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2012 PMB

As you guys may or may not know, today’s PMB is focused on my (and your!) yearly accomplishments and brags…mostly because it’s the last Thursday of the year!  I don’t know about you but I’ve had a pretty roller coaster of a year and have actually lived three different places (arctic tundra, heat box and ice cube…that is if you follow me on twitter).

First, what do you think of the new PMB emblem?


Physical: This year especially, I have noticed physically my body has changed to adapt even more to running.  It generally knows about works the best for the mileage I’m running at the time.  Junk in the trunk?  A rail…my body knows more than I do.  A lot of people are under the strict impression that the smaller you are (to a point) the faster you’ll run.  This is somewhat true, but I’ve noticed I run a lot better when I have a little junk in my trunk and I actually like that!  (For your sake and mine, I’m not going to post a booty shot…).  But needless to say throughout this year (injured or not) I have loved my body.

Mental: Oh geez.  In January I started a class to plan my internship not knowing where in hell I wanted to go.  I had originally thought NYC but sadly that didn’t work out.  It was coming down to the wire and boy was I stressed.   I finally found the internship that I did in the fall and I honestly could not have been happier. Then in July and August preparing for my internship…I was stressed.  Then during my internship looking for jobs…I was stressed.  Needless to say 2012 was EXTREMELY stressful for me…but I made it through.

Brag: I made it through.  (This should be all of your brags!) Just kidding.  I made it through and I had a solid year fostering many different friendships.  I PRed in running in EVERY distance.  I really just learned to go with the flow.  I was injured, but made the best of every situation I could.  Also I graduated college and am (hopefully) done with school forever.  (mom might get mad if my biggest accomplishment wasn’t graduating college)  I have no plans to go to grad school right now.


So thank you 2012 and hopefully 2013 will be just as good!

Question for you: What are your PMB’s of the year?  Did you link up?