Training: An Unexpected 2.5 Year PR

This was the week.

The week of weird, unexpected and the week I Pred…while wearing a wet seal prom dress.

Thank you Ally for this photo

Thank you Ally for this photo

Life is full of unexpected events and without the unexpected I don’t think LOLZ blog would be able to exist because I’m normally pretty boring.

With that training this week was weird, and I’m okay with that.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 13.35 with Liz (her longest run ever)
Wednesday: Easy run with Tim
Thursday: Morning Shakeout run in VA
Friday: Hair of the Dog 5k (18:22)
Saturday: Easy run
Sunday: Easy Run
Total: 69 miles

On Monday I felt sore, so I rested.  The last few weeks have been weird for me.  Typically I take Thursdays off but lately I have been taking Mondays off.

My run on Tuesday has become one of my favorite because I enjoy running with Liz. It’s always a lot of fun to just chat and hang out for 2 hours. It was raining (again), but we had a great time. Plus it was Liz’s longest run to date.

Liz and I

Wednesday and Thursday were both easy runs. I had planned to do the Beat the Ball 5k on Thursday evening. I’ve done the race several times (2012, 2013, 2014)  and always had an enjoyable race. This year, however, I wasn’t feeling that well. I was exhausted and miserable all day and afternoon.  I was bummed to miss the race, but my husband and I stayed home. Dad went and had a great race.

Even though I was disappointed to miss the race, I told myself “it’s better, you don’t feel well and racing would do more harm than good”.

On Thursday, I ran the Resolution Run. It was put on by my local running club. I’ve run the race several times under the previous name of Hair of the Dog. The race has a formal wear division that you are supposed to dress in your “night out clothing”. This year fewer people were wearing outfits, and I wasn’t going to compete in the “formal wear” division until I saw personal friend Wendy wearing her dress.  So I started the race in my Wet Seal Dress.

Sadly we did not win the Formal Attire

Sadly we did not win the Formal Attire

Spoiler: I felt good, and ended up finally breaking my 2.5-year-old PR. To be honest, I’m still shocked it happened.  After not feeling well the night before, it was the last place I expected to PR.  It is a 13-second lifetime PR and a 26 second recent PR.

Saturday and Sunday were both easy runs.

Final thoughts:

I’m still surprised that my PR finally happened. It feels excellent to start the year off on such a great foot.  While I did race, I didn’t do any workouts this week.  I’ve been hitting 2+ workouts weekly for the last month so this was a nice mental break.

Thoughts for next week:

I’m running the Icicle 10 miler next weekend in Wilmington. I raced that last year and had my first good race effort post stress fracture. I’m excited to see what I can do this year.

Questions for you:
How was your New Years?
When was your last PR?


So You’re Running Late with Gift Giving?

If you are anything like me then you normally wait until last minute to Christmas shop. Unfortunately, that isn’t as easy this year because I’m working. So I was forced to get my shopping done early and by early I mean yesterday and online.  Just thinking out loud, I’ve created a LOLZ worthy edition of some last minute gifts to get your loved ones. 

Last week to get into the Holiday spirit, I posted about the five types of Holiday shoppers.  Now I’ll post about getting a few last minute Christmas gifts.

Last minute holiday gift guide

So you waited until last minute?

Christmas is two days away, and you see friends and relatives all have gifts out…but you forgot about Great Aunt twice removed Sue, who you met once after having a few cocktails.

Like half of the population, I never got my “gift giving guide” on the blog.  I never really had a great gift guide to be honest, I feel as if I just purchase people what they want and gift guides are never that personalized.  My dad loves to run but doesn’t want a Spi belt…gift guides tell me Spi belts are great options for runners.

Here are some awesome gifts you can go out and buy in the next 24 hours. Maybe even on Christmas at your local drug store.

Socks: Most people need socks as much as underwear. Since it’s just awkward to buy someone underwear…stick with socks. You might not want to know their underwear preference.

Towel: Most people shower and after taking a shower you must dry off. A towel is a nice way to do that. Heck, you can even personalize and glitter gun it if you are the crafty type.  Or give it to them in a towel animal form.

Plus you can make a towel animal post with it too...

Plus you can make a towel animal post with it too…

Tweezers: Tweezers are one of the most universal items out there.


Do you have an emergency eyebrow hair in the way?

Do you have to tweeze out a splinter?

You never know when those guys will come in handy and when they do…the gift receiver will text you a solid thanks with a Facebook “like” emoji. 

Calendar: Since most people have their personal planner preference choice (or none at all), it’s wise to go towards a wall calendar. The last thing you want to mess up someone’s planner life with one they won’t use.  I recommend staying with a plain calendar because you don’t know if someone really likes cats that much (if they don’t they are weird).


My other recommendation is to take 12 selfies and make your own personalized calendar for friends.  Your friends and family can appreciate that, but you’ll have to tape the photo to the calendar since it will take more than a day to get a custom one.  Bonus: You’ll look crafty too!

If all else fails go for the Gift Card: I get it…you want to unwrap something. So wrap the gift card in the biggest packing box you can find, add some tissue paper and you are fine. They unwrap something under the tree, and you don’t have to worry about a return. Alternative options include putting a 20 dollar bill inside a box but hoping it doesn’t somehow get lost.

Bonus: If they have cats or small kids, they can play in the boxes.  Double gift giving!

cardboard box

And of course, have a Happy Holidays. Anything of these things will most certainly make for a happy day, though.

Questions for you:

Are you done with your Holiday Shopping?

How are you spending the Holidays?

Thanksgiving 2015

For Thanksgiving, my husband and I cooked our first turkey.  As someone who is terrible at cooking, this is a big deal.

