Run for Jack 5k (18:30)

Run for Jack 5k (18:30)

My husband and I wanted to run a race on New Years.  Typically when we are out of town, and there are plenty of races.  Surprisingly there weren’t a lot of New Years Races around Southern New Jersey, so we were forced to travel.  There were a few options within an hour (all with different start times), and we decided to go for a 10:30 am race start.  Honestly, I would have preferred an earlier start, but that wasn’t a choice but there were not any.

When we arrived to the Haverford area in PA, I quickly realized the race wasn’t going to be flat.  I had hoped for a solid race effort on a flat course but that wasn’t an option either.  Now that I’m racing less, I want those races to count (which is silly).  I had a workout so I already knew it wasn’t a PRing race.

The goal of the workout was 2x5k at 20:00 min with 3 mins rest in between.  I’ve done the workout before and I will say it’s one of the tougher ones. Since joining Mckirdy trained, I’ve been racing less, and several of my races have been workouts.  It’s been an adjustment, but I do get the best of both worlds.

I warmed up on the course with my husband.  We quickly went to the restroom and made it to the start line.  The race was already later than I liked and then it was delayed by 10 minutes.  I stayed positive even though I wasn’t a happy camper.

Finally, the race went off, and I found myself as third woman overall.  I stayed there the entire time.  At first, I thought I might be able to catch the first or second woman but then by .5 I knew that was not happening.  The first mile was flat with a long gradual downhill.  Of the three miles, the first was set up to be the fastest.  I passed a couple of kids and crossed the first mile in 6:16.  I felt stale and didn’t feel great.  Running a 6:16 mile wasn’t where I mentally wanted to be.

The second mile climbed up a hill and looped past the start.  I started to feel much looser and built some confidence.  I crossed the second mile in 6:03 and felt much better about the situation.  It was a harder mile and I ran faster.

The third mile went by like such a blur.  I was running alone and had a pack of males about 10 feet in front of me.  I just focused on them.  I wanted to catch up to them.  I knew the last 400 meters finished directly uphill and I kept cringing thinking about it.

You could see the clock at the top of the hill over a quarter of a mile away.  It felt like it wasn’t coming any closer.  I just climbed the hill and staring at the clock directly ahead.

I passed one male at the bottom of the hill, but he came back and outkicked me in the final few strides.  I crossed the finish in 18:30 exactly.

I jogged to my car and went back for my personal 5k.  To be honest, I felt better running the second 5k than I did the first.  I ran alone and away from the race course.  My splits were 6:25, 6:39, 6:29.  I finished up in 20:15 and felt pretty pleased with myself.


I know I’m currently in 5k PRing shape but haven’t had the opportunity to race on a flat course and good day.  I’m extremely pleased with the workout as a whole.   

Questions for you:

What is a perfect race start time for you?

I like races that start between 7:30-8:30.

How was your New Years Day?


WIAW: Public Health Conference Style

As you may or may not know, last week (or two weeks ago..I don’t remember…) I went to a big public health conference and it was a lot of fun.   A big misconception about people in the public health field is that we eat perfectly…all the time…

That is false my friends.

Also false is the only part of health is nutrition.  Whenever I mention I work in the Public health field on the blog, I 95% of the time get the response of:

“I would love to work in health, I read about nutrition and healthy living blogs already so much”

My job is not to read healthy living blogs…and it really doesn’t even relate to nutrition half of the time.  I’m sorry, just as people went to college for math, science, English…whatever…I went to school for public health.  I have a huge basis of knowledge that isn’t limited to nutrition and healthy living blogs.  Public health isn’t just nutrition or lowest calorie being best. 

While obviously I love blogging about living “pretty” healthy and working out, that isn’t my main focus with work and I irks me to no end when other bloggers believe they have the same amount of knowledge of public health.  Even more so saying yeah that seems so easy because I read all these blogs and blog myself.

 If you haven’t completed a four year degree in public health, community health…some sort of health, please don’t claim we have the same basis of knowledge.    I do not claim to be an expert in anything but I do claim to have a very strong basis in public health.

Okay end rant. 

Now on to WIAW at the conference. 

hoarding coffee…classic…

Mushroom salad and apple crisp with coffee

salmon and snap peas, chipoltle salad (with lots of guac) and smoked turkey sandwich with pretzels

salmon and snap peas with also fruity cheesecake

Confession number 2: Because I do work out more then most other people…I get hungry more then everyone else.  While all this food was amazing…it was NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ME…Did it feel awkward I was eating twice as much as most people?

blueberry cheesecake, cupcakes galore (I had 3) and Guinness beer

Somewhat…but  I was over it.  I packed a ton of snacks and went from there.

Oh and I dug out some real girl clothes too 😉

PS: If you are interested in doing a PMB {physical, mental and brag post} tomorrow link up.  Where are the weeks going seriously!?

Questions for you:

1.       Have you ever been to a conference?

2.       What irks you about your job? 

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