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WIAW: Being Injured and Stuff

 Piggybacking off of last weeks not shopping at super organic with a hint of specialty only found on the second Tuesday of every other month stores…(I don’t even know what that means reading it back to myself) but anyways this is what I’m currently eating on my fourth (and it looks like it will be much longer) of being injured. 

Though my bone is healed in my foot, my cyst has grown larger which is no bueno.   They want me to do some treatment options similar to those for plantar fasciitis to reduce the cyst before draining it. 

Anyways all of that to tell you that I’m still injured and eating less.  Where I was eating roughly 2600 calories daily, I’m now eating about 2000 most days.  I don’t actually count calories but do have a rough estimate daily.   So right then.

Sorry not sorry but I still have a waffle daily.  I’ve been craving a lot more chocolate lately so I had a chocolate waffle.  Basically it’s a standard waffle with ¼ cup cocoa powder.    There are a few recipes on my recipe page, but I keep meaning to update it when I’m not so busy.  I have a ton of new recipes that I’ve made and loved…I just haven’t posted them yet…All in due time.

Fage 2% yogurt and syrup is on top incase you wondered….

As normal, I still have coffee and 75% of the time it’s from a gas station.

and it always has whip cream. Everytime.  Best 1.73 that I will ever spend. 

Lunch I’m still having sandwiches and yogurt.  Though I’ve mellowed down from nutella (mostly because I’m out) and had peanut butter all week.  With my greek yogurts…because I’ve been just keeping them in my work fridge.  Risky but oh well.   Though there is only one pictured, I always have two sandwiches.  One at 11 and one from 1-2.

On my way to the gym at four, I realized I was pretty hungry so I had a quest bar.  These are probably one of my most specialized foods (I guess) but you can get them Vitamin shoppee or GNC.  They have really good stats, the only thing I wish for is a bit more calcium.

For dinner, I was feeling more lazy then usual and decided to make eggs and add all the vegetables in my fridge that I assumed were going bad in the next day.    I would make an omelet but everytime I flip them…they break.  In there is also some goat cheese because I like that.

4 eggs+kale, mushrooms, tomatoes and goat cheese and yes this bowl is as big as one of the stove burners that it is sitting on.  I love bowl plates. 

I ended up falling asleep really early because my anti-inflammatory medicine (think 8:30pm) so I never had anything else.   This added up to be around 1800.  I probably would have ate more if I hadn’t fallen asleep but alas it happened.

Until next time I talk about food…

Question for you: 

1.       Do you have a staple lunch? 

Mine is two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as two greek yogurts…simple and fast to make because I’m always running late.

2.       Is it getting cold where you live? 

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WIAW Real Talk

I haven’t done a WIAW blog in a while. I was reading blogs the other day, maybe last week…sometime ago and I was thinking about how a good portion of the time I just find WIAW blog posts annoying.

Breakfast today was a waffle with greek yogurt and jam
I can only have 12 ounces of coffee daily.  This picture does not justice for the amount of cream I add. 



 I will be completely honest and I don’t really believe 95% of bloggers posting what they have eaten throughout the day.  Especially posting a “full day” of eats.  It’s like the less you eat, the better your blog looks, the more people will read your blog.  I understand you want to showcase yourselves in good light, but damn I want to know some people eat pizza or some people find regular peanut butter good versus sweet chocolate double stuffed with a splash of vanilla super specialized almond butter. 


Really, I just want to know other people shop at Walmart for 90% of their groceries and I can relate to what they are eating.  I understand a lot of bloggers are vega, have some sort of GI tract issue or some other thing that justifies their need for such intricate food…but most of my groceries come from Walmart. 

Lunch today was 2 bagels with nutella. I had one at 11 and one at 2. That is normally how my lunches are. I forgot my greek yogurts for some odd reason…oh well.


I am all for eating weird foods but there comes a point that I can’t even try some recipes because it takes such specialized food that I don’t stock. When the hell did we start thinking milking almonds was a good idea? 

So instead I had a pumpkin protein shake when I got home. 1 cup of greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of pumpkin, cinnamon, ice cubes and xanthen gum to thicken it


As we all know, I’m not a chef.  I’m terrible at cooking (also cleaning and don’t care for babies…can you I’ll be a great stay at home housewife?). 

My quick and staple dinner is always fish+kale+ Brussel sprouts. Maybe I’ll get adventurous one day.


I want to say, I’m not trying to call anyone out.  The only thing I’m saying is that if you participate in WIAW and post 500 calories worth of extreme healthy food and that’s it…It doesn’t make me want to read your blog. 

Incase you are wondering this ended up being about 2300 calories.   If I could have more gas station coffee (the doctor told me the amount of caffeine I intake could affect bone growth) then it would be 2600 because I know my coffees have about 300 calories.  I’ll run 4 miles for that any day.


Question for you: What do you think of WIAW posts? 

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WIAW: Lowering those Carbs

As promised for WIAW, here is a post (I believe last Thursday) of everything that I ate.  This was a pretty optimal day for me, I got in a lot of protein and fat, and minimal carbohydrates.  On this particular day, I also didn’t eat any ice-cream or sweets (which I do maybe every other day…every two days).  With that being said here is what I had that particular day. 