If you recall, I won a turkey last week at the base Turkey Trot. Winning something so useful was nice. Most people that have followed my blog for a while know  I’m not a cook. I can cook very simple and easy things. My standard meal is meat, potatoes and vegetable. Cooking an entire turkey terrified me but life is full of challenges.

Before beginning the process, we both agreed if we hated the meal or something went wrong then we were going to the diner no questions asked.

So with a plan and a backup plan in mind we began.

The Turkey started like this:

A turkey that I won

After sitting in the freezer for a week and then dethawing for three days, it was ready.

Step one: Take Out the Giblets (Please mind post race glamour hair)

take out giblets

Step Two: Stuff the Turkey.  We decided to use a recipe with champagne and apples.  A few weeks ago my friend recommended it over traditional stuffing, and it came out perfectly.  We were surprised with how simple but fancy it was.  Recipe here.

stuffed turkey

Step three: Add Bacon and beer?

I’m not sure if I saw more memes or recipes about a turkey wrapped in bacon, but we decided to try it out. We just used this simple recipe. (Maybe I just spend too much time on the internet). It didn’t look incredibly difficult, and we just made a patchwork quilt of bacon on the turkey.

Into the Oven she goes...

Into the Oven she goes…

It came out well; I was honestly quite surprised. I thought the bacon might burn, or that the turkey would not cook right, but nothing went wrong.

The burns...but not too much burning...

The light…it burns…but not too much burning…

All finished

All done

All done

We also decided to cook stuffing.  We used a bag of premade stuffing, added the butter and few onions and cooked it on the stove.

Stuffing is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. We made an entire bag which apparently is for a family of 6...oh well.

Stuffing is one of my favourite parts of Thanksgiving. We made an entire bag that apparently is for a family of 6…oh well.

We also had canned cranberries (why my husband likes that I’ll never know…)

cranberry sauce

Since sweet potatoes are in season, we decided to make those too. Nevermind these look like 5-pound weights. I forgot to take a photo but they just looked like regular potatoes.

I’m proud of how everything turned out. To be honest, I don’t know if I would have done much differently. I wish we added more bacon to the turkey to cover the side but that is not a big deal.  Nothing was inedible, and we both enjoyed cooking it. I’m sure as we cook more turkeys we will learn how to cook them better and with different styles but I enjoyed it!  I would definitely recommend any of the recipes we used because they were simple.  The bacon on top of the turkey looks a lot more complicated than it was.

Keep in mind I’m no foodie.  Yes, I blog and try to eat relatively healthy but I’m no chef.

Questions for you:
How was your Thanksgiving?
Have you ever cooked a turkey before?

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for a lot. I’m thankful for so much and, to be honest; I could probably think and write a 10,000-word post about it…

I’m thankful for:

My family is always supporting me. I’m lucky that my parents and brothers, my in-laws and sisters in law and my entire family help me. They are there for me through thick and thin.



And my new family too <3

And my new family too <3

My husband is always there for me, through the ups and downs. Believe me, in LOLZ life there are many ups and downs.





Hard to believe his was two months ago

Always thankful for friends

Always thankful for friends

I’m thankful for a house to live in and a job that pays bills and that I love.

I’m thankful for all of the support from friends and blog readers.

Friends everywhere!

Friends everywhere!

Take a moment today on Thanksgiving to think about what you are thankful for. Life might seem chaotic and the holidays overwhelming, but we are truly lucky to have a place to live and meal to eat.

Question for you: What are you thankful for this Holiday?

Weekend Fun

Last week and the Fourth of July weekend was low key for me. I was happy to relax.  I was able to see my inlaws in PA, have some personal time, run and work.  I also got some necessary cleaning done. I feel like I had a balance of everything!

Last week I visited my inlaws in Central PA. Even though it was a short visit, it was great to get out of town and see them. I always enjoy Central Pa because of how quiet and peaceful it is.  It reminds me a lot of where I went to college.

My mother and I posing

My mother and I posing

And of course my father and I posing

And of course my father and I posing

We did a lot while I was in PA but we were able to relax as well.  We relaxed by their pool, had all your can eat crabs, went for an extremely hilly run and had gas station coffee of the area (Rutters).


crabs (the good kind)

If you are ever in or around Chambersburg, PA, I recommend going to Trickling Springs Creamery. It’s an adorable creamery and the ice cream is homemade. I tried the butter brickle and maple bacon.  They also have lunch too and it’s a perfect cafe and ice cream stop for anyone.

I never thought I would enjoy maple bacon anything but the ice cream is really good!

Trickling Springs Maple Bacon ice cream

I back on Thursday and they restored my internet.  I haven’t had internet since the storm 10 days ago so it was nice to get that finally restored.  I had power and lights but did not have central air, hot water, internet and cable.  I missed hot water more than the internet.

On Saturday I ran a local 5k. It was actually the highlight of my weekend.  I got to hang out with friends and coworkers before going to work.

liz and i

In my personal experience, Holidays are always harder when family is gone. This Fourth of July was mentally difficult and honestly I was glad to be working and to stay busy.  I honestly didn’t do a lot for the Fourth of July.  I ran a 5k, worked and then got a deep tissue massage.  Due to a change of plans, I grilled at my house.

On Sunday evening, Liz and I ended up grabbing dinner at a local diner. I haven’t been to a new diner in a few weeks so it was nice to do that. I love catching up with Liz anywhere and everywhere.

Now begins another work week. I’m excited to hopefully have a “normal” week that doesn’t involve loss of power or traveling. I have a few things I need to finally get done!

Questions for you:

How was your July fourth weekend?

Do you like the countryside or city better?

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