in Canada.  Hopefully March brings warmer weather.  As you can tell, going to college in the arctic tundra of New York state makes me not miss that climate. 

How I ran outdoors yesterday:

Incase you wondered my layering system: 

Bottom: Tights and sweats

Top: Tank, knit sweater, Gore wind resistant jacket, puffer vest, arm warmers and mittens

Head: ear warmers and Burton hat (Burton hats are actually made for skiiing)

running outdoors layering me

Here are some articles I have been enjoying without leaving my house. 


Inflammation (A great and information post about inflammation and if runners are relying too much on NSAIDS)

8 Health benefits of Coffee

Metal Health:

12 Ways to Avoid Burnout (I think this can be applied to any different topics and activities.  There is a lot of great advice here).

Thoughts About Male Body Image


Forget Barefoot, new Trend for Minimalist shoes I love my max cushioned shoes so I can completely relate to this.

Stop Comparing your Running 

Blogging: The State of Blogging Great post on how blogging has changed in the last few years.  It really makes you think.


10 Signs You are a Retired Swimmer (Yes on all accounts…I don’t miss swimming at all right now)

15 Most Expensive Places to Live in the US (I was lucky enough to run through a few neighborhoods in the number 1 spot and holy moly.  I will say I had assumed NYC and San Francisco would be in the top 5!)

From LOLZ:

Runners You Might See Part 1, Part 2


Dealing with Deployment

Best Races to Run in NJ

Some Fun Winter Races

That is all I have this week, enjoy your weekend.

Questions for you:

What are your plans this weekend?

What articles are you enjoying this week? 

Are you Prepared?

This isn’t a normal topic for LOLZ blog, but last week I thought about how the Winter Storm “Juno” didn’t affect New Jersey/Philadelphia as predicted.  While I was happy that it was’t as serious, it did made me think what if had closed down everything for a few days.  After graduating with a degree in public health, I can truly say staying healthy and safe (mind, body and soul) has always been a passion of mine.  While I no longer work in the field anymore, I do volunteer and educate to stay current in the field.

Then after spending time in Rochester last weekend, I realized I’m no longer in my “winter element”. If there was a snow storm in New Jersey, I don’t know if I would truly be prepared.

I was discussing with a coworker yesterday that it’s important to be life prepared. It’s important to be prepared so that you don’t “just run out of food”. It shouldn’t be the night before a storm and half of the town is at the grocery store.  The night before the storm last week, half of my town was in the grocery store.  Did we need those items?  Probably not…we could have made it through a day or two stuck at home.

The storm taught me a valuable lesson.  Despite not affecting us the way it was predicted too, it made me think about how prepared am I for emergencies?

How prepared are you?

Not only prepared with food but also prepared with making sure to have items like a flashlight or extra batteries incase the power goes out.

While it is true that disasters are relatively rare, they do happen. It’s better to be over prepared versus under prepared. Similarly, it’s better for the weather channel to overestimate snowfall versus underestimate.  If one life, injury or problem is saved because everything closed, then good.

After googling different ideas and lists to stay prepared, I came across this infographic!

The public health major in me says: when creating a food checklist, you should be detailed. Don’t simply gather random snacks from the pantry and place them in a storage bin.  Since you are preparing and putting foods away for later, try to have foods from each food group if possible.  Something I often forget is also making sure to also store necessary equipment and utensils to eat the food. Food checklists are an important part of emergency preparedness.  

Preparing for the Unexpected an Emergency Food Checklist Infographic


When I got home from Rochester yesterday, I actually printed this out and stocked up on some food to keep in my pantry.  I can survive a few days without power and with food.

I decided to grab:


  • Canned meat including salmon, tuna and chicken
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned fruits.  I really like canned pears and peaches
  • 4 miscellaneous canned soups as well as black beans

For section 2, I opted against freeze dried foods.


  • Let’s be honest that we have enough instant coffee, sugar and cream packets to last a week already.

Some of my favorite snacks that we stock in the house:

  • Beef Jerkey (so much protein!)
  • Pretzels
  • Cheese its
  • Wasabi Nuts (Has anyone tried these?)
  • Cereal


  • We always have powered juice packets (It’s actually a staple in my current diet because you can bring them anywhere and I prefer that over water)
  • What are some good dairy options to keep stored?  I know almond milk doesn’t spoil
  • We have 2 cases of water and a brita filter stored too.

