Lemon Pancakes

I don’t really know what to call these.  Lemon zest.  Spirit of the lemon?  Lemon Squeeze…lemon cheesecake.  I’m thinking lemon squeeze because how awkward does that sound. Moving on, I like lemon a lot.  Not as much as chocolate but it has always been a close second for a favorite pancake of mine.  So the […]

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Artichoke Hearts and Burnt Waffles

So I have gone to comment on a few blogs lately and it has said “comments closed”  Is that happening to anyone else?  It’s really bothering me.  It’s like a tease. You know like that whole being a foodie thing where you have to wait to eat your food so you can take a darn […]

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Because Taking Photoshoots with Protein Powder is Okay

Happy April!  I’m not really big into the April fools jive, but you are that is awesome too.   Before you read my blog, go read Ashley’s Blog because I wrote a guest blog about more minerals!  Go show her some love and stalk it like I do.  Oh and in response to your question about […]

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