Welcome to New York…

This weekend my husband and I made a short trip up to Syracuse, NY. I did not realize how short until I plugged it into the computer, and Mapquest said it was only a 4.5-hour drive. It’s funny because that is only an hour longer than when I went to college in Upstate NY.

welcome to new york

After I had got my stitches out on Saturday morning, we traveled north. The weather was 45 degrees and pouring rain so I can’t say I minded leaving the area. We got to Syracuse with no issues.

When we entered the state I, of course, played this song:

I was lucky that Heather was in town, and we got to hang out all weekend. Heather is a great friend of mine and was a bridesmaid at my wedding. It was great to finally catch up after a whirlwind summer.

We decided to go to Modern Malt and then walk around Syracuse…so much excitement!

Heather and IObviously Saturday we went to the 5k and then hung out for a bit after that.

On my drive back we stopped at the Woodbury outlets. They are doing more construction, but I can honestly say I could have spent an entire day there. Luckily for my wallet we were on a mission to get home, and I couldn’t stay too long. I plan to take a vacation there soon.

A vacation to outlets? Sure…why not.

woodbury outlets

After the outlets, we drove home. It was a great weekend sometimes it’s fun to just get out of town a weekend!

Questions for you:

When was the last time you got out of town?

Are you an outlet shopper?


The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY)

The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY)

Flashback time: One of the first diners I ever went to was in Binghamton, NY. The Spot Restaurant in Binghamton showed me how great diners could genuinely be. Every time I drive through, I make a special effort to stop at the Spot (Binghamton).  Despite not being in NJ, The Spot is one of my favorite diners to date.

The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY) Atmosphere: A
The outside of the Spot Resturant is a very casual vibe and is made out of cobblestone. It can easily be seen from the 81 highway. The inside of the Spot Restaurant has plenty of light and booths. I always try and get a booth next to one of the windows.   You walk in next to the bakery, so get to sit within view of that most of the time.

One of my favorite parts of this diner is the friendliness of the staff. I have eaten at the restaurant alone and with family and friends. The staff is always so polite.  I don’t have a problem eating at restaurants alone and have done it a few times.

The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY) Coffee: B
Each time I go, the coffee at the Spot Restaurant is always refilled quickly. The whipped cream isn’t my favorite, but plenty of coffee is still a positive thing.

Super old school coffee shot. Dates back to LOLZ drinking to 2012.
Super old school coffee shot. Dates back to LOLZ drinking to 2012.

The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY) Food: A
The Spot Restaurant has everything you can imagine. The Spot has breakfast items like pancakes, omelets, and waffles, but they also have an extensive lunch and dinner menu. You can get shish kebabs broiled on a skewer, tender chunks of marinated beef,  peppers served on a bed of rice, and of course, the typical sandwich choices served with french fries.

Keep in mind I’ve been going to this diner for the last five years (way before I knew the glory of NJ diners).  I was always overwhelmed by the possibilities!

This diner Greek Salad is one of my favorites. The salad comes with pita bread, anchovies, grape leaves, feta cheese, onions and I always add gyro meat I like that the gyro is cooked in oil, so it’s very juicy.  I don’t post a lot about it, but I really like Gyro meat, but oddly enough it’s hard to find at diners!


The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY) Cost: $
The cost for the salad (with gyro) and coffee are 12 dollars.

Overall thoughts The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY): A

Would I come back to The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY)? 
Whenever I am traveling through Binghamton, I always try and hit up The Spot Restaurant. It’s one of my favorite diners and a great stop along I-81. I always recommend it.

The Spot
Binghampton, NY
Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Cost: $8-15
Overall thoughts: A

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Questions for you:

Do you have a restaurant you like to go to while traveling? 

Have you ever had Gyro meat? 


Real Life in New York

Last weekend I went to New York and Connecticut with my dad.  We were meeting with my brother Matt who attends the Merchant Marine Academy and an uncle.  My dad has two brothers and the other one was unable to attend due to a sudden medical issue with his wife.  We were all pretty bummed and hoping she makes a very safe and quick recovery.