And to answer you r question Chuck, I do infact know how many carbohydrates I have daily.  I have an entire spreadsheet devoted to them to email back and forth to my nutritionist.

For breakfast I had peanut flour pancakes.  Peanut flour has saved me from ever having protein powder again (and for having pancakes).  I have pancakes and have my protein+fat+a few carbs.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without it…actually on days I don’t-I normally have eggs.

Who would take a guess that these had 42 grams of protein.


Lunch (my lunch is normally exactly at 11…I can’t wait past that..I’m starved!) was this pretend omelette I made.  Pretend because my omelette flipping stinks so it becomes scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese in it.  I really like to have a lot of eggs daily, this post might not show it but for me eggs are like liquid gold.

Topped with some red pepper and ketchup (duh)

Snack was Chobani Greek yogurt+2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

I should have put the peanut butter at the top so you would know I wasn’t a dirty liar.

I liked it so much, I had a bonus round again 2 hours later.  (You can refer to the photo above for ease…)

For 5pm Dinner, my mom was making crock pot chicken (my absolute favorite).  I opted for the nonrice and bread version and as I explained in a previous carby post I added kale+mushrooms+garlic gloves+egg plant (why not?).

For 8pm dinner (why not?) I just found some left over steak and corn and ate it with ketchup.  Because who doesn’t love a bulging protein belly at 8:30pm?

I hope that entertained you as much as it did for me.  😉  If you have any more requests, feel free to email me at lolzthatswim at gmail

Questions for you: Do you eat at night?  What time do you eat dinner? 


Carbohydrate Questions Answered

As promised, here is to answering all of ya’ll’s questions about lowering my carbohydrates for me.

Did you go through a lethargic period?

Yes, I answered this last week as well but it is so important.  For a few days, I couldn’t even get 1500 calories (when running 10+ miles daily) to sit well in my stomach.  I fully expected that.  I did not force more food down my throat.  I ate 1500 calories, ran, still felt full and moved on with the day.  (Under calories by a lot) Then 3-4 days later, it’s like my body just 100% adjusted and I became hungry.  So hungry.  In the fact that I ate probably over 4000 calories (So over calories by a lot).  I was just eating, eating, eating.  I didn’t ignore that either.  Then finally after a week of crazed eating, my body adjusted and I eat about 2500 calories daily.

Did you go cold turkey, (meaning straight to 150 grams in one day?)

I slowly eased into it.  So my body wouldn’t feel shocked.

I know you said you didn’t lose any weight, but do you think it’s possible to lose weight doing a high protein/low carbohydrate diet?

I know a lot of people that have lost a lot of weight eating high protein/low carbohydrate.  I think the key is getting a lot of fats and staying full.  I personally eat more calorie dense foods, but there are plenty of ways to cut calories and stay full while eating high protein.  There are plenty of ways to cut calories with a “normal diet” too…whatever that is.

Will you be doing a daily eats post? 

Yes, on Wednesday-it’s all typed out.   🙂

Were you nervous about putting it on the blog?

So nervous.

Honestly, I could have been yes.  I’ve gotten countless emails that I’m underweight and should eat this or that (I’m not underweight and eat enough to fuel myself).  I also hate talking about food/weight in general because everyone is different and what works for me will not work for everyone else.

Do you think this is something you could maintain on the off season?

I’m not sure when my actual off season will be (HA! 😉  But I do know that the majority of people that eat a low carbohydrate/high protein and fat diet are not athletes so yes.  I might even be able to lower my carbohydrates even more!

Does your family approve?

Well, I’m 21 years old.  My family is always supportive of me, I don’t know why they wouldn’t be.  I normally eat family meals with them.  Instead of having noodles and chicken, I’ll have more chicken over vegetables.  It’s actually really easy to make swaps and not call so much attention.

Perfect example…steak and kale…

If you have more questions ask away, feel free to email me at lolzthatswim at gmail.  Or ask privately here.

Question for you:  Does your family approve of your food choices?  (I thought that was an interesting question.)


Friday Favs!

Happy Friday yall.   Have you ever noticed all the fun things start with F?  Food.  Fashion.  Fun.  Fork…

I like to save all my eats (or a few of them for Fridays).  Anyways, in theme with last week I have continued to keep my carbohydrates high and my protein lower (well lower than it has been in a while).  It has been working out well for me and who doesn’t like carbs?

This week has been pretty boring for me up here.  Just doing work and trying to get ready for Thanksgiving Break.  I’m pretty jealous of those on Trimesters who get out now.

Favorite noms of the week: (and yes they are only my favorites because I remembered to take a photo or ten).

I have been in a fruity pancake mood the last couple of days.

Blueberry Pancakes


Pomegranate Cakes

Broccali with cheese has become a favorite snack staple of mine

Never enough cheese (or salt for that matter).

Some random dinners for the week

Steak Salad




Friday fun facts:

  1. In one month I’ll be home for Christmas break for an entire month.
  2. I took glassblowing class two summers ago and loved it.

Question for you:

What are you doing this weekend? 

I’m running a prediction run tomorrow that is roughly 7M.  I can’t wear a watch or listen to music.  Sounds like quite the adventure.