Nutrition is Everything

This article that went viral really resonated with me. It made so much sense. Graduating with a degree in health, we learned the majority of people in America are medically overweight. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. The majority of Americans aren’t running and exercising like they should be. That is why over half of Americans are overweight and 1/3 are obese.


That isn’t the case of the majority of runners. Most runners are not overweight. Many people begin running to lose weight, find out they really like to run and are hooked. Do you know what? That’s awesome. That is so awesome you began running to lose weight. Now you’ve lost weight and are living a healthier lifestyle. To each person that shares that common factor, I couldn’t be happier for you.

There is a sub section of athletes that take running and nutrition to the extreme. Whether you started running to lose weight or whether you want to continue to improve your time. Nutrition is one of the key factors to running well. You can’t run a marathon at your full potential fueled by Doritos. Similarly, you can’t run a marathon to your full potential under fueled.

Something I found extremely interesting was that eating disorders and disordered eating are extremely prevalent at a college level. I saw this first hand in college as well as post college (when I worked at a college). I saw several athletes dropping too much weight during season and PRing the entire cross country season. Only to arrive at the championship race, underfueled and both mentally and physically exhausted. It resulted in having the worst race of their season at the championship level. It ended the season on heart break and most often an injury or two.

Eating disorders are almost nonexistent at an elite level. Why is that? You cannot reach your full potential by under eating and not fueling appropriately.

If an elite runner eats a more nutritious but identifiable diet, then why can’t a standard person or a sub elite athlete? There isn’t a secret to becoming a faster runner, a more toned athlete or living a healthier lifestyle. We don’t need the “latest and greatest” or “recently discovered” most nutritious food. Most elite athletes aren’t counting calories or worried about too many carbohydrates and calories. Both men and women at the elite level are more worried about not enough calories.

I think part of the issue stems that America is very much a for profit society. Our healthy insurance coverage proves that. Marketing companies prove that. We as a society are lured into trying the “latest and greatest” foods. Meanwhile Kenyans far continuously produce the top distance runners fueled on oatmeal and high calorie tea.

What are your thoughts? Are we as a society to wrapped up in quick fixes?


Hashtag: Coffee

Yesterday was national coffee day,  a day dedicated to coffee.  When people think of LOLZ they associate my blog and I with coffee.  Until August of this year, I posted a photo of my daily coffee.  I “streaked” up to 1000 days of taking a photo and posting it on Instagram.  As with most things in life,  nothing lasts forever and I stopped posting the infamous #coffeeaday at 1000 days. So thank you everyone that wished me “Happy National Coffee Day”…no it’s not my birthday or a day dedicated to me.  No, I didn’t go crazy and drink enough coffee to kill a horse…

I didn’t drink full led coffee everyday (I am known to drink decaf) but I did have some form of coffee everyday. 

It made me think about some interesting benefits of coffee, the history of coffee and just everything about coffee.

First, to answer why I drink decaf:

Not that I feel I need to justify it but I like the flavor of coffee and at 8pm, I don’t want a pot of full led coffee with caffeine.  There is a time and place for decaf coffee because not everyone can have full led.  I’m never embarrassed because I truly enjoy the flavor.

Some fun articles about coffee:

Happy National Coffee Day 

History of Coffee

More History of Coffee

The WEIRDEST coffee experiences (This is so fascinating and interesting)

Weirdest cups of coffee (Coffee poured over cheese is number 1 so you know this will be good)

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Coffee and Athletic Performance

Coffee and Athletic Performance (a second and very interesting article)


coffee meme 1

coffee meme 2



Questions for you:

What is your favorite coffee? 

I enjoy wawa coffee (pumpkin spice or the caramel) but the blonde roast starbucks (on the clover) is also good.   Honestly, I sound fancier than I am.

How did you celebrate National Coffee Day? 

I got my favorite diner coffee with my inlaws at the Vincetown Diner.  It was good.


So Many Articles…So Little Time

When I save articles throughout the week, I always feel like I’ve saved more than I actually have.  It makes sense and I think they are a good length now (not to long and really only articles that I’ve found important or relevant.  Not #allthelinks).  I always enjoy when people share what articles they are enjoying so hopefully others feel the same way.   For me, there is nothing like waking up and reading morning news and interesting links with my coffee.   It’s how I like to take some personal time for myself and set myself up for a good day.