Here is from last year
Here is from last year

Dad and I left for New York (not quite the city about 30 miles outside) on Friday morning.  We were lucky that we missed all bridge openings and train crossings (that is rare in Hampton Roads!) and made it up in around 9 hours.  I have never denied long drives are not my strong point.  In fact driving with me is probably some people’s worst nightmare.

Upon finally arriving in Terrytown, we ate at the El Dorado diner with my uncle (we have always ate here!) and I ended up getting the stuffed trout.  When they brought it out to me it was literally a deheaded fish (fin still attached).  I must say though it was some of the best fish I’ve ever had.  (Diners are seriously gems at life).


Saturday was quite the day.  In the afternoon dad Matt and I ended up walking around New York City.  First we took the subway to the Staten Island Ferry.  I am extremely UNCOMFORTABLE with the thought of riding the NYC subway by myself to the Staten Island Ferry to get to the marathon and since we were in town, dad walked me step by step to get to this.  I do feel a lot more comfortable now.

Sunday we went to Montauk Point so dad and my uncle could go diving.  While they were busy staring at lobsters and sea animals, Matt and I went for a beautiful run in Hither Woods State Park.  We didn’t even make a dent in the miles of trails after running 16+.  It was absolutely beautiful though and probably one of my best runs of the summer.  I often forget that trail running is a completely different world and always much more challenging.

Dad getting ready for his dive
running through the trails
running through the trails
The end of Montauk
The end of Montauk

Then Monday morning dad and I left bright and early but not without a stop to my parents second house and to see this lovely fellow.  If you are a new reader my parents own a donkey.  A living, breathing, kicking donkey.  The LOLZ blog wouldn’t be complete without him.


All in all it was a great minivacation.  I had a great time seeing relatives, becoming more comfortable with New York City and of course running.

Questions for you:

Do you have family reunions?

Are you good with public transit?

I know if I practiced and lived in a metro area I would be but  Upstate NY is quite different from NYC.  😉

Diners, Resturants

Funk ‘n Waffles (Restaurant)

Funk ‘n Waffles (Syracuse)

I went to Funk ‘n Waffles last weekend.  My housemate and I have been dying to go and what better night than a Friday (because we can still be back to watch TLC at night).  We are both are waffle obsessed and Funk ‘n Waffles was actually on man versus food. It’s been on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Plus owner, Adam Gold, does a great job hosting bands and live music.


Funk ‘n Waffles Atmosphere: 

To give you a brief overview, Funk ‘n Waffles is a small little café across from Syracuse campus that serves waffles.  Funk ‘n Waffles has a lot of different combinations (and many that inspired me).  They also have live bands as well but we weren’t going to be in town then so we just went for dinner.  I’d also assume it’s a real hit for people hungover to go and get their carbs the day after as well.

When I saw they sold coffee mugs, I needed to buy one for my collection. I appreciate a good coffee mug, especially from a local restaurant.


Funk ‘n Waffles Food:

The Funk ‘n Waffles menu has all types of waffles from sweet to savory. If you want a regular waffle with syrup, Funk ‘n Waffles has that too.

At Funk ‘n Waffles, I decided to go with one of the savory waffles. I know I’ll be back to get a sweet waffle.

I decided to get the “Florentine” which was salmon, feta and spinach.  Then I decided to be creative and get a buckwheat base.  I’ll tell you; it did not disappoint.  I wish there had been a bit more salmon on it, but that’s okay; the food was less than 10 dollars so I can’t complain.

Funk ‘n Waffles Conclusion:

I think for me if I had gone to Syracuse, I would have probably been down here a lot more than I should.  Not only is the food at Funk ‘n Waffles great, but the atmosphere is just as cool.  It’s “funky” and has that band scene vibe which I enjoy.  Funk and Waffles also hosts a whole slew of open mic events so if that is your scene and you are in Syracuse…well, I recommend it.  Or if you just like waffles (like me).


Question for you:

 Favorite college (or now) restaurant hangout? Have you been to Funk ‘n Waffles?

Favorite breakfast restaurant?