Straight off USS Cray Cray

Since I believe my last three Monday titles have been that oh so fabulous song by Fleetwood Mac, I decided to give you guys a little breakski and not really talk about my Monday because it was boing a lame. 

So I’ll talk about Sunday instead.  Last night aDuBs came over for some one on one chatting and she ended up staying for dinner.  Why she would want to put up with my family, I’m not really sure because we are straight off the cray cray boat. 

The daddykins grilled burgers, sweet potatoes, veggies and hot dogs which is one of my favorite meals.  Well actually true life: I love hot dogs-not so much burgers but that is another story.

Yes I put chedder cheese in my hot dog and you should too. We were out of cheesedogs.

I was taking pictures and the dad thought it would humorous to mock me. I seem to do everything rather strangely not limited to making faces while I take photos.  (Um does your father do this?  Is this normal?)  I told him perhaps he should get a blog because the blogging besties would lurrvee to hear about his adventures.

And then that led to why I was so freako (by using the term blogging besties along with aDuBs and the daddykins.  All of which I frequent), making up words and giving people nicknames.  Here we are at the dinner table, chatting about my blogging besties (yes all of you), my mother posed the question of what would happen if someone actually didn’t like the nickname I had given them and why the hell I couldn’t use normal words in the English language.

None of their silly questions  I could answer.  Oh well, I have a week to figure out a good comeback since the father went to San Diego for a work trip.

So long story short you are all welcome to my house if you can accept how weird the familia is.  Or if you can accept I basically have my own language and will make up a hella sweet nickname for you.

Incase you wondered, but you all probably know already….  I kind of love my family, my parents and I are usually close and my day is not complete without them telling me how retarted I am.

This may be the only family photo in the last decade.

Who knows why my dad runs with Matt and I.


Questions for you:

Are you  close with your family?  How often do you see them?

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