I have found if I have a relaxing and nonstressful morning (sometimes it’s unavoidable) then I set myself up for a good day.  If my morning is stressed and chaotic, then generally the rest of my day is as well.  I digress and here is what I found the last couple of weeks.


8 Things to Live by When Everything Goes Wrong  (I feel like this article was speaking sweet songs to me and my life ha!)

9 Habits of People Always on Time (IE: Not me)

50 Ways to Be Healthy

A Graphic Description of Life With An Eating Disorder (This is a really shocking description of someone who lived with an eating disorder and overcame it).


The Term “Sugar Free” 

Ten Perfect Pumpkin Recipes (The only “perfect” thing would be if they were premade for me. I’m not obsessed with pumpkin but I do enjoy the taste)


Run the mile instead of a marathon 

10 Habits of Insanely Passionate Runners

For the LOLZ

How to plan a wedding in ten 10 easy steps. (The more I watch, the more I laugh)

7 Terrible Themed Race Ideas

From LOLZ (Apparently I decided all of these are “important” posts I wrote the last 2 weeks…apparently. 

The Day I met Kate Grace and Made her Choke on a Hot Dog 

Things Worse then Not Running 

Running When Injured is Stupid 

Halfway Done

Running Vs Racing 

Happy Friday and enjoy this weekend!

For me, I’ll be supporting and helping out those running RnR Philadelphia.  It was a race I really wanted to do but my injury knocked that option out.  My work is partnering with Brooks and the race so we are working most of the time.

Questions for you:

What articles are you enjoying this week? 

What are you up to this weekend? 

A Day of Memory

September 11th was such a distinct memory in my life. It’s not a day about me or my life but a moment to our country. I encourage my friends and readers to take a moment of silence, however brief, and remember the lives lost, effected and remember that everyone world wide was effected.

Please remember the lives lost saving others, the stories of courage throughout the country and the direction our world has gone after. Please remember that there are people serving world wise to prevent another attack of this caliber.

Image found here


Friday Articles

What have I done this week?  Ha, that is still a mystery to me.  As I was saying yesterday, I’ve stayed relatively busy with work.  That being said, on Monday I got to hang out with two of my favorite NJ friends Jen and Greta.  I hadn’t seen Greta in way to long, let alone Jen.  We don’t have an excuse for that.  We ended up hanging out in Princeton on Labor Day (as the college students were coming back).  It was really nice and nice break from normal schedule.  We even took a photo so you know it’s a big deal.   That was the highlight of my week and the rest of the week was work, sleep and work.

oiselle date

Yesterday I was able to go to the beach on my day off.   It’s actually nice sometimes to have random weekdays off because the beach (or wherever) is never crowded.  For instance since it was a weekday yesterday we were able to get cheaper parking and a less crowded beach.   It was really relaxing to just hang out and relax.  I haven’t had a day off as enjoyable in quite some time.   I should be more embarrassed that this was my first trip to the beach (except Atlantic City) the entire summer.


That being said, it seems like it’s been a pretty busy week for everyone.  Students and teachers going back to school and September being a pretty big work month for a lot of people.  I enjoy reading various interesting (and funny article) to detox my mind.  I have read quite a few interesting and funny articles (as well as good videos) so I thought I would share those to kick off the weekend. 


8 Tips for taking better photos with a smartphone

How to be a Grown Ass Woman: Friendships (Post College) Great read on making and keeping friends after you graduate college.


How to make your own Pumpkin latte (Honestly, I only wish it was how to make your own wawa pumpkin coffee)


Why men should run with women

The truth in Injury and a doctors visit

Things Every Seasoned Knows that Every New Runner Learns the Hard Way


11 Honest College Course Descriptions

18 Female Friendship facts (as told by the Movie Bridesmaids)

19 Reasons you should sign up for the Buzzfeed Cat Newsletter (I might have after reading this…)

Artist Creates frustrating versions of several products

Fun Facts and Weird Facts About Your Home State

What’s like to out of the shape at the Gym

From LOLZ:

August Training

Strangely at Peace

Wedding Updates

Enjoy!  I always enjoy reading what others are reading so hopefully other people enjoy these too.

Questions for you:

What are you up too this weekend?

What are articles are you enjoying reading lately? 

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