Lemon Pancakes

I don’t really know what to call these.  Lemon zest.  Spirit of the lemon?  Lemon Squeeze…lemon cheesecake.  I’m thinking lemon squeeze because how awkward does that sound.

Moving on, I like lemon a lot.  Not as much as chocolate but it has always been a close second for a favorite pancake of mine.  So the problem with lemon anything (think lemonade) is some people like it more tart then others.  For instance, I enjoy really tart lemonade where as my brothers both enjoy really sweet lemonade with tons of added sweetener.  So you must first determine…how sweet do you like your lemons?  (there is some weird sexual remark in there somewhere).




2/3 cup flour ( must say-wheat flour tastes weird with this..but if that is your jive).
1 tablespoon baking powder
½ cup-1 cup milk depending on consistancy
¼ cup lemon juice (Can you tell I like the tart)
Sweetner depending on your preference  (I didn’t add any…but that is just me).
Mix and pour on a griddle.

A super easy recipe.  I then thought, why not up the anty and add lemon yogurt on top.  Talk about an ultra lemon zap.  (This recipe makes either pancakes or waffles…if you are indecisive like me…)



Questions for you: 

  1. 1.       Do you like lemon? 
  2. 2.       What is your favorite lemon recipe? 

Artichoke Hearts and Burnt Waffles

So I have gone to comment on a few blogs lately and it has said “comments closed”  Is that happening to anyone else?  It’s really bothering me.  It’s like a tease.

You know like that whole being a foodie thing where you have to wait to eat your food so you can take a darn photo.

Um my butt is starving and not really wanting to wait for my darn camera to load and take the perfect angle shot.  No thanks.


Anywho today was my last 6:00am wakeup call for high school.  Next week I go in at 10 and then I’ll be done.   After my getting ready I treated myself to a nice burnt waffle.  No really burnt lemon waffles are delicious but then again I’m a weirdo and love burnt things.

burnt waffles are seriously my favorite...I leave them in and let my waffle maker beep at me for a few minutes.

After school today I made myself some eggs and artichoke hearts.  I’m addicted and love artichokes.  Maybe I was pretending it was an artichoke quiche…who knows…

Eggs and artichoke...who craves that...

I was going to run right after my high school watching today but it started monsooning outside.  Seriously it was windy, rainy and all that jazz so I decided to wait.  I absolutely hate working out after 3pm so it made me a little antsy-Okay a lot. 

Anywho-it wasn’t bad and I had to chunk my running and swimming back to back.  It went by quickly though seeing as swim practices are normally two hours and I was at the gym for about two hours.

Dinner today was a lovely date with a swimming friend of mine Jenna.  We went to the union, which I haven’t been to eat in forever.

San Fernando wrap=melted chedder cheese, broccali, rice and peppers all wrapped up.


I didn’t have too much of an exciting day sadly, except, I’m so mad Alex didn’t go home on ANTM.  She was so close.  So.Close. 

No thankyou.


Questions for you:
1.       I know a lot of people are doing races this weekend, are you?   
2.       How did you veer from your typical schedule today?
I did my running and swimming back to back from 4-6.  Blech.

Because Taking Photoshoots with Protein Powder is Okay

Happy April!  I’m not really big into the April fools jive, but you are that is awesome too.   Before you read my blog, go read Ashley’s Blog because I wrote a guest blog about more minerals!  Go show her some love and stalk it like I do.  🙂

Oh and in response to your question about Homecoming Queen in high school.  No I was not homecoming Queen, I lost that vote by 7 (out of 3000 votes-when I was materialistic and all that jazz I was sad but now I have bigger and better things to worry about…).  I was on Homecoming Court though and D’Angelo is my BFF best escort ever.

I found a photo from my natural days.

I had to wake up extra early today because I had an advising meeting today at 8:30 am with my education advisor (I have two for my double majors).  I have to look decent (not that he isn’t my teacher and has seen me live my life in leggings the last 3 months) but maybe he has forgotten and will just remember me through advising meetings.

Before my meeting, I made arguably some of the best pancakes I have ever made.  They were just blueberry with lemon zest but they came out so fluffy and amazing.  Seriously, these might be the proudest pancakes to date.  I wish you could tell more but I spelled lolz in blueberries but at least you can see the sprinkles.

Greek Yogurt+Syrup nommm. (+my favorite pink fork)

Someone asked me to post more daily looks that I’m rocking.  Wow-I’m not a fashionista but here today’s look as well.

Cardigan is from Willy Smith, dress roxy and leggings are Abercrombie and fitch and belt forever 21.  My normal outfit (99% of the time) is tunic+leggings+sweater because that is how I roll.


My meeting with my advisor went well and then to my delight we got our tests back in Modern Algebra class.  Holla at me because I got the highest grade in the class!  So naturally-I taped the test on my door, because that is how I roll.

Nope...she doesn't use the same tests at 2008...


After running today, I made myself a protein smoothie using the Aribonne protein I got in the mail and a new type of Fage Yogurt they stocked at the grocery store.  It was so thick and pink and delicious in my smoothie.  I recommend this to anyone.

OhEmGeez Protein Powder?

So many nomss

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used the Airbonne)

6 ounce of yogurt (I use Fage with Cherry and pomegranate)
1 tsp Xanthem gum
A handful of raspberries
Ice cubes
Mix in blender and obviously add sprinkles.

I really like the taste of the vanilla protein powder and I will be trying one more packet in pancakes (the true test) and one more in a plain smoothie style to get the full flavor.  It helped to thicken the smoothie more than my previous protein that is for sure.


For lunch today in my normal lunch date with Julie, I had the exact same thing as Monday.  It was too good to resist and therefore I didn’t need to whip out my camera for that baby girl.

And for dinner I made steak pumpkin enchiladas subbing in the steak for the chicken.  These were awesome as always.  They are meal I’ll never be sad I tried because I frowned my nose at first.


Questions for you:
1.       What is something that you have tried and are so happy you did?
2.       Play any good April Fools jokes?

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