True Life: I’m a Burnt Hot Mess This Week

Okay true life: This has been the most random roller coaster of a week I have had in quite some time.  I’m real glad it’s coming to a close.  Like real glad.  Sometimes I don’t deal with stress well-or obnoxious people (but I’m not here to rant tonight). 

Another fun fact-I’m not even a roller coaster fan.  I’ll go on them and not complain but they don’t do much for me.  I like to ride the fun and silly rides (um-anyone been to Busch Gardens know the Rhine River Tour?  Bahaha. )  But yes complete tangent.

Reason numero uno for my hectic schedule: My pool opened this week and there was lots of drama there as always.

But on a side note-check out this sweet tan line from only the first week.  I know jealz.

Yeah that is going to look real good in my strapless dresses.

Laura told me since I do wear a lifeguarding bathing suit-it's uniform and technically I'm a real girl everyday now.

Since I needed besties to work with (and I’m in charge), I was able to get aDuBs a job at zee pool lifeguarding.  Today was her first day and luckily for her it wasn’t…too…cray cray.

Besides my pool sending me off a cliff-I have been struggling to find time to do anything else (or having the energy too) not limited to not preparing decent meals.

I haven’t been getting enough vegetables lately at all.  When I am rushed and whatnot, I eat whats quick.  When I’m stressed out, I don’t take the time to plan my meals, I eat on the go.

I know slap me on the wrists. 

But to make up for it-I have been having lots of pumpkin pancakes (that is 1 serving of veggies 😉

Always with my pumpkin fork

And lots of kale bowls.  

Kale+ garden eggplant + mushrooms +feta cheese + parmasean cheese+ lots of garlic (um good thing you guys can’t smell me).

 Is kale on sale where you live?  I legit got a weeks supply for about 3 dollars. (I love krogar).

I was finally able to relax today after work, as aDuBs and I needed to celebrate she was alive from her first day at my pool and went to Panera.  I tried their newest salad, but honestly, I like the fuji apple salad better so that is what I’ll be getting ha.  Plus an artichoke Panini because they are the

Well blogging besties-I have my first open water swim in the AM so I’ll be getting a little schleepy schleepy tonight.  1 mile swimming parallel to the beach.  🙂


Question for you:

1.       Do you burn or tan?

2.       Would you rather go to the amusement park or a zoo?


Girl Was a Diva and Needed To be Sent Home.

Today was my last day observing in a classroom.  Now I have nothing to ramble away with on Thursdays.  Blech.    Except!

I do have more time to take multiple photos of myself.

Wearing my favorite outfit!

Working on my 50 page. Yes 50 page paper due next Thursday. (and exceeding my printing quota on campus).

Or mimicking my math class expressions. Pictures of me sleeping wouldn't be as um. interesting....

Well anyways-I know you were dying to see my face…but onto another face.  PS: I’m sorry for blowing up your twitter feed last night.  It was a big episode.

I tried to show the most divaesc picture of her.

Yes she has finally been voted off.

You are the weakest link.



Anywho back to today-Well first, ask me questions here and I’ll do another FAQ post.  You guys know I’m upfront and blunt and will answer 99% of questions.  But don’t ask why I’m extremely weird because god knows my parents haven’t figured that out in the last 20 years….


Notable Noms of the day:

Breakfast was raspberry pancakes. These pancakes turned out extremely well. Which is why I took a photo.

I actually had lunch at the school today and for obvious reasons, I couldn’t exactly whip out my camera.  It looked something like this though.  I wish my high school had those options all we had were chicken nuggets and French fries.  I would have gotten one of these wraps every day.

mushroom wrap. For a school lunch-I'm impressed.

Dinner (number 1) was just salmon and some cooked spinach.  Swimming at 7:30, I don’t want my belly to be too full so I had something light.  I’ll have dinner number 2 (god knows what I’ll forage in my house) after my swim sesh.

Fish skin is my favorite part. I peel it off and eat it last.

Hmm.  I feel like It doesn’t look like I ate a lot today so I’ll include my snacks.

One of my Snickers Marathon Bars in class yes pleasee

Grapes are my favorite snack ever.

yogurt and pumpkin is the snack.

I haven’t had ice cream in two days looking back so I’m feeling a milkshake for dinner number 2.  Always acceptable.


Workouts today included an hour running on the dreadmill.  It is seriously so cold and freezing rain does not help my situation.    I can run outside in the 15 degree temperature but not when there is freezing rain at 40.  I will much rather get my Tyra on. 

Tentatively, grandma Hollie plans to actual venture from my house past 7 pm and go swim laps during open swim. (With the screaming babies and god knows who else is there).. I want to get about 4000 yards in but you can check my daily mile to see if I actually made it there ha.


And Finally.

Tomorrows Friday which something I have been craving all week (more than usual).  I have an exciting revelation for all my college friends about another use for your race numbers.  Everyone else can judge me….

I'll use the number from this weekend...lucky 692

I think I looked so confused because I had been running for over an hour and a half and was rather uncoordinated to just stop running over a 1 foot line.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Were your high school lunches good or bad?  Do you pack/bring your lunch now doing whatever it is that you do. 
  2. 2.       What are you doing this weekend! 
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