Equipment for food:

  • First Aid kit.  Every single family should have a first aid kit in their house and vehicles.
  • Quick Stove.  This is something I used in backpacking to make food when there is no access to power.
  • Utensils and food preparation: Make sure to have cutlery as well as a can opener and pan to boil water on a quick stove.

As you can see this is just one list to help in food preparation.  There are many more.  I liked this one because it gave me a good list of what to have.  

Questions for you:

Are you prepared for a big storm?

What are some foods you stock up on? 



Articles: Jan 23

I alluded to this yesterday but this has been a weird week for me.  It’s hard to believe it’s actually Friday.  That being said, working in retail weekends are just another day.  Thanks to everyone for some great ideas on TV shows to DVR.

I’ll keep my post short and sweet today but here are some articles I’ve found the last week or two.

article meme

Blogging Articles:

4 Ways to Avoid Blogging Burn Out

9 Things only a Blogger Would Understand (So many LOLZ…so little time).


Stylish People Say How Much They Spent This is so interesting!  There are some clothing options I cannot even imagine spending 5 dollars for!


Running in Your 20s

How to get Excited about Training Again  Such a great and timely article, especially training in the winter!

Do Epsom salt baths really work? 

Interesting Articles: 

How to be Imperfect  & Still be Perfectly Happy  No one is perfect but accepting that is key!

25 Ways to Stop Feeling Over worked and Overwhelmed I’ve found this so true.  I’m often guilty of filling my life plate way to full.

From LOLZ:

A Look at my Personal Eating and Marathon Training

Don’t Survive Winter Running…Prosper

Are Paying for Facebook Ads Worth it For Bloggers? 

Questions for you:

What articles are you enjoying this week?

Do you have any weekend plans? 


Articles: December 26

The day after Christmas is always a weird day (in my opinion).  It’s like post Christmas blues day.  At least today is Friday though.  Speaking of the 26th, in Europe it’s referred to as Boxing Day. A little known fact of LOLZ is that I grew up in England.  Since it was far before I blogged, it doesn’t get mentioned too much. ;).  We would always refer to the 26th as Boxing day.  It seems like it is slowly making it’s way over to the US.  It was normally a holiday for my parents and a day we “boxed up” gifts.  HA.

Here is some information about Boxing Day.

boxing day

I’m relaxing with my family in VA the next few days (as well as trying to get some wedding stuff done).  It’s a much needed homecation (is that even a thing?).  I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to visit for this much time but really happy to be able too.

I’ve been doing a lot more reading and relaxing (both blogs and articles) lately, so I have a lot more to share this week.


Saving money when you live alone

Living with an ED (Part 9)  (I always appreciate how open and honest Danielle is.  Her whole series is a great read and I would 100% recommend it to anyone (suffering from an eating disorder or not)

10 Ways to Stay Warmer Without Killing Your Heat Bill  (I’m always ten jacket layers in front of people)



The 0.0 Run in Philadelphia (Seriously, who wants to do this with me.  To me it just sounds like a 20 dollar bar cover charge.  A lot of runners are getting so raged about this..I just think it’s funny).

How exercise changes our DNA

Sneak Peak at Shoes coming out Spring/Summer 2015  (New Dream shoes coming out!)

Why Running Hurts Every Part of Your Body

28 Facts about Cross Country (ha!  This is so true and hilarious)


Butter in your coffee?  I’m curious to see what other people think about this.  Honestly, I would rather just eat my calories versus loading up with a 200 calorie buttered coffee drink.

19 Signs You are a Coffee Addict 

Science urges people to stop drinking low fat milk


Bill Nye Explains Evolution with Emojis  (If only he was a little more accurate.  Thanks to Victoria for clearing that up…Oh well at least he used every emoji).

Cats on Christmas

From LOLZ:

Signing a Wedding Dress Waiver

(Personal) Looking Back at 2014 Resolutions 

That is all I have this week.  I’m going to relax and enjoy some more friends and family time.  This down time has been glorious for my soul.

Questions for you: 

How was your Christmas?  

What are you up too this weekend? 